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I glanced at the clock next to the sofa, 12:00am. A new day. Though today is not a happy day. Today is the anniversary of the day Alice woke up. Alone. She gets really depressed on this day, mostly because she wants to know who her creator is.

Yesterday a package arrived for her. Alice refused to let anyone open it until today

I looked up as Alice entered the room, with the package in her arms.

'Woo! Open it!' Emmett cried from across the room

I rolled my eyes at my impatient brother and sat with Alice 'Take your time love'

She opened the package slowly, being careful not to rip it. As soon as she pulled the last tab off, a familiar scent hit me. It smelt of chocolates and roses. A delicious smell. I have smelt this scent before, but where.

'It's a box of my old possessions from the Asylum' Alice explained, sadly

Oh no. It's not her. It can't be her.

'What's not her?' Edward asked

The rest of the family turned towards me and I sighed. Time for explanations

'About seventy years ago Maria got sick of Texas so she dragged us off to Biloxi. I was hunting when I smelt the most wonderful scent I had ever smelt' I began 'I tracked this scent to a big, grey building with few windows. I looked inside one of these windows and saw her. She was absolutely beautiful, with cropped black hair and shining blue eyes. She was huddle in a corner, eyes wide, looking terrified. A few seconds later I found out why, two men in white lab coats came and took her away. Down the hall a door shut then I heard screaming'

I paused to look at my families faces. Alice looked so confused that if this wasn't such a serious matter I would have laughed

'After the girl was safely back in her room. I killed the men for hurting her. I despised myself for even thinking of hurting her in the first place. I was all set to leave her alone when I found out a tracker was after her. I got my friend Michael to run with her while I held the tracker off but it was no use. He quickly caught her scent and followed them. By the time I had caught up with them, Michael and the tracker were fighting. Michael told me to take the girl and run. I did that, but sadly the tracker killed Michael and followed us. I knew that the girls breaths were numbered so I did the only thing I could think of then. I bit her. The tracker had no use for her then and left us alone, but Maria wasn't happy when she found out. I was ordered to kill the girl. I couldnt so I took her out into the forest and left her there. She was silent the whole way. Even while changing she never uttered a word. I left a note next to her and ran' I finished

'Ooh Alice, Jasper likes another girl' Emmett taunted

'How come you never said?' Edward asked

'I guess it slipped my mind until Alice opened the box' I shrugged

'Jasper?' Alice asked

'Yes?' I turned to face her

'In an asylum?' She questioned

'Yes' I replied

'In Biloxi?' She said

'Yes' I repeated

'Jasper' she looked up at me 'Was that girl me?'

'Yes' I repeated again

'You have been here with me all this time. I have been worried for ages about not meeting my creator yet all this time you were here. Protecting me' She said softly

'I'll always protect you' I kissed her, just as softly as she had spoken 'I still don't forgive myself for doing that to you though'

'Well I do' she kissed me back 'Otherwise we wouldn't be together now. I love you'

'I love you too' I replied 'I killed James for Michael, Bella and you'

'Thank you. For protecting me' she smiled

Its true that I probably never will forgive myself for doing that to Alice. But changing her was far better than losing her to James, the horrible tracker. Now I know the situation Edward was put in when Bella wanted to be changed. I'm just happy I have the rest of eternity with Alice

Just something I made up when I was bored Lol. Tell me if I should have it as a one-shot or do something similar for the other Cullen's, and if so please give me ideas. Thank you for reading! Reviews are much appreciated. I didn't like how Alice never had the chance to know her creator and thought It would be sweet if her creator was there all along. My old version of this got deleted L So I did a new one. I may improve it when I have the time. Thank you!