It Runs In The Family

Author: Cheryl W.

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters or any rights to Supernatural or Dark Angel, nor am I making any profit from this story.

Summary: Crossover with Supernatural and Dark Angel –AU. Dean, Sam and Alec's continuing adventures. No slash.

Author's Notes: This is a sequel to my story, 'It's in the Genes.' But if you want to catch up, just know that this is an AU from the season 3 finale and Dean never went to Hell. Alec from Dark Angel is a genetic clone created by Dean's DNA. Dean and Sam have accepted Alec as a brother and they are now hunting together as a family. Harm/Comfort scenes abound.

This is a shout of to every reviewer who was kind enough to ask for further adventures of the three brothers! Hope you enjoyed this teaser of a beginning. I'm planning on doing mostly one shot stories and probably won't have a true story arch but I'm hoping they will still be fun to read.


Chapter 1


It was humbling to find his speed was proving to be no match for the two thousand pound beast loping behind him, its gait eating up the distance that separated them easily. Branches tore into his face as Alec blurred through the woods. Wasn't sure which was louder, his heartbeat or the sound of the beast's massive body crashing behind him, uprooting trees in its wake. Whatever he and his brothers had thought they were up against, the massive creature that looked like a cross between an Ankylosaurus and a Triceratops wasn't it. And unlike those two dinosaurs, this guy was all about the red meat.

An hour before dusk, he, Dean and Sam had parked the Impala and trekked into the woods, theorizing, by all the evidence of the attacks, that nightfall was the predator's hunting time. It hadn't taken the three brothers long to pick up its trail, its massive footprint in the muddy ground baiting them. And with the vague impression that, though the creature was corporal enough, there was something ethereal about it too, they had split up. Sam and Alec to track the beast and Dean to scout out the creature's lair, to sever whatever bound the creature to this life.

Proving that they were almost too good at their assigned task, Alec and Sam had come upon the beast only to discover that wrought iron arrows only pinged off the creature's bony plates and spiked body. And shooting it with iron rounds got worse results, like pissing it off. When it bound forward, Alec and Sam shouted together, "Run!" Breaking off from each other, they peeled into the woods, headed to the areas of the thickest sections, hoping to block the beast from following.

'Yeah, that's not working,' Alec thought almost feeling the hot breath of the predator on his neck. But even as fear singed through him, he was grateful that the prehistory throwback had chosen him as its game, knew that Sam would have already been run to ground.

Realizing, with dread, that the creature had gone after Alec instead of him, Sam changed directions, knew he was far behind the beast but prayed Alec could stay far ahead of it. The wake the beast left through the forest stoked the fear in his chest, made his legs pump faster and his mind scramble for some way to kill the beast because, iron, it just wasn't doing it.

Stumbling over a root, Alec bodychecked a tree and gracelessly ended up in the muddy underbrush of the forest floor. He chanced a look over his shoulder and wished he hadn't. Two hundred yards behind him a massive foot cracked a downed tree in half and kept on coming. Scrambling to his feet, Alec slipped on the leaves but still bound forward, was running full out when the wall of green foliage changed to the grey hue of rock face. Bringing himself to a halt, he found he had hit a dead end. High, smooth walls of rock surrounded him on three sides and the beast was coming up quick behind.

Adrenaline and fear vying for supremacy, he forced himself to calm down, to look up, search the rock face for cracks that he could use to climb the wall. Found a fault line cutting across the stone fifteen feet up just as his keen senses told him his time was up, that the creature would be sinking his teeth into his back in mere seconds. Utilizing the abilities Manticore had hardwired into him, he leaped up, hands outstretched. And overshot the crack.

Panicked, his fingers clawed at the cruelly smooth surface without finding purchase and he began to slide down the rock front. Didn't need the outburst of the creature that was half roar, half cow call to know the creature was under him, was there waiting for his midnight snack to drop into his mouth. He was almost resigned to having his tombstone read, 'Here lies Alec Winchester killed by a dinosaur wannabe,' though it seemed a little hopeful on his part, getting an ephitaph, especially when Winchesters usually made due with a cross made of sticks. Was surprised and grateful when his fingers on his right hand slipped into the thin crevice in the rock and his descent jerked to a halt, left him dangling there, one handedly. Then he did the exact thing they always told you not to. He looked down. Got a dentist's view of the interior of the beast's mouth.

Lungs burning and legs trembling, Sam burst onto the scene, found Alec clinging midway up a rockface, his feet just out of reach of the creature's snapping teeth. Giving the standard Winchester war cry of "Hey!!" he unloaded nearly a clip of ammo into the creature from spiked tail to seemingly vulnerable head as it spun to confront him.

When the creature turned in the confined space of the canyon, its tail impacted with the wall of rock and, for Alec's precarious grip, it was the equivalent of an earthquake. It jarred his hold loose. Falling, his nails scratched against the chalkboard of the rock but there was no hope of a save now, was only the determination to not actually land on Dino's back, to have to go all bullmania.

As the creature's attention shifted to him, Sam blindly stepped backwards, kept his gun trained on the beast's head but ceased fire. He was trying to put a strategy into play when he saw Alec fall. "Alec!" he yelled in fear, hated that every path to his brother was roadblocked by the massive body. Knowing that Alec was down on the ground, was maybe hurt, unable to flee, Sam stowed his gun and picked up a solid, foot thick branch. Wanting to bait the creature to come after him, to focus on him instead of Alec, he stepped into the creature's personal space and walloped it in the face with the branch. Felt some satisfaction as the creature's head snapped to the left under his attack. But was unprepared when the beast bound forward an instant later, and, like a bull, used its head as a weapon. The hornless head caught Sam high on the side and as the impact knocked the air out of his chest, he felt himself tossed to the right. Had time enough to worry about Alec before he hit something hard and then nothing registered at all.




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