A/N: Hi everyone !!! :D this is the first chapter of my new story (: I got an amazing response to my humour fic 'Body Swap' so I've been inspired to begin a new one. Just to warn everyone in advance, I'm attempting to write for a different category this time and this fic is considerably darker and will get a bit intense at times. Just a warning ! :P hope you still like it though and R&R (: lots of love, Roxannaaaax

"Bloody hell Guv, slow down won't you?" Alex Drake shrieked as Gene Hunt swerved viciously round the corner in his brilliantly red Quattro.

"We ain't chasing grannies wi' their Zimmer-frames, Bolls!" Gene snapped. "We're on the tails o' four cocky teenaged twats in a stolen vehicle and in the possession of drugs, and last time I checked, eighteen-year-olds don't tend ter drive at three miles an hour!"

Ray and Chris chuckled from the backseat, but the grins were wiped off their faces when Gene swerved once more and they smacked into the window.

"Guv, they're heading down the cul-de-sac," Alex noticed, pointing at the vehicle, "we've got them!"

"Stupid twats, not knowing' London," Gene scoffed, a smirk appearing on his face. Giving the nod to the other cars of CID officers, they all zoomed after the teenage boys and had them cornered easily.

"Ere you bastard tossers, piss off!" one of the boys yelled roughly as the four boys scrambled out of their car in panic.

"Oh I don't think so, Sonny Jim," Gene spat as he, Alex, Chris, Ray and the others all got out of their cars. The officers all began to draw their guns.

"We said piss off!" roared the second boy, pulling out his own gun as the other three attempted to stash their drugs.

"Gene, this is getting out of control, they're just kids!" Alex said desperately as she clocked the boy trembling as he waved his gun about madly.

"YOU THREE, STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOIN'! 'ANDS IN THE AIR!" Gene thundered as the other three dropped their handfuls of drugs in shock.

There was a outbreak of panic from everyone as the boy with the gun suddenly shot off his gun in fear, narrowly missing Gene.

"STOP! STOP!" Alex screamed. "It doesn't have to be like this, all of you put your bloody guns down!"

"Excuse me, who's the superior officer here?" Gene bellowed. "Nobody does nothin' without my say so!"

"Let me talk to him, please," Alex hissed, her big hazel orbs glistening at Gene. His gaze weakened and then he said gruffly: "One minute, Drake."

Alex stepped forwards with her hands in the air.

"Get back, bitch!" screamed the boy with the gun.

"It's okay, I'm not going to shoot," Alex assured him, "I'm DI Alex Drake and I just want to help you. It doesn't have to be like this. What's your name?"

"Bobby," the boy trembled, "and I ain't going to jail, none of us are! So you lot can piss off!"

"Is that why you're playing with guns, Bobby?" Alex said cautiously. "Because you don't want to go to jail? Well, at the moment we only have you for possession of a stolen vehicle and drugs. With a lawyer and a solicitor, nothing's certain. But if you use that gun on me or one of my fellow officers, jail will be a certainty. Don't determine the fate you're afraid of for yourself."

"I ain't afraid of nothing, you stupid whore!" Bobby hollered, his hands shaking uncontrollably. Gene knew what was going to happen before they heard the deafening crack of the gunshot. Diving towards Alex he thrust her to the floor, falling on top of her, sheltering her body from harm as the gunshot soared past everyone. In the commotion, the other officers of CID ran forwards and grabbed the four boys, cuffing them viciously.

"You okay, Bolly?" Gene breathed, looking down at her. Alex nodded stiffly, a little shaken.

"You saved me," she whispered, staring into his sea-green eyes. Gene smirked.

"S'me job, Bolls," he declared, getting up off her and offering her his hand. Pulling her to his feet, he gave her a light slap on the backside before going to search the boys' vehicle, earning himself a shocked smile from Alex.


Back at CID that evening, the team were rifling through statements and paperwork to do with the arrests of the four boys. Things were going quite well for CID lately, and Gene planned to keep it that way.

"DI Bollyknickers, my office," Gene said loudly, causing the others to look up. Alex got to her feet as she strutted into Gene's office with a superior smirk on her face. Gene closed the door and looked at her appreciatively. She really did look good today. Tight jeans, tight top…

Stop it, Gene, Gene thought, you're the Manc Lion, you don't go doo-lally for birds…

"Nice work today, Bolls." Shit, just paid her a blatant compliment…

Alex's eyebrows lifted in surprise. "Thanks, Gene," she smiled.

"For a posh tart," he winked as Alex rolled her eyes good-naturedly, "you fancy sitting in on their interviews tomorrow? Was gonna give it ter Ray and Chris to deal with, unless you'd like the honours?"

Alex's eyes sparkled mischievously as she edged herself just a little closer to Gene. "Would you be in there with me?"

Gene's stomach did a little flip. "Why?" he said, covering up his somersaulting stomach, "want a hunk o' the Gene Genie in case the nasty boys scare yer?"

Alex moved forward some more. "Well, I'm only human, Gene…" she purred seductively.

Gene looked down at her luscious lips lustfully, and decided that now was a good time to not worry about rejection from this mental, sexy woman. But just as he began to move –

"Guv!" Chris burst in, alarmed at the close proximity between his two senior officers.

"CHRIS, THE DOOR IS BLOODY CLOSED FOR A REASON!" Gene thundered, angry and annoyed. "KNOCK, YER BASTARD!"

"Sorry," Chris blundered, closing the door. Only two seconds later, he knocked lightly and opened it again. "Guv, Super's changed the time of your meetin'. He wants ter see yer in ten minutes."

"Oh whoop-dee-bloody-doo," Gene sneered sarcastically, "guess you lot can bugger off to Luigi's then. I'll see yer all tomorrow."

Alex deliberately brushed herself against Gene as she exited his office, and smiled smugly as she heard his sharp in take of breath. Things were definitely looking up in this world.


Alex fumbled with her key in the lock as she arrived back at her flat above Luigi's. She smiled to herself as she thought about her developing friendship with Gene. It was fun as she flirted harmlessly with the Manc Lion and the reaction she got surprised her every time. 1982 had been a whirlwind of emotions so far, and her relationship with Gene was growing better everyday. Humming tunelessly to herself, she shrugged off her white leather jacket and made her way into the living room.

She gasped in terror at the sight that met her eyes, and clamped her hand across her mouth to stifle her screams. There was a man sitting on her sofa, as boyishly handsome as he had ever been. Six feet tall with messy black hair and dark eyes, his face split into a lecherous grin.

No, he can't be here, he just can't! Alex thought in pure panic.

The man got to his feet and stepped towards her as she stepped backwards in fear.

"Alex, sweetheart," the man leered, "is this cold welcome any way to greet the father of your child?"