This is my first fan fic so please be gentle, I beg you.

You will notice chapter songs at the beginning and thats just to let you know what I was listening to at the time, for a little inspiration. :)

Chapter song: Flume by Bon Iver

Chapter One: Hwy 101

Bella POV:

I hadn't been back here in 5 years. Driving down the rain slicked 101 highway stuck behind a big rig truck hauling giant tree trunks..."home sweet home" I muttered sarcastically to myself clenching the steering wheel remembering why I was here in the first place.

Charlie... sighs.

I have never thought my father a weak man; never in my life did I ever think I'd be making this trip. The prickly burn coming from my eyes was a reminder of the all night crying stint I had done on the plane coming from Boston. "Is this really happening?" I asked myself. My cell phone rang snapping me out of my daze, turning down the music I answer my phone wincing as I look at who the caller is.

"Jake, I'm fine. I will call you when I get into town; I'm stuck behind a rig".

"uh, Bella, I'm sorry I'm calling you so much" his husky voice cracked " I'm just worried about y…um, I mean, it's raining pretty bad just be careful…Slick roads and all".

There was silence an uncomfortable silence and then I heard sniffing, without thinking I hastily replied

"Jake, I am fine for the thousandth time...I'll uh, call you when I'm settled ok?" snapping the phone shut without hearing his reply I begin to concentrate on the road again turning up the radio to let the music distract me.

Where are you when I need you? I can't do this alone... Damn you.

I shake out those silly thoughts as soon as they appear in my mind. I blamed this place for these feelings and thoughts I haven't experienced since I was 18…the feeling of emptiness, ugh. It's been a little over 5 years since I have seen or heard from…him and about 2 seconds since I've thought about him. I was being silly with all this; a normal person would have moved on and lived their life. I did, I'm living a good life in Boston and dating a great guy. So I can't help but wonder why I still think about him? Upset at myself for this childish banter I step on the gas and swerve to my left and speed up passing the truck as he honks his horn.

I pull onto the side of the road just before I enter the town I banished myself from all those years ago and fumble around my purse for my cigarettes that I only smoke during moments like this…but then again, it's not every day your father dies from a heart attack so what was my excuse for the other times.

I sit on the hood of my rental and lift my head to feel the light cool drizzle on my face hoping the cool raindrops would wake me from this nightmare. I can feel the tears building as I inhale to take in the scent of this place, a wet grass and woodsy smell that could only be Forks. A rustling sound comes within earshot of me and I can see movement in the forest…" You know, when I told you I was fine I meant it" I muttered as I roll my eyes "I mean really Jake, I am 10 minutes away" the rustling continues and a large black wolf suddenly appears. "S...Sam? What are you doing here? I told Jake I was…" what was I thinking asking questions? like I could hear his response, I laugh to myself and I'm suddenly cut off by huffing and a low growl and my attention is at the cigarette in my hands, I turn to look at the giant wolf and he's pawing his nose. I laugh "Sorry Sam, bad habit" I throw it to the ground and stomp it out "gone now...happy?" he huffs and stares whimpering "Sam, I am ok. Really I am fine so please" I gesture to my car "I need to get to Charlie's now". I return to my car starting the engine smiling at the creature and take off towards…towards...home? Is that what it was?

Jeez this was going to be a long week.

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