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Sumery:some really evil people planed her death to prove a point to her about her so called loves and its to late to make amens. and what happens when the socalled father takes his anger into his "daughters life. it just means one more burn to her already damaged self. Bella trys to figure out what happens next and is throughn into a painful past that she is so sure happened. What will happen to our poor girl next?

I was standing in the woods right on the center line separating the wolves and the new vamps that were pissing me off. The Cullens were closing in. My new family was tracking them, some stood behind the new vamps, and the others stood behind the Quellets. The pack that guarded La-Push were now acting like they were best friends with their once enemy's, it was pissing me off too, that I had been technically dead for ten years. I had truly only hidden on the outskirts of their vision and powers.

I had to stop from tearing off Quils arm as his eyes strayed from his opponents, hadn't he been the one to tell me to never let your opponent out of your sight for even one second. The sound he made had me turning to see why. I felt like I was used as I watched the wolves start at the sound of a vicious growl. I hated that they fought. It tore me apart. They had said it was because of the hatred they had towards one another. They had told me it was nothing about me. Yet here they are being best of friends. It had been because of me. They had lied and now I was paying for it 'cause father had been right about them. They had just been hypocrites. Alice even told me that even if I wasn't there they would still hate each other.

I didn't like being lied to. It made me feel cheep. I was such an innocent that I had believed them when they said it wasn't my fault. I had gone to Italy to save Edward and because I put all my faith in them to realize that I wasn't in that coffin. I was waiting for them to come after me. I remember that the only sent that had actually found my trails were Paul. I had almost been found when he had caught my sent by the cliffs. I had frequented there as the years went on.

I looked at Paul. He looked like he was going to shatter because he was shaking so bad. He was the only one that seemed to still act like he used to before what happened. It reminded me of the time he phased with me there. The pack hadn't noticed my entrance into the territory as they looked at new leeches from across the vast expanse of the field. How oblivious can you get, huh? I notice that these vamps weren't even trying to get away. So it would be easy pickings for the pack. I strolled so I was farther down wind. Sam was being stubborn on getting them to leave. The vamps said they were just passing through. It was going to get very bad for the pack and fast. I could smell the vamps reinforcements so not thinking it all the way through I phased. I walked into the opening and there they were all staring at me.

'This is unexpected that they are all human.' I looked then over my eyes matching faces in my memory to here. I noticed that the Cullen's sent was all over here. That meant the sent I had first picked up of vamps was theirs. I completely ignored them all and sat on a rock.

"I thought you said this was all of you." exclaimed one of the vamps coming closer to me. That wasn't a good idea. I looked at the pack I had grown to love when I was younger. They all seemed to stiffen. I was not going to hurt him, much.

"I wouldn't do that. My alpha will kill you. She's not into the touch feely stuff when she is in her wolf form, especially when its vamps she doesn't know." Raven extracted himself from the trees and walked to my side. "She's a very … vicious person." I didn't think about the Cullen's coming out of the woods as I told Rave what to do. He was a very good friend to have.

"I think this would be a good time to call the others so we can leave. I wanna take a nap at home this time." I was just that riled up at seeing the two people I thought would kill each other were acting like they went way back. They almost tore me apart with there fighting and now they were chums when they thought I was dead?!?! That was just not cool. Rave nodded and I lifted my head. The howl I set lose was a call that they didn't recognize and my pack was on there way. I curled up with my head on my paws.

"You rang? I was under the impression you wanted to see to different packs that you said 'hat each other with a burning passion'" Kamrine said making him sound mater-of-factly. I bark laughed and looked at my make shift pack. I pointed my Mussel towards the wolf pack then the Cullen's like I knew them. "Rave why are they together this is going to just piss her off even more." Kam said in a whisper that I knew he was baiting them. The other coven was watching us and I glared at the leader. He reminded me of James. He had started all this. If he hadn't come here I would not be here, but I loved my new family, and they me so it was all good.

"That's what we were wondering. Moon Light let's leave I wanna go see dad and I think you wouldn't want to be here anymore than us." Jane said taking my attention away from what was going on. "Do they even know who you are?" she asked. I shook my head and she laughed and handed me my clothes. I ran into the woods far enough back so they couldn't see me phasing I put my clothes on and struggled again with the damn necklace dad had given me. My new dad was the one who took care of us. I walked out and put an arm around Mist who was just getting here. She was one of my favorites as were all the ones who came with me. "I thought you might like to give them the scare of their life so I grabbed them for you." I smiled.

"You thought right Jane. That's exactly what we came here to do." With that I stepped into my old acquaintances line of sight. The look on there faces was what I expected from the hypocrite. They were stunned silent. "Okay we can go if you all want. I don't mind I got what I came here for." I looked back at Alice and glared. Her promise was what set me off the most. She had given her word that they would never hurt me like this. I guess giving an uncertain promise is what she was good at. I looked at the others I once trusted. They all looked at me with the same expression. "I don't like being around hypocrites." I said walking back towards the dank woods.

I felt a cold hand on my shoulder and could tell who it was. I turned to Emmit and glared. The saying 'if looks could kill' came to mind as I saw my reflection in his eyes. "Bella?" I brushed his hand off and glared at him along with everyone else that watched our progress. "It's really you." the grin on his face told me he didn't see my obvious glare. Taking my hand he dragged me back about half way over to everyone till I ripped my hand from him. My pack growled as the others swarmed me.

"It's far too late to do anything for me. I'm already like this and you don't understand a thing," I gave them all a sad look of pity. The other coven attacked then making me rip one apart myself, as I protected my pack and not wanting to seem weak. I think I shocked them into silence throwing my pieces onto the fire I had started. "I have been far to altered for me to come back as the defenseless little girl you knew. Actually I can't come back at all for more then obvious reasons. If you don't know what that means then oh the fuck well." I wasn't a push over and they would know it damn it. Whether or not they liked it was up to them. I noticed Paul staring at me and mentally said to him 'see anything you like?' he tried to look me strait in the eyes but I had turned around. "Let's go dad is going to be pissed off as it is. And I am needed in the lab today." I told my pack. They nodded the other two males coming out of the woods.

"Hey Angle are we leaving already? What did the idiot do this time run his mouth." Rave got pissed at that one and growled low at him.

"Back off Shadow this is not the time. Look," Rave said. Shadow and Rain looked at the remaining people at the fire. Shadows face turned into barley controlled rage and his arms wrapped around me. Rain took a threatening step towards them in an attempt to scare them. Didn't work as well as he might have thought. They just looked at me and didn't notice my ill will towards them. I pulled Rain closer to me as he tried to attack them.

"Do they know?" he asked. I shook my head. He breathed out a sigh. "Fine they get leeway 'cause they were your friends at one time." He ruffled my hair like I was still in my wolf form. I swatted at his hand. He curled an arm around the bloodthirsty Mist. We all had nick-names. It was our thing. I walked into the woods and we all changed. We were birds now. I was a hawk, Mist was a dove, Raven was a raven (no shock there), Jane was a cardinal which was her true nick-name, Rain was an eagle, Shadow was a crow, and Kamrine was an owl. I think it sunk in that we had left when they started talking.

"Was that really Bella?" Sam had asked like he hadn't believed his own eyes. I waited to hear his reply from one of the others. They all nodded and he scowled like I was not up to his expectations. It wasn't my fault the head honcho wanted me as a test subject. I was just not going to leave and let them off the hook.

"Go, I'll be okay." They nodded and left. I noticed it got quiet as they watched the birds leave. I jumped up and flew out towards them. I liked this form. It was so much easier to move in. They looked at me like I was a straggler. I landed on the stone by Alice. She absently started to pet me like a dog. I got a very good feeling I had upset her.

"Did any of you notice she always had a glare on her face? She looked like we had betrayed her somehow. I couldn't get a read on her future. It's almost like she is still here." I mentally smirked at this and took off only to land on Edwards' arm that he had draped over his knee when he sat down. He looked right at me like he knew it was me. He reached out at me and I took off abandoning my perch and miss guided landing on Paul's shoulder, completely missing Jakes out stretched arm. They all seemed to notice my reluctance to being touched. "I just noticed that bird doesn't run from us. Most of them do." I felt the soreness in my left wing and side stepped closer to Pauls' head to get a better kick stand. He placed his arm up against my stomach and not thinking I stepped up on to it and rested where he put me.

"I think it doesn't mind its head being pat. Watch," he placed his hand right on my head and just brought it into my feathers. I knew this was stupid and I needed to leave, but I wanted to get my pats sense nobody at the manner would do that anymore. I felt his hand leave and nipped at his arm. "Ouch. That was uncalled for," my white plumage ruffling up.

"I think Paul has a new little friend." I glared at Quil taking off from my very comfortable perch. He had this coming and I was just going to let him have it when a squawk made me look up.

"Angel dad wants you home now." Shadow said diving to reach me. The contras from me to him was remarkable and I felt the stares as I did a quick, barley noticeable, nod of acknowledgment. I wanted nothing more then to land again and he guided me to my rock and we stayed there. Then Paul and Jake came over reaching for me and both of us smacked Jake, me with my wing and Shadow with his claws Paul was able to pat me and I made a content chirp as Shadow nipped him. They all laughed and we took flight.

"Well she let me touch her." He gave a smug grin at the glowering russet wolf. We landed at the sill of my window and hopped in transforming with our clothes. They didn't pop in and out of existence they just were there. Shadow took me to see father and I explained what was wrong and why I was late. He stated that after I was done helping in the lab that I would place a sent trail to lead them to the manner. Not my favorite idea in the world but hey it would keep things at a manageable range. I nodded and then something popped into my head.

"When they get here I will be a tiger and they won't notice me as much as they would if I was in my humanoid form." He thought this over then nodded. My sent was distorted when in a different form.

"Fine now Moon Light, tell me there is no possible way for them to take you away from me?" he gave that father pout that no daughter could resist. I giggled and hugged him tightly. "Now off with you the lab is over run with problems that you could help with." He said kissing my forehead and left. Shadow was going to kill me. I entered the lab and got right to work none of the others noticed the paper work pile go down and the out pile grow. I was not going to let that get into stacks again. It took to long the first time.

I was doing the last paper when Mist twirled in and tackled me. The scientists looked at us with interest. They were in the middle of modifying my blood and should be done soon. I was the most adaptable 'experiment' here. They just kept on modifying it by taking samples and then ejecting them into me. I walked us out and felt myself be pulled back into the lab. "We need one more sample and you can go," they said letting me settle down. I was and for ever done with this last withdrawal the most damaged one here. I lost the amount of blood needed for this and they pushed me out. I was getting a poison and venom upgrade from this. I walked out and was instantly ambushed by the twins. Rain on one side and Shadow on the other. I wasn't going to leave the compound without them at this point. 'Should I run now or not even bother' I asked through our link. They just smirked saying I could try but they would catch me. I slumped and made it sound more like an 'I wanna do this alone' type of look. They gave me that look and I was doomed.

"We were told to come down and go with you by father. Do you wanna go ask him your self?" I shook my head and looked at the clock. It was time to go so I grabbed there hands and lead them to the entrance of the manner with a bottle of a concentration of my sent. Sprayed them with it and ran causing them to follow me to where the wolf pack is. I sprayed a little on the shrubs then gave it to the boys. They knew what to do. I ran towards where the Cullen's were and instantly got trapped.

"So not fair I didn't even get to set the trail. I knew I'd get caught but hey I didn't expect this." I said trying to and failing in getting away from emits bear hug. I giggled like a little school girl as he brought me in the house. It wasn't like the manner but I knew this place even better.

"We were looking for you. Why did you run from us earlier?" they looked so shocked and hurt that I couldn't keep it in. I was there for the whole 10 minutes it took everyone to think I wasn't coming back.

"Did you not see that white hawk?" they looked at me with a questioning gaze. I waited and they still hadn't got it so being the kind person I was I phased and had white feathers as I landed on Edwards shoulder. They were speechless. I had turned the famous Cullens speechless. I flew to the center of them and turned back clothes and everything. They blinked and I giggled. "Get it now. I can't come back but father said you are supposed to come to EX manner because he wants to meet you." I looked at Esme and noticed I felt more so light headed then when I had left the manner. The scientists had taken to much blood when they needed their latest sample. "Not good. Um I think I need to be caught……" the lights were growing dim and I heard them panic as I fell.

I woke in someone's cold arms and it felt familiar. I tried to go back to sleep but my pillow started to talk and it was keeping me awake. "Bella you need to stay awake, love," I bolted up right. I wasn't sleeping in my room with Jane. We were always in the same room. I was with Edward and in the big gold bed that was initially for me. I wiggled out of Edwards' arms.

"Um I got to go dad is going to be very angry with me." I walked out of the room and there was everyone including the Quellets that were supposed to be at the manner. I guess the shock of on my face told the fact that I didn't expect them here.

"What is with the bloodlossege to your system?' Carlisle asked putting a hand to my forehead and that was very cool to my system. I felt like a trapped animal. I wondered briefly if they knew about my transforming ability and the look Collin gave me was the same as Sam's. They wanted all the facts. "Bella please the only way to be completely shore of what type of blood to give you, you could die." This was nothing new to me I was already at my full strength and I really did need to get home by the look of out side half my team was waiting for me.

"Come to the manner and I will get you all your answers. I don't know if dad can give them to you but if I corner one of the stupid white coats I should be able to beat it out of them." They looked at me in shock like I had just suggested violence and they wanted none of it from me. Walking my way over to the door, I looked over my shoulder. "Well are you coming?" I asked to their stunned faces. They nodded and I smiled a forced smile.

"Bella are you going to be ok you had a little spill earlier and you had a very low blood cell count." Emmit seemed worried and I wanted nothing more then to rip out his untrustworthy throat. I looked back Jake and Paul were staring at me both still out of it. I shrugged and walked out the door and took off at a dead on run. The manner was a two hour run with company and the wolves would need some rest before we got there. I would have to stop half way just so they could catch up.

"How the hell can she runs so damn fast?" Jasper asked with a southern drawl that I used to admire. The thing was that I had felt less comfort knowing that I had that thought in the first place.

"We will stop here for a while. I need to try and contact the man………." I held off just giving up on explaining. And now I felt, actually felt my family. They were closing in on us. 'Don't come any closer I am bringing them to the manner and they want some type of answers.' I jumped up into the tree and sat on a branch.

'But Angle aren't you in a lot of pain don't you need to sleep some more?' Mist sounded worried. I looked at the company I had with me. 'Can I at least come and keep you company and the others go back with the message?' that was our little water cloud. I told her yes and instantly a happy screech of a dove came soaring to my ears and I jumped down giggling. The dove landed on my shoulder glaring at everyone else. "Mmm I think you shouldn't try patting this one Paul the hawk was one thing this one won't hesitate to take off a finger." I explained as his hand fell limp at his side. He was the only one to notice at the time that I knew he had held a hawk then all of it clicked in there head.

"What was that about the hawk Bella?" Sam looked skeptical. I felt Mist tense on my shoulder. She seemed to understand why I was late and that it posed an up coming problem. Then she took flight transforming as both of us started feeling the pull of the manner and it hurt.

"Father is looking for us we must go now." We whispered out in unison as the pull became more painful. My trance cut short as two sets of arms as I went to bolt towards the manner where we were heading. I grabbed Mist as she went forward and she halted to.

"Angle I think he's pissed they didn't come back with us and that you got mad. Do you think he is going to punish us again?" the fear in her voice made me start at that they weren't supposed to get injured on my mistakes. I looked at everyone that anger clear on their faces.

"I was the hawk that was on Pauls' arm. That's about all Sam asked at this point so we all got to go back so you can talk with father, like I said you could, then I will do all my tests in the lab tonight and get you home by tomorrow. And you can stay in the lab with me." I walked a little ways away thinking about the girl curled into my side and her terrified tremor that shock both her and my body. She was a one of my favorites and I was not used to them being scared. The wolves had transformed to keep up with our fast pace a bit behind as the vamps made it clear they hated finding out where I lived now. I didn't want them in my life but I felt so drawn to the wolves and Alice something bad was going to happen and I didn't like it Mist was never scared father was a force that none but me dared to cross cause we were alike in most manors.

"Bella why is she this scared of him? She was fine when she was in that trance." I stopped dead in my tracks as the thought hit me she was one who felt the hatred, sadness, pain, happiness and fear in others if she felt fathers anger then that meant she thought it was directed at her when it wasn't.

"Mist it's not your fault the anger was towards me he won't hurt us that was only when we were new and all of us only understood pain. Don't worry k," I was waiting for her to change. And the others came to our clearing as she landed on my shoulder. I looked at the males and then at the one female able to be turned into what we are and to forget her name. The boys had no way of protecting Leah from father and if he found her to intriguing she would not leave the manner as what she is now. "You will not leave my side at all once we enter the manner. Understood? If he thinks you have any value in you. You won't leave there. It's how I was trapped there and I refuse to let people I know surer that again. There is a reason I was reluctant on letting your pack come and I won't have a repeat of Jess and Angela that I am not acceptable." I looked her strait in the eyes with the very look the other two had disregarded and now were dead cause they didn't think the man their friend called father was that bad.

"Why are you only warning her all of us are going to," Rose asked like the girl she is. I smiled this as the simplest thing and they wanted to stall us on our return.

"1, he has enough males pining after his daughters, us. 2, you are all either male or vampire and he can't change a vamp. And 3, he is after revenge and don't ask me why he hates all of you with a passion that I have adapted as my own in a sense, but it is much less painful if I hurt you then if he does vamp or werewolf he could do cruel things to you. More over I wouldn't be able to stop him if he tried." I truly hoped she understood. I didn't want more of my old life dieing on me. I couldn't bare the look of seeing another severed head or feel the lifeless pulse of one of my past. This was not going to happen again.

"We must leave right now I won't leave your side. If you take us I won't leave your side for one second. Just explain to us what exactly he could do to me. I think we all want to know that one." I noticeably cringed at the thought of my first change. I would have to go throw the next one in front of them. "Bella what is who going to do to me that you must keep me so close," the girl in front of my didn't need my life and Mist and Jane didn't need to see just how lucky they truly were. 'We will be fine they won't have our fate. They will be safe. We will make sure of it all of us.' I gave the message from Mist the order to turn into her wolf form as the chorus of agreement was given to her vow. The hope from the state meant gave me a lot of hope.

"He could turn you in to something you will never come back from. I still have to go through it and I can't wait to get the final injection over with. I won't tell you who cause you will question my sanity. I only have one question." Looking at the now wolfed out Mist. "How long was I out?" they all share one of those 'Why dose it matter' look but Sam answered anyways.

"You were out for a little over four days……" he stopped talking as I glared at the cowering wolf at my side. I was in deep shit. 'Did you think that little fact of me not being able to pass through the gate a problem? I can't go through till I give the pass word 'cause I have guests.' She gave an apologetic wine that I softened with. 'fine just go get in and get me Rain and Shadow we will need the most that we can get,' I waited for her to tare off in the manners direction. "What did I say that made her run?" Sam asked in a hurt tone that even to me sounded unrealistic.

"I can't get in normally now so I will have to give password." I said getting an 'oh' from some of them. "Don't do anything to tick them off-" looking at Emmit and Paul the trouble makers. Paul was acting more strange as I watched him more "-they won't hesitate to attack and kill you. Most of them listen to me; few would go against a direct order. Those who do would kill you on the spot. They wouldn't care that I was there. That's the type of people I was taken in by. Do you still want to go to the one that could kill you? The one place I won't have most of the say to ensure even her safety?" I knew to them it sounded ridiculous. It was all I could think of to say to deter them. They stood at the edge of the forest with me and I dreaded what was coming next.

I walked up to the very large doors that had Emit and the wolves whistling out a gratifying tone. I was not enjoying this. I looked at the wolf forms of the now shattered wolf pack. Leah was at my side like she had promised me. "I ask admittance into this sanctum. My loyalties lay with my own not that of the betrayer." The large gate flew open to show the vast expanse of my home and the ones inside that greeted us. "You better not be my welcome wagon or you may lose a limb or two." The malice in my voice told the on lookers of hatred between us. "The will be staying with me Alic. They aren't toys so run along and play with your newest one." I put my hand in Leahs' fur to steer her away from the chameleon of our group so she wouldn't be tempted. Most of the guys here have the silver tongue of a snake. I was gifted with it to and none of the time I was here did I need it till this very moment………

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