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Some of you will think this is very OOC for Edward and Bella, but remember - they are young and just experimenting. There is hardcore DRUG USE and graphic sex in this f/s. Do not continue if this makes you uncomfortable. You have been warned. I don't want reviews telling me "AoC Edward and Bella would never…"

They just did.

Cocaine is a helluva drug. Don't try this at home, kids.

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"Let's go home, I wanna go home."

Bella's hands are on my chest, then go down, down, until she is touching the one part of me that seems to be making all my important life decisions lately. I contemplate taking her home now but I'm having too much fun with her here. The music is loud, she is pretty drunk, up against a wall, and I think she thinks she's dancing but it's more like a slow dry-hump now and I'm pretty sure I can never get enough of this. I'm not that sober myself, but Bella is trashed. We started the evening off at the apartment with my sister and Emmett drinking champagne to celebrate the news of Rose's pregnancy, and dealing with the scowl Rose's face, brought on by the fact that she couldn't join our celebration. Bella and champagne don't mix well, so by the time we got here for her friend's birthday she was adorably tipsy. Two vodka tonics and a shot of tequila later, my lightweight fiancée is incredibly horny, slurring her words, rubbing up against me and being her usual obnoxious self. I love it. I love her. I love that she is finally twenty-one and wants to go out every other night and drags me with her every single time. How could I ever say no? Just one more activity to add to the many things we enjoy doing together. Who knew she'd be into clubs and partying? I didn't, and I don't think she did either. I love discovering new things about Bella as she grows up, and I want to be there for every new experience.

Her hand is on my cock, over my jeans, and I laugh when I try to remove it but she swats my hand away. Narrowing her eyes, she gives me a warning and attacks my mouth. I am still laughing as we begin to kiss, my hands flat against the wall on either side of her head. She tries to play with my zipper and I finally put a stop to things, turning to make sure no one is watching. Some asshole sitting a few feet away from us winks at me and laughs, giving me a thumbs-up. Fucker. I go back and forth between letting Bella do what she wants, and taking her home, away from voyeurs and random strangers at the club. I decide home is best until she whispers a few words into my ear.

"Guess what Garrett brought over? I wanna try tonight."

I have to get her drunker than I had planned. Drunk enough to make her forget about the white stuff I found in her underwear drawer earlier, but didn't want to comment on while Rose and Emmett were over. Then I can flush that shit down the toilet. Fuck Garrett, fuck the money she spent on it.

"I think we should stay here and dance, baby," I whisper into her neck.

"Nooo…" she whines, "home. You can put it anywhere tonight."

Oh sweetheart, I can put it anywhere any night. All it takes is some kisses and some touching, a few words. The only thing going anywhere tonight is you, to bed, under the covers, in my arms. I'll have your greasy breakfast sandwich ready first thing in the morning when you wake up. Let's just go home now, before I let you give me a hand job in the middle of a club. Because I want you to. Your hand belongs on my cock.

Her tongue is on my neck, moving up to my ear. Her teeth are sharp, but her lips are like velvet. Her breath is warm and she makes me dizzy. I push her against the wall and kiss her, thinking about getting her into a cab and then getting my fingers inside Bella, possibly making her come before the cab stops in front of our building. She's so good. I'll tell her to be quiet, and she will sink her teeth into my shoulder and bite down as my fingers fuck her. Tiny whimpers and gasps for my ears only. I'll touch her twice, three times where she likes it the most and her body will go crazy, and she'll say my name at least once, maybe twice, and that angelic smile will take over her face and I'll fall a little more in love with her than I already am.

All of this happens, minus the silence part, and I leave a big tip to the guy who had to listen to all of that – not that he looks annoyed at all. We walk up to the apartment and Bella is all giggles and touches, throwing her coat onto the counter and taking off her top the second we are inside. She throws herself backwards onto the bed and I stare at her for a while as I take off my pants. A minute later my mouth is on her stomach, belly, my hands are on her breasts, and I look up to see Bella, passed out, with her mouth slightly open. I remove her jeans and bra for her and move her under the covers.

Looking for something to do, I eye the half empty bottle of champagne and decide to pour myself a glass. A few sips later I realize this isn't what I am in the mood for tonight, and check to see if there is anything left for me to smoke in Bella's little drawer of fun. I am very lucky. I take out Summer the bong and what's left of the weed we had delivered a few weeks ago, looking for a lighter to use amongst all the things Bella keeps in here. I pray no one ever opens this drawer. I also pray we can use whatever the fuck these things are because they look like they go on nipples and anything that allows me to spend more time with her nipples must be amazing and therefore must be used immediately.

Before I close the drawer I notice the butterfly thing she loves. We don't use that often enough.

Great. Now I'm horny, she's asleep, and I can't find a fucking lighter.

No sex.

No weed.

How did such a promising night turn into this?

I take Summer out anyway, setting her on the coffee table while I continue my search for a lighter. I finally find one, and five minutes later I take my first hit, having made sure that the window is cracked open just a little. I turn on the TV but can't hear a thing because I don't want to wake up Bella. It's pretty boring so I find last week's New Yorker and start reading an article about a former dictator who was fucking crazy, and I'm pretty sure they wrote about this same guy a few years ago. It's interesting, so whatever. As I reach out for Summer again I hear some noise coming from the bed. I look up to see Bella, who has escaped from under the covers and is staring at me with an angry look on her face.

"Are you using Summer without me?!"

I look down at the yellow bong in my hand and shrug.

"B, you were asleep."

"Summer is mine. You bought her for me. I want some too," she snaps. A second later she is on the couch with me, grabbing Summer and pointing to the lighter.

I know what she wants.

Bella is afraid of lighters. And fire. I have to do this every time. She climbs onto my lap and grabs Summer. I watch her inhale and love the smile on her face as she passes it back to me. I don't know what I'm doing because I am watching her, watching the way her mouth moves as she speaks, the way the cool air makes her nipples extra hard. I hand it back to her and she takes one more hit –knowing Bella, her last one - before pushing the bong away.

"What did you do, Edward? Did you get the weed wet?"

"What? No! I didn't."

"I have some more in the drawer, I'll go get it."

I hold onto her before she can get up.

"That's what we're smoking now. Relax. Would you like something to drink instead?"

She shakes her head and her eyes open really wide.

"You were looking through my stuff?! Nooo, baby I had a surprise for you in there."

I laugh and kiss her cheek. "I loved the surprise. We'll use it soon."

Before she can respond I throw her back onto the couch and tell her to touch herself. I just want to watch now, and Bella can put on quite the show. My face is inches away from her pussy and fingers, and I'm mesmerized watching them go up and down and in and out. I dip my own fingers into the champagne and slide them over her clit, pulling Bella's hand away so that I can taste her, and she tastes fantastic – Bella, alcohol, some of me from earlier this evening. I want to bathe her in the overpriced shit we bought from the store across the street, lick it off her nipples, drink it from her bellybutton. I know we are probably going to ruin the couch so I move us to the bed and make these fantasies come true. Sheets can be washed – tonight it looks like my fiancée is up for just about anything.

"Do you want my ass tonight?"


I'm too busy playing with her tits to answer.

"Tell me what you want. I want to make you come a lot. All over me."

"Oh yeah?" I ask, finally inside her. "All over you where? On your tits? Your ass? Where do you want it Bella?"

"Everywhere. My mouth too," she pants.

I'm moving inside her slowly, she is impatient and moves under me, spreading her legs wider, holding me closer. Her hands are on my ass, her nails digging, scratching. A finger moves and presses up against me and I want to come immediately. I have to stop for a second as it barely enters me, and when I start fucking her again, it's harder, a little quicker.

"Mouth too? So after I fuck you now and make you come are you gonna let me pull out and come in your mouth?"


"Say please, Bella."

"Please. Yes. Yes."

She becomes incoherent, her body is shaking under mine. She tries to protest when I pull out because I know she likes to feel me inside her for a while after she comes, but I told her what I want, and her mouth is warm and perfect, her eyes are so big.

Bella climbs on top of me a few minutes later. I am about to fall asleep when she starts talking.

"I love you, Edward."

"What's up, princess?"

She rolls her eyes at that and smiles. "You know you promised me something…"

"And you want to do it tonight," I sigh.

"Yeah… You keep putting it off."

"Bella, it's two in the morning. We've had a long night, if we do that we'll be up all night."

"Exactly, it's two in the morning, and tomorrow's Sunday. Just this once?"

"Why do you want to try this so badly?"

"I'm curious. Haven't you ever been curious? I know you've tried it before, and I know you've done it more than once. I promise it's just this once."

Her eyes are huge and her lips are warm on my chest. When she first brought this up I shrugged and told her we can do whatever she wants, and warned her against contacting anyone or buying anything on her own. I didn't think she would actually go ahead and ask her friend to hook her up. I have no idea where this fascination with drugs comes from, although I do understand her curiosity. We have all experimented with different things, it is part of growing up, and I appreciate the fact that she will only do it with me around. I'm still a little uncomfortable having it in our apartment and hope this isn't a regular occurrence. I can't tell her what to do, but I can tell her that I won't live with or date someone who does this sorta thing on a regular basis.

Knowing Bella, this is a one-time thing and I have nothing to worry about.

"Fine… sure. Errrm… we need a flat surface. And shit, do we have straws?"

"No, I don't think we do. In the movies they use money. Like a dollar bill?"

I laugh and place a kiss on the top of her head. "Ok, I've got some in my pocket, go find a suitable one. And maybe a mirror or something?"

"Will a book do?"

"I suppose… hardcover."

My dream girl slides off the bed and finds my pants on the floor, going through the pockets in search of money. The view I have of her ass is incredible.

"Obvi. Edward, are we really using a dollar bill? I think we'd score major pimp points if we use a rolled up hundred. Uch, you only have a fifty. I suppose it will have to do."

"Bella, put that away. I want to spend that money at some point."

She does the flirty thing where she looks at me through her lashes but it doesn't work. Bella puts the fifty dollar bill back in my pocket, pouting.

"Baby don't pout. I'm sorry you're engaged to me and not a rapper or rockstar."

"Ugh, I know. I ask myself why every day. This doesn't help!" She exclaims, waving the dollar bill around and shaking her head.

When everything is ready Bella is sitting between my legs on the bed with a gigantic Leonardo da Vinci coffee table book on her knees. She wants to do everything on her own so she has a webpage open on the laptop lying next to us on the bed, and I have my hands on her waist as she bends forward a little, pushes her hair back behind her ears, and carefully following the instructions, snorts her first line. My heart is beating erratically in my chest. I'm worried, I'm a little turned on. She turns to face me and wiggles her nose. I ask her if she got it all, she nods.

"So what's supposed to happen?"

"Well, it'll kick in soon enough," I explain. I kiss her shoulder and she relaxes against me. Her ass meets my cock and I'm getting hard again. She pushes back and smiles. It's the same smile that has been making me melt for years now. The smile I have memorized, fantasized about when far away from her. The smile I fell in love with. I kiss it and hold her to me, very carefully removing the book from her lap and placing it beside us on the bed.

"Your turn."

"I'm not sure I want to," I shrug.

"Your. Turn."

Her hand is on my cock and her mouth is on my neck. What's a little bit going to do? It will be fun. Just one line.

I tell myself to stop thinking and before I know it Bella is lying on her back, and I'm actually snorting a line from between my fiancée's breasts. Have I mentioned how hot she is? Have I mentioned how perfect her tits are? How obsessed I am with her adventurous, crazy side? How much I adore her brain? Do I talk enough about how she makes my heart beat like crazy when she is telling an interesting story just because of the way she looks and the way her hands move and the way her smile takes over her face? And I want to feel like a dick right now for what I'm doing, and I want to get rid of the drugs and just hold her and go to sleep, take care of her when she is hung over tomorrow, but the insatiable, animalistic side of me wants more of this, whatever it is. I want to lose myself with her and then fuck her until she can't walk tomorrow. Sometimes that's ok, and I tell myself that when twenty minutes later I have her pinned to the bed, sloppily doing another line off her thigh, and rubbing a tiny bit of coke over her clit.

She talks fast and is very excited. I'm already insanely hard and her mouth drops open when she comments on how stiff I am. She had a moment where she was completely grossed out by the residue she tasted at the back of her throat and she also had a minor freak-out because her heart was beating so hard and fast, but overall she says she likes it, and she wants me, and I just want us to go crazy. I've never wanted to pound her this hard, control her body like I do now. She laughs when she hears me grind my teeth, which is something I have noticed before. She pushes me back and does her second and final line of the night off my stomach.

"I don't know if I like this. I like how I feel, but it's kinda nasty. Why did you rub it on me? It tingles. I almost feel numb. It feels funny but sorta good. Fuck me now?"

"Sit on me, B. I want to watch you."

Bella is stunning as she rides me. The way her tits bounce, her face when I press a finger to her clit and rub. Not something I usually do, but sometimes I want her to come fast and hard and she does. I thrust up and try not to freak out about the way my heart is pounding and how I'm convinced that I'm about to have a heart attack. Because I kind of like this, and she feels amazing, and I can do this forever. No one makes Bella feel like this. Just me. I get to flip her over and do it all over again, I get to smack her ass as she comes for a second time. I get to tell her what to do and fuck her as she complies. Because she'll do just about anything for me, and right now Bella is like the Energizer Bunny, and she is begging me to fuck her harder and faster.

Her sighs and gasps turn into cries and screams. She has never ridden me this forcefully. When she is on her knees holding onto the headboard she throws her head back and keeps telling me I'm not fucking her hard enough, deep enough. I love the sounds of our flesh slapping together. I want her to scream louder. I grab her hips and show her just how hard and fast I can go, and when I can't take any more I collapse on top of her and then turn her around, staring into her eyes, loving the way we are breathing into each others' mouths, the way both our hearts are banging in our chests.

"What the fuck was that?"

For a second I feel like the world has come to an end. She's pissed. I hurt her. I treated her like shit. She won't forgive me.

"Bella I'm sor – "

"I'm mean omg, that was pretty crazy. You were… wow. What was that? I think my vagina hurts. Ugh but it still loves your penis. Is he ok? Is he like, exhausted? I, wow. I need to catch my breath. It was… awesome. Like everything was heightened. It felt so good. I wanted you to be rougher but oh my god, at the end I don't think I could take anymore. I think you bruised me, we'll see soon enough. Can we take pictures if you managed to leave marks on my hips? Baby, your cock. I'm so tingly now. I feel everything everywhere and I – shit. My heart won't stop… I felt yours too. It was so hot. See? Look. Put your hand here. Yeah, oh my god, so fast, right? It's beating like it did when I first met you and I was nervous being around you, but like non-stop and I love it. Edward, you drive me crazy. I think I came like three times. More? I don't even know. I love it when you spank me. I usually love it when you do that while you're in my ass, but that was so awesome. Can we go again? I want more. Ugh my head…"

Bella goes on and on. She is adorable, crazy, hilarious. When we both start coming down I have to stop her from calling my father because she is convinced that she is dying. Always the drama queen. I feel like shit too, but I try to keep it together because I want her to be ok. Her head hurts, I make her drink lots of water, I give her some Tylenol and Vitamin C. I take some too, because I don't feel that great myself. She becomes very quiet, asks me to give her some Ambien so that she can sleep. I ignore her. When she starts getting upset I tell her it's ok and do my best to make her feel decent. I feel it everywhere myself. Depressed. Feeling like crap. It's early morning by the time she falls asleep and I clean up the mess we made, tuck her in, and hope she is ok when she finally wakes up.



My head. My eyes. My everything.

Someone please come and put me out of my misery.

I crack open an eye and am horrified at the sight before me. Bella is a mess. Her hair, the smudged makeup, and the bruises covering her body. She looks pissed. Beyond pissed. She points at the bruises and keeps screaming at me until I decide to tune her out and bury my head under a pillow. But she is so fucking loud. Next thing I know, she is on top of me, pulling the pillow off and grabbing my hair.

"Look at me when I talk to you, Cullen. What is this? Are you CRAZY?"

"You weren't complaining last night. You wanted to take pictures of it."

"Yes. Yes I'm going to take pictures. And if you ever fuck up again, or decide to leave me I'm taking it down to the station and reporting your ass. What the fuck?!"

"You wanted rough sex, B. You got it. You wanted to try hard drugs, you did that too."

I say these words, but I don't mean them. She didn't ask for this. She didn't ask to be treated like an animal, tossed around and hurt. I want to kiss every single bruise and mark that covers her skin. I want to apologize for as long as it takes until she truly forgives me. I sit up and take her into my arms as she starts crying quietly.

"I'm sorry, Bella."

"No, no. You're right. I loved it last night. I was just…shocked. I expected to find it erotic but it is so scary. Look at me."

"Baby I got carried away, I apologize – "

"It wasn't just you. I asked for it. This… this isn't us. It was awesome but not again. Please? I know you loved it, but…"

"B, if it involves you, I love it. I can't not love it. But we don't ever have to do this again. Just this once, right? No more. It's not worth seeing you like this, or like how you were last night. It felt like shit. We don't need this."

She nods, the cheeks wet from the tears. "We don't. Just you… I'm sorry I made you do anything."

I kiss her nose and she smiles. I find a hair tie on the bedside table and smooth her hair back, gathering it up in a ponytail. I walk Bella to the bathroom and wrap my arms around her, kissing her shoulders as she removes the rest of her makeup and washes her face. I give her a bath, bring her water to drink and order some food. Some more Tylenol because she is still complaining of a headache; and a little neck massage because I love her.

The Bella who walks out of the bathroom forty minutes later looks very different. She still looks tired, but much better than she did earlier. She snuggles up against me in her robe and lets me feed her, and in turn takes care of me when I let it slip that I am tired and feeling out of it as well. My head is in her lap and she plays with my hair, talks to me in hushed tones and loves me until I fall asleep. When I wake up the apartment smells great and I see that she has been cooking. Bella drags me to the shower and when I beg her to join me she does. We kiss and touch and promise each other that from now on Summer is the only thing we'll use. I'm in her mouth and can't believe my penis isn't falling off from exhaustion. My girl is eager, playful, sexy, kind. She also makes delicious meatballs and although she opposes it, she uses some veal for me. We eat together and she thanks me for last night. I don't want her to, but I know what she means. She knows that I'd never let her do anything like that alone, and that if she has anything negative or painful to deal with I will be there, no questions asked. I don't care if she got herself into the situation, that doesn't matter. I just can't stand to see her unhappy, scared, uncomfortable, or in pain.

I want to thank her for allowing me to be there and take care of her. Years ago, it was all I asked – that if she wanted to try certain things she should let me be there and make sure it goes well. I am willing to do just about anything with Bella, for Bella. I'm just very thankful for the fact that she didn't go ahead and do this while she was away, or with friends from school. She came to me, she shared it with me. It's all I could ever ask for.

"Oh, so your mom called while you were asleep and wanted to know if we're going be in Forks for Christmas."

"I thought we were spending Christmas here alone," I answer.

"She wants us to go there and check out some stuff…"

She avoids looking straight at me and blushes. I don't know why this conversation continues to freak her out. I don't like that it makes her uncomfortable. I'm constantly terrified that she will change her mind. But I refuse to show this and try to appear calm.

"Stuff? Like what?"

"Like… food options and I don't know… I said we can just eat whatever, you know? We barely have thirty guests." She plays with her spaghetti, moving it around on her plate.

"Well, I agree but it would make it easier on everyone to just have it catered."

She nods and smiles. "You're right, Edward. I just don't want to make a big deal out of it."

I reach out and grab her hand.

"No big deal. It's too early to think about the details anyway."

You don't have to do a thing. Just be there that day and look beautiful and be mine.

"Yeah but, it's November and… it's only seven months away," she says.

"Seven months is plenty. Don't freak out. We'll visit eventually. If I can't go, you'll go on your own. If you're too busy with school, I can go. We'll figure out the food and all the other stuff. You can find a dress and – "

"I have a dress."

I look up into her eyes and notice that I dropped my fork.

"You what?"

"It's at Rosalie's. We found it a few weeks ago. It's… vintage and very simple, but pretty. I don't know if you'll like it and I'm a little nervous and – "

She keeps talking about the fucking dress until I'm off my chair and by her side, picking her up to kiss her. Why a simple dress excites me so much I'm not sure, but after all the craziness of last night and this morning it's like a reminder of our relationship apart from all of this. Clubs, drugs, wild sex aside, we are in love and we're getting married in a few months. And the girl who was terrified of marriage went and bought her dress on her own, no nagging or persuasion necessary. I have no doubt that even if we spend the next seven months doing equally stupid things like we did last night we will be fine, and she'll wear the dress, and she'll look beautiful, and everything will be alright.

Thank you WriteOnTime and Kassiah for helping me with this. It means a lot to me. And thank you Snshyne for the fun prompts and for making me write about these two again. I hope you like it :)