I couldn't take it in. it wasn't happening, I rubbed my eyes and it wouldn't go away. I ran to her. Her long blonde hair was strewn across her face. I pulled away her hair, she had no cuts, no bruises, she was fine right? Or so I thought. The driver stepped out of the car and in front of the lights. I looked up, tears streaming down my face. He knelt down beside me. He was fidgety, he stuttered " I couldn't help it I couldn't see her the street's so dark, Oh My God is she ok". He touches her arm "no don't touch her!" he steps back hesitant "yeah your right she may have broken something" he fidgets more. "ill phone 999!" I still don't know what's going on, I don't believe it happening.

I clench her hand tightly and say" I'm not leaving go!". People are starting to crowd round. The driver phones 999, "there on there way!". A woman comes at me with a blanket she says "are you alright pet here lets come inside my house" I reply "no! I have to stay with Catie! I cant talk properly, my teeth are chattering, my voice is shaky.

I hear sirens, the ambulance is here. They move her onto a stretcher and into the ambulance, the woman helps me into it and sits me on a seat next to the stretcher I hold her hand again, rest my head on the seat. The ambulance hurtles forward weaving through the traffic. We arrive at the hospital. There is much commotion people rushing past me and helping with the stretcher, they quickly wheel here through the entrance saying all sorts of doctor things. I hold onto the stretcher and run with it until she is suddenly wheeled away from me and into recus, I'm left, lost.

A nurse comes over, her arm wrapped around me. She's helping me to a seat. I'm just gazing into space, puzzled. The nurse waves her hand in front of my face, I quickly come out of my trance, rubbing my eyes. She rises from her seat and fetches a cup of water from the water fountain. She hands it to me, I lift my hand and its shaking frantically "oh you poor thing".