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"Edward, wake up."

No, I want to go back to sleep. I think I'll keep my eyes closed until you give up.

"Ugh, do you really think I don't know when you're faking it?" She whines.

No, I know you know. I just want you to be nice enough to go away until I'm ready to get up.

"Your mother made you waffles and they're yummy and warm. Come on, let's go downstairs," she whispers into my ear. It feels nice. Her lips are on my skin and I instinctively move my head towards her.

"Waffles, huh?" I ask, cracking open an eye.

"Delicious waffles," she smiles, placing her hand on my chest.

I open my other eye and stretch my arms over my head. Her hand moves lower, but not low enough, so I take it and place it where it needs to stay at all times. She touches me, soft fingertips and warm palm, and I turn my face to find her lips, her cheeks, anything I can have.

"We should get going, Edward. It's going to take us a while to get to Port Angeles and back. We've got a lot to do this afternoon. Let's take a quick shower and leave," she says. But her hand is still on me, and I want her to cover me and whisper familiar words and feel good with me, so I kiss her to shut her up.

"No, this first. Then waffles. Then I'll take a shower," I try to negotiate.

Her hand moves faster and her smile is big; she laughs and shakes her head. "There are no waffles, and there is no 'this' right now. Move it. Shower, baby. Now."

No waffles? This is bullshit. She's going to pay for that one, I'm not letting her get away. I cover her hand with mine and stop her from unwrapping the fingers that are holding onto me so tightly. She frowns and protests, but gives in quickly. Then I make the mistake of trusting her and remove my hand, bringing it to her face. Immediately, she's gone. Evil.

"I mean it. Be good, Edward. Rosalie is in the next room, my mother and Alice are downstairs with your parents. They've been here for hours to help us out, and we're still in bed. It's rude! Come on, shower. I'll even join you, it'll make things quicker."

"Bella... five more minutes. You lied about waffles, I get five more minutes," I insist.

"Fine. Five minutes," she agrees, holding up five fingers and giving me a smile.

I close my eyes, reaching out to feel Bella, but she's gone. I frown, wondering where she went, and I really don't like what I hear a minute later. She's started her shower without me. This entire week of hell has turned her into a mean version of the petulant, bratty sixteen-year-old I met five years ago. I don't really blame her since she's been under a lot of stress. She was dealing with a number of last-minute things that needed to get done, packing, and my sister and mother calling her every ten minutes with more questions and suggestions... I'm surprised she even boarded the plane to Washington with me two days ago. But as annoying as she's been lately, not once has she said the words I'm always half-expecting to hear: "I'm doing this for you" or "I don't want this anyway." I'm not sure why I have this irrational fear of Bella snapping at me and telling me this is a stupid idea, because even when she complains all day, when she climbs on top of me at night her voice is happy and she tells me about everything she did and how "awesome" it's all going to be. How can I be mad at her?

I finally get out of my old bed and walk to the bathroom, discarding my boxers on the floor before I enter the shower. I wonder if I can get her to play a little before she decides it's time to get going. We'll just have to see. Normally, I can tell within five seconds just how easy or difficult it's going to be to convince her. Bella's obsession with being on time and not making anyone wait can be a big problem in the morning. It's the only time I'll ever get a "no" from her. It's also my favorite time of the day to fool around. I open the shower door and smile to myself.

Ah, Bella. Always up to no good. Nine out of ten times, she'll be in the shower and her hand just makes its way between her legs and she rubs a little, smiles, continues if she has enough time, or stops and comes to me after she's done. Right now she's grinding herself against her hand, her eyes closed, looking so serious and determined.

"Bella, don't pout. Come here," I tell her. Her eyes open and she smiles. Her cheeks are pink, and I take a step towards her and place my hands on either side of her head. I bring my mouth down to hers, and she bites my bottom lip, but when I try to replace her hand with my own, she doesn't let me.

"Just watch."

Her eyes are big and they're staring into mine. I place my forehead against hers and feel her breath hit my face. Her sounds are beautiful and her nipples are hard. I watch her face, the drops of water that fall from the ends of her hair and make their way down her body, her hand moving so fast, her hips. I do nothing but watch Bella until she cries out and shakes, then I hold her to me until her breathing slows down. Her lips on my chest thank me for something, I'm not sure what. I kiss her back, loving the feeling of her wet hair against my mouth. She looks up and my knees go weak, because she is stunning, because she loves me so much. Bella rests her head on my chest, putting her arms around me and closing her eyes. I close mine too until I feel her mouth again on my shoulders, wet, sweet, Bella.

"I love being here with you," she tells me.

"Yeah?" I ask, rubbing her back.

"Yeah, so many memories. Remember when you told me how you loved every part of me? I was so shy, I didn't want to take my clothes off in front of you."

I think back to our first summer together. Bella on her knees. One careless second. The expression on her face.

"B, that's one day I'll never forget," I laugh.

She laughs too, dropping her arms from around my waist. She reaches for the shampoo but I stop her by grabbing her hand.

"What? We have to hurry," she tells me.

"Then hurry," I say, pointing to my cock.

I expect her to roll her eyes and reach for the shampoo with her free hand, but she doesn't. Instead, she's on her knees, kissing me, up and down, her lips worshiping me like I deserve it, and in moments like this one I know I do, because that's exactly what her mouth tells me. I reach down and take her face in my hands, feeling the softness of her skin as she looks into my eyes. Her lashes are wet and long, her tongue is pink and it licks me, and if she doesn't take me into her mouth I'm going to have to make her.

Bella's tongue disappears and I feel myself against her cheek, she's teasing me and being dirty, her fingers touching me where I love to be touched. Before I can force myself into her mouth her tongue is back, one small lick, and she giggles.

"Yum," she says, "fuck waffles." And I'm in, and it's not gentle, and she's not quiet. Every time I open my eyes she's looking up at me, and my hands are in her hair, petting her and pulling the wet strands, and I'm telling her she's a good girl, and she knows me so well, because she pulls me out at the perfect moment, and this time it's no accident.


"Uch. Fucking traffic. We're not making it back in time to – "

"Bella, who cares?" I interrupt her rant, "let them deal with everything. I'd rather not go back today."

"Oh, you think I want to go back? I have everything I want. My dress is sick, you're going to look amazing, I have picked out everything, down to the brand of olive oil I prefer for the bruschetta, the weather's supposed to be fine, and if not, we have a gigantic room your mother had built just in case, and no matter what I fucking do, Alice's kid is going to look dirty because her parents can't control her. I don't care anymore, I just don't. What the fuck are they doing anyway? You hired those decorators, do I have to be there? I left very detailed diagrams and drawings of what I want, and if they fuck it up, I'll fuck them up. Your dad won't let them fuck it up. I left specific instructions for everything just in case I decide to run away with you tonight and show up twenty minutes before everything starts tomorrow. Let's run away, please?"

Bella rests her head on my shoulder, hugging my arm tightly.

"We can run away if you'd like. You canceled the dinner thing, so why not? We'll get back just in time to watch everyone freak out because the guests are there but we're not," I laugh.

"I'm so glad your mom agreed to cancel dinner. I'd die if I had to do that tonight. Fucking up the marriage license turned out great. Perfect excuse."

I nod. "Yeah, except no rehearsal dinner. We don't get to rehearse."

"Rehearse what? Who cares? It's all so silly. We'll just go with the flow tomorrow. As long as the lady you spoke with at the Auditor's Office managed to take care of the license and Pastor Weber shows up, we're good. No one will notice small imperfections. I'm going to look hot, and you're going to look so fuckable that we'll blind them with our combined beauty and awesomeness." Bella stops to take a deep breath before she starts laughing and bites down on my shoulder. "God, I love you, Edward," she tells me.

"I know, sweetheart," I whisper. She doesn't let go of my arm until we pull up to a familiar building. She squeezes it, squealing in delight. We walk past this building every time we're in Port Angeles. She reveals new details of what she thought and felt as we drove to this building every morning the summer we met. I listen and love her more, always telling her I remember the exact moment I fell in love with her. She brushes her fingers against mine like she did that day, years ago, and I wonder how long this can last. Tomorrow, we'll promise that it will last forever. Maybe it will, and maybe it won't, but no matter how it turns out, neither of us will ever be able to deny that we had this. The love, the friendship, the desire, the trust. Her smiles and laughter and her hand in mine.

"Hey, snap out of it. You have that stupid smile on your face. We're here. It's Friday and they close super early so let's do this. Make me yours, Cullen. I've been waiting long enough," she laughs.

"You've been waiting? I've been trying to tie you to me for five years. Once I got a taste of you, I wasn't planning on letting you go," I tell her, pinching her nose before getting out of the car.

"Tie me to you? Edward, let's be real. I wasn't going anywhere. God, I gave it up what, a week after I met you? Scandalous. I couldn't even pretend that I wasn't obsessed with your cock."

"More like three weeks, which means it took practically forever for to you to seduce me, Swan," I tease.

"I know! You were so needy and in touch with your feelings, wanting to deflower me under the perfect conditions, with angels serenading us and fireworks going off the second you broke my hymen. Silly boy... Making me wait three whole weeks," she sighs.

I look at Bella, comparing the woman in front of me to the girl I met at Charlie's and kissed in my car less than a week later. She's wearing a white dress, which she put on earlier, joking that it was the perfect thing to pick up a marriage license in. Her ass is a little rounder and her hips are a little wider, but in the best way. She has braided her hair and thank God she didn't have two long braids like this when she was sixteen, because I probably would have never touched her. While we are waiting to see the woman I spoke to on the phone, I yank one braid, and she sticks her tongue out at me. One of the people working in the office smiles at us, and Bella blushes, turning her face into my chest after giving a small smile back. She's shy and bold, immature and incredibly wise, sweet but mostly not so sweet. Once we take care of the license and apologize for screwing up something so simple, Bella suggests paying a visit to Peter, my old colleague and her old boss for the summer.

"Why is it so quiet? It's so early," she points out.

"Yeah, strange," I say, looking around. There's no one here.

"Let's stop by his office just in case," Bella suggests. We walk towards Peter's office, at least where his office used to be, and Bella jumps and claps when she sees her old cubicle, amazed that it's still there.

"What do you expect, B? It's the government. They don't have the money to buy new cubicles every other year," I tell her.

She shrugs, walking ahead of me until she notices someone sitting in an office. I follow her and listen to her conversation with a young guy, probably an intern or fresh out of law school. He tells us that the Fourth of July picnic was pushed back this year, and that's where all the employees are. Bella, who is normally nosy enough to ask a stranger why he's not at the picnic with everyone else, simply thanks him and says goodbye.

We stop by my old office but don't go in, because it feels wrong to just walk into a stranger's office. I point out the new fax machine and printer, and Bella suddenly becomes very excited.

"The supply room!" She almost shouts.

"What about it?" I ask.

"I just want to see it," she says, dragging me behind her.

We walk in, and she quickly locks the door behind us.

"B, wha – "

"Mr. Cullen, I wanted to ask you something. You're always acting so strange in the car. It's like one minute you're talking to me, then you ignore me and look away. You know, your mood swings are kinda giving me whiplash. Don't you like me?"

My mouth drops open and it takes me a second to figure out what she's doing. Bella starts to play with the end of a braid, biting on her lip and looking down at the floor. When I don't respond, she looks up, her eyes rounder than ever, and speaks.

"Mr. Cullen?"

"I told you to call me Edward, Bella," I tell her in a stern voice.

"Alright, Edward… Could you please answer my question?"

"Well, Bella. I think I'm finding it difficult to have you around all the time," I explain.

"Did I do something wrong?" Bella asks, her chin quivering and her eyes downcast.

"Well, you wear these short skirts and mention poems you probably don't even understand. You make me feel guilty for wanting someone so young. How old are you Bella? Eighteen? You're far too young for me," I smile.

"Mr. Cu- Edward, I'm…I'm sixteen. Didn't Charlie tell you?"

I take a step closer to her, making her back up against the wall.

"Sixteen, Bella? What am I supposed to do with a little girl like you?" I ask. She stifles a giggle, and I try not to laugh myself. She looks up and grins, but quickly goes back to playing young Bella, or some cracked-out version of her.

"You're supposed to let me touch you, Edward," she whispers.

"I don't think that's such a good idea," I say, inching closer to her until I feel her nipples through her dress against my chest.

"Why not? You smell so nice, and your voice makes me dizzy, and your fingers…"

She takes my hand and looks at my fingers.

"What about my fingers, Bella?" I ask, bringing them to her lips. She's breathing hard. She looks so small right now against the wall; I'm towering over her.

"Your fingers make me think really, really dirty things. And I…" I brush my finger against her lips, back and forth, watching her eyes follow it. It's driving her crazy.

"And you what, Bella?"

"I get really wet, Edward," she manages to say.

I can't help the way I press my body against hers. Bella is excited. Very excited. I pull on a braid and she makes a strange sound, much like a whimper. I continue to touch her lips with my finger and push up against her again. She immediately takes my finger into her mouth and sucks on it, her hands pulling me closer.

"Do you feel that Bella? Do you know what that is?" I ask, trying again to keep a straight face. I'm insanely hard and I know she's trying to feel more of me.

"Yes, I think I know," she whispers.

"Have you touched one before, Bella?" I ask. This time she can't help the smile that takes over her face.

"Never, Edward," she replies, and I can hear the laughter in her voice.

"What do you want from me, little girl?"

"Teach me, please?" She smiles sweetly. It melts my heart. I'm transported back in time, and memories of first kisses and touches come rushing back. I run my hands up her arms and place them around her throat. I kiss her like it's the very first time, and she slips and tells me she loves me. I bring my mouth to her ear and tell her I love her too, but she covers my mouth with her hand.

"Edward, will you show me?"

"Show you what, Bella?"

She points to my crotch. "That. I want to see that."

I smile against her neck and bite down on it until she pushes me away, mouthing 'What the fuck?', and I remember what tomorrow is, annoyed that I can't suck and bite on the skin I adore. She'll kill me.

"You want to see my cock, Bella?"

She nods.

"You can take a look," I tell her, bringing her hands to the buttons of my jeans.

She's biting that lip again, and I laugh. She frowns, and I stop. Her fingers are intentionally clumsy; she concentrates on what she's doing and gasps when she finally has me in her hands.

"Is… is it supposed to be this hard?"

I nod.

"Is…is it s-supposed to be this big?" Bella is giggling again. I roll my eyes at her and she smiles. "I think it's big," she insists.

"What do you know? You've never seen one before."

"It's so… warm," she says, running her hands up and down. "It feels nice." She takes some wetness from the tip and plays with the head. She doesn't take her eyes off of it.

"You have such a pretty little mouth, Bella. Would you like to taste it?"

"May I?" She asks.

"Of course, just be gentle, sweetheart." Bella nods. She licks me and strokes and forgets the game we're playing because she's so good. Her tongue is magic and I can't stay quiet, and I want to reach for my phone and take a picture right now because Bella at sixteen was wonderful, but Bella at twenty-one is perfection.

She looks up and stops. "Am I doing a good job, Edward?"

Pushing her head back down and wrapping her braids around my hands I nod. "You're such a sweet girl, Bella. You're doing an excellent job. You're a good girl, aren't you? You won't tell anyone about this."

She shakes her head "no" and takes me deeper.

"Shit. Yeah, you're way too young to have my cock in your mouth. But you like it, don't you, Bella?"

She nods and laughs, almost choking, and I lose it too. Bella kisses me once, and stands up, still touching, getting me closer, driving me crazy.

"Edward?" Her voice is soft again, timid.


"Kiss me?"

I lift her up and set her down on a cabinet, bringing her face down to mine, kissing her like we used to kiss when we first met, wondering why we don't do this as much anymore. Her lips, her mouth, her delicious tongue. Teeth and skin and her hands in my hair. Her face against mine, her blush, her eyes so close up. I want to spend days just kissing her, rendering her breathless, feeling her lips on my forehead and jaw, rubbing my nose against hers. Silly things, things you'd never think you'd miss.

She pulls me closer by my t-shirt and whispers. "I've missed you, I know you're here and you never left, and you're just as wonderful, but…"

"Shhh, I know, B."

"I… want more time with you… we used to spend every second together… I know it was only the first few months until you left, but just kiss me. My heart beats so fast when you kiss me like this, like it's going to explode. Fall in love with me again. I'm so in love with you. You have no idea, if I don't show it…"

"You do, Bella. And I've never stopped falling in love with you. I live for you. Nothing else excites me, nothing else exists. I'm so happy."

She kisses me again. This time it's more aggressive. God, her mouth. Her hands. I pull her dress down and her nipples make my mouth water. I touch them and push her tits together, she moans and pulls her mouth away from mine.

"We can kiss later…"

I smile, then I run my tongue between her breasts, grab them a little too roughly, suck, lick, bite, and her hands guide my head, back and forth, until she pushes me away, leaving me panting and hard and desperate.

"Edward," she voice is sweet and innocent, "can you touch me like I touched you? No one… no one has touched me there before…"

And I guess we're playing again…

"What do you want, Bella? My hands or my mouth?"

"Both… I want everything. What if I never see you again once the summer is over?" She smiles.

"You're right, better make this good," I smirk.

I push her dress up and pull down her thong, surprised she's wearing a thong because she never wears them. She shrugs and takes it from me, spreading her legs and moving a little closer.

"Bella, quick lesson. This is your clitoris," I say, rubbing my finger over it. Pink, perfect, silk. Wet. I'm addicted. She makes short, desperate sounds and moves against my finger.

"It's absolutely the most delicious part of you. I'm going to lick it now, is that ok?" I ask her, and the series of yes's she whispers makes me harder. Love doing this to Bella. Love the way she reacts. Love how she loses control and takes, takes, takes. At home she'll just settle herself over my face when she wants it, rocking over me, no words spoken. She knows I'll never deny her. I know nothing else is better. Right now I look up and watch her face, touch her chin, and wait for her to open her eyes. She looks at me and smiles, smoothes my hair away from my face. I bring my mouth away after kissing her clit one more time, and touch her with my finger again.

"Bella, I'm going to put my finger inside you. This is where I'm – ". Before I can finish, Bella starts laughing uncontrollably.


She shakes her head, steadying herself by placing her hand on my shoulder.

"It's so not like the first time you did that!" She tells me. "Oh my God, Edward… I'm sorry, it's just…"

It's infectious. I'm laughing right along with her. She wipes the tears from her eyes and I help her down. Her tits are still hanging out her dress and this makes me laugh harder, and Bella smacks me in the chest, before taking my hands and covering her breasts with them.

"Let's save the Lolita roleplay for when I'm actually old," she tells me. "Game over, because I'm not pretending to be a virgin. That was no fun for me. Cullen, I want you to fuck me. You get to choose how. Bend me over that thing there, or fuck me up against the wall. Maybe you want me to ride you, I don't care. Fuck me, because you're all I've ever had and all I'm ever gonna have and I want to scream, because that poor kid is so bored all alone in the office that we can give him something to tell his friends when he goes out tonight. I can keep talking forever if you don't shut me up. I want – "

I push her against the wall, then turn her around, so that she's facing it.

"You want me to fuck you hard like I did against my car that summer? The first time I actually let go and fucked your brains out? You were screaming so loud, shaking in my arms. Is that what you want right now?" I ask, kissing and licking the back of her neck. So sweet. "Bella, the second I saw you I knew just how I'd fuck you. I was obsessed with you. I wanted your tits and pussy and ass." She turns her head and her eyes are desperate. I'm desperate. I grab her hips and pull them back, make her spread her legs wider. I hold my cock in my hand and rub it up and down between her cheeks. She says my name and I'm inside her. There is no description for how she feels. If I've described it before, I lied. My mind goes blank, and I just move inside Bella. She wants more, so I grab her tighter. She begs, and I hold her hands above her head and make her beg some more. Fast, hard, harder and harder until she is barely standing up, and when she comes I simply hold her against me and follow her. My kisses cover her shoulders. I can't stop, I don't want to. She leans far back and kisses my cheek. I'm so lost in her. My chest aches.



"You don't mind that I'm staying at Charlie's tonight, right?" She asks. I'm confused by her question.

"Why would you do that?"

"Everyone says we shouldn't spend the night together, you know, before the wedding?" She turns to face me, wrapping her arms around my neck.


"Yeah, it's like, I don't even know… But your mom and Rose suggested it."

I kiss her mouth and pull up the top of her dress. She pulls down the skirt, and helps me with my pants.

"That's fine, B. Let's just get out of here now, before we get caught."

I'm not too thrilled about spending the night apart. I'm used to her, and it makes me cranky when I wake up in the middle of the night and she isn't there. But if this is what she wants, that's fine. She can hang out with her dad, sleep in her old bed, and tomorrow she'll be back. Am I nervous? I think so, but I also know that there is no reason for me to be nervous. We have been living together for four years now; she has been my entire life for five. I watch her sleep on our way back to Forks, and then I watch her run around with our mothers and Alice and Rose back at the house. I watch her try to discipline Lily and I watch her play with my tiny nephew when his mother is busy bossing everyone around. I'm watching her when I feel my father's hand on my shoulder, knowing he's watching her too. She is yelling at my sister and manages to shut her up, which makes my father laugh before he squeezes my shoulder and walks away. I watch her get out of my car and walk into her father's home, turning around to blow me a kiss before she disappears. Charlie waves, and his smile is a little sad, but his eyes are happy. I wave back and drive home, where my mother is waiting for me with advice and questions and lots of tears. My father pours her a drink and takes her upstairs. At around midnight, my phone vibrates and I read three words that never fail to make me smile.

Come to me.

And for the last time in my life, I climb that fucking tree.

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