This is a little chapter about Rosalie and Emmett, I know this story was meant to be a one shot about Alice and Jasper but I wanted people to see what I thought about what Emmett said to Carlisle during his transformation.

I walked along the landing into mine and Emmett's room, he had just been hunting with Jasper and Edward and, as usual, it had ended in an argument. Emmett, Jasper and Edward were all fighting over who caught the biggest bear. Emmett, of course, insisted he had caught the biggest one, but Jasper had to complicate things by getting involved thus getting Edward involved. It didn't end well, but Bella, Alice and I didn't complain when they came home shirtless.

Today it had been about fifty years since the day I had first seen Emmett, then ran one hundred miles to try and save his life. He didn't seem to mind when he woke up about what we are. I was fretting the whole time he was burning, weather he would like this life or not, weather he would like me or not. Then Edward had said something that had surprised me

'He would be a complete idiot to not see how great you are Rose'

I glanced in the room. Emmett was there

'Hi' I leaned against the closed doorway and watched my husband

'Hey babe, what's up?' he asked, slipping his new shirt over his head

'Nothing' I smiled at him 'I was err, talking with Carlisle earlier'

'Yeah? And what did he tell you?' Emmett sat down on our bed

'He told me during your transformation that you were talking to him
while I was out of the room' I sat next to him

'Really?' he asked

'What were you saying?' I asked because that he still knew

'Where to begin' he smiled

'The beginning?' I suggested

He laughed as I rolled my eyes playfully

'Yes the beginning' he began 'Well basically I was playing with the bear. I thought that the one I picked was weak and I could take it... But I couldn't. It was hurting me the whole time before you showed up. Then when you did. I thought I had died already. When you were taking me to Carlisle I thought that you must be an angel, flying me to heaven'

I stared at him lovingly. He had never told me this part before

'Then the pain came' his brow furrowed 'Carlisle told me that you would return but I begged him to keep you away. Not because I didn't want you there. But because angels don't belong in hell. I was asking Carlisle if you were an angel and he told me about vampires. I had been brought up with rumours of vampires being mean but obviously I was wrong. The second Carlisle said that you were a vampire I knew that I could face the pain. To be with you. I thought Carlisle was God. And every time he came to check on me, I was scared he would take you away, but he never did. You were there. The whole time.

'I'm sorry I condemned you to this hell' I looked down sadly

'Hell isn't so bad' he explained 'If you keep an angel with you'

With those words I brought my lips up to meet his.

He had it wrong. He was truly my saviour; this life was hell before him. But, knowing he would be there every step of the way, I could face it.

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