I don't think anyone was happy about me a Draco getting back together. Harry and Ron were ignoring me they didn't think it was the best idea. They started to have suspicions again that Draco and his other Slytherin class mates may have become death eaters.

I knew Draco wasn't a death eater but I wasn't about the say anything about his class mates. There was a war going on and now everyone had to pick sides even if they didn't want to.

The day continued in a the usual fashion. Whispers and giggles about me and Draco, rumors started ringing from the ridicules to the sickening. "Draco beat me into submission" "The dark lord wants Draco to get close to me so he can have me for himself" or even "They got back together because Draco got her pregnant"… not that I didn't completely mind the last one even thou it wasn't true I didn't mind people thinking I was pregnant because, well it will be hilarious when they realize I'm not and its just a sick and twisted rumor.

Although I didn't mind the rumor Harry and Ron certainly did and threatened to cut a certain part of Draco's anatomy off if something like that did happen. I felt sorry for Draco… kind of. It was funny to see the shocked reaction he had I swear he turned a slight green color after their warning.

Edward continued to glare at Draco and 'fuck' me with his eyes. I swear if you could sexually assault someone with a look, Edward had it down perfectly.

Tanya kept the contact to a minimum but the glares were constant. They got worse when she realized Edward was eye fucking me. But it wasn't to serious. I think Draco had a word with the Cullen's about what happened as they were constantly with Tanya the whole time.

Draco told me that although he didn't sleep with the Pug face they did have a rough and violent make out session but he couldn't bring himself to do the deed - as he put it.

Ginny and Hermione were happy that I was happy again after everything that had gone on. Although they were happy that me and Draco got back together didn't mean they thought it was a good idea, for an hour or two I had them trying to talk me out of getting back together with him. It wasn't until they realized what a hopeless case I was that they finally let me be. They weren't happy about Tanya or Edward but they tried to stop themselves getting to angry , they didn't want to kill them. Just yet.

Classes were boring and the same I realized that I had missed a lot while in my zombie like phase but nothing that hard work wouldn't fix. Potions went well considering I was partnered with some Slytherin who continual insulted me the entire class.

My relationship with Draco was getting stronger by the day but I still have to work some issues out even though I love him.

The War is fast approaching, soon everyone will have to pick side. Friendships will be made, Loyalties will be seen and lives will be lost.

Draco will be becoming a Deatheater soon. Not because he wants to but so that the order has someone other than Snape on the inside.

The road ahead will be tough but I know in my heart that as long as we all stand together and wear are hearts on our sleeves we will be able to over come anything !


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