Guiding her to her feet, he carefully picked her up and carried her to the Quattro.

Finally, they were back at Alex's flat. It had been a hectic hour or so, what with calling squad cars out because Gene refused to have scum like Jack Drake in his Quattro and the full-on argument with the Super. The Superintendent had wanted Alex to give her statement straight away before they locked Jack up, but Gene had fought her corner by insisting she was too traumatised to talk about everything. Finally winning the battle, Gene was adamant that he was to accompany Alex back to her flat, and made sure that he was there to hold her when the tears fell again. Gene was sitting on the sofa with Alex on his lap, crying into his shoulder. The sobs began to subside as Alex pulled back slightly, her eyes red and her face bruised.

"Go and 'ave a shower, Bolls," Gene urged her, "it'll make yer feel better."

Alex nodded as she slipped out of Gene's coat, padding her way to the bathroom in the bra and knickers Jack had stripped her down to. She had bite marks all along her breasts, a cut on her inner thigh, a bloodied lip and a bruised face. Gene's anger bubbled to the surface once more. Even though Jack was getting life in one of the worst prisons in Britain, it still didn't feel like enough was being done.

Gene heard the water from the shower running and he closed his eyes, exhausted. It had been one hell of a day. Alex wasn't going to get over this easily and neither was he. But what he knew for definite was that he was going to be there for her, helping her, supporting her and protecting her. Forever.


Alex rejoined the world, small, frightened and vulnerable steps at a time, but Gene was by her side every step of the way. Three months had passed since the terrible trauma to do with Jack Drake and he had been sent down for life by the courts in Britain's most top-security and horrible prisons. Gene felt that was exactly what the bastard deserved.

However, he had to admit, one good thing had come out of Jack Drake coming into their lives. Gene had finally told Alex how he felt about her and wanted to protect her forever, and for the past month, she'd been living in his house with him. They'd taken things as slow as she wanted and had slept together for the first time only when she was ready just over a week ago.

Gene smiled at that memory as he looked down at the beautiful woman lying in his arms in bed. Pressing a soft kiss to her forehead, she stirred sleepily at looked up at him.

"Mornin', Sleeping Beauty," Gene chuckled.

"Morning," Alex smiled, snuggling up to him and attempting to go back to sleep.

"C'mon love, we've got ter be in the office in an hour," Gene laughed lightly, trying to pull his arm out from under her.

"Noooo," Alex moaned into his chest like a little child, "stay here."

Gene flung his leg over her body so that he was straddling her, and then he took her face in his hands and planted a soft, loving kiss on her lips.

"If we go in today, I promise we can spend the 'ole day the day after tomorrow in bed, how's that?"

"Promise?" Alex beamed, kissing him.

"Yep," Gene nodded, "c'mon then, Sexyknickers, up yer get." Gene walked over to the wardrobe and began to take out his shirt and tie. Noticing Alex was sitting up in bed and frowning, Gene turned around. "What's up, love?"

Alex smirked at him. "The day after tomorrow's Sunday. We're going to spend the whole day in bed anyway!"

Gene chuckled. "Too right we are. Up yer get Bolly, got scum to catch!"


Alex wasn't sure how Gene was going to react that evening. After finding out early in the morning whilst at CID, it had been the only thing on her mind. Now she had to tell Gene. And that was what was worrying her to the bone.

Waiting until they were snuggled up on the sofa with a drink, Alex swallowed, trying to phrase her statement.

"What's up, Alex?" Gene asked, concerned. "Yer bein' unnaturally quiet. What've yer done?"

Alex forced a laugh. "I…well…I…"

"Spit it out love, I ain't very good at these guessing games."

Alex turned round to face Gene, insecurity laced in her eyes. "Gene…you will never leave me, will you?"

Gene frowned, mystified. "What? Leave yer? I would never do that, yer daft tart! What's brought this on, 'ey?"

Alex wiped stray tears from her eyes. "Gene, please don't be angry…but…"

"C'mon, Alex, yer know I'd never be angry with yer –"

"I'm pregnant."

Gene's eyes nearly flew out of their sockets. His heart seemed to have stopped beating. "Yer…yer…pregnant?"

Alex nodded, unsure what to make of his reaction.

Gene was about to ask her the question he asked his wife, the question he asked the lying tarts he'd slept with, the question all pregnant women hated – is it mine? But Gene stopped himself. He knew it was his. He trusted Alex. He trusted his Bolly.


It was Alex's turn to react. Her eyes flew open even wider than Gene's. " is?"

Gene nodded, kissing Alex on the lips. "It's perfect, Bolls. I love you. Of course I want ter father your children. You're…you're okay about it though, aren't yer?"

Alex nodded, tears spilling. "I want it," she whispered, "I want it so much, and even more because it's yours. And you…you?"

"Of course I want it, Alex," Gene smiled, kissing her, "it's the best news I've ever 'ad."

"Oh Gene," Alex breathed, relieved and happy as she hugged him close, burying her head in the crook of his neck.

"I love you, Alex," Gene sighed, "and Gene Junior or Mini Bolls in there!"

Alex snorted. "I don't think we'll be calling her 'Mini Bolls' if it's a girl, Gene."

"Fine. How about Babyknickers?"

Alex laughed out loud. "You impossible man," she smiled, "but I actually love you."

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