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I didn't want to move or see Charlie, or Renee, or breathe, or even live. Edward had just left me and I would never see him again, or the rest of the Cullens. I thought he loved me, but it was all just a lie, I was so stupid to fall for it. I actually believed him, but it was so not meant to be; he was a mansion and I was an outhouse. Not really of course but in comparison, definitely. I stumbled through the forest, not paying attention to where I was going, I didn't care anymore. If I got lost it wouldn't matter, how are you supposed to care about anything when you're heart is broken?

"Where's pretty boy, Edward?" A familiar voice snarled behind me. Victoria.

I turned around and blinked away the tears that were blurring my vision, to see her face, twisted with anger. "Gone.." My voice cracked.

"I would prefer if he watched when I kill you. When will he be back?" She spat at me.

"N-never." I fell to my knees, tears pouring down my face.

"Hmm.." She said, circling around me. "Well then I can't very well release you from this torture by killing you..And I want it to last for eternity like mine will." She growled. "So there's really only on thing I can do." My arm wrenched up, popping from it's socket, and teeth sank into my skin. True, the pain was horribly, nightmare-ish but nothing hurts more than a broken heart..a broken heart that's slowly dying. I bit my lip, holding back screams, I didn't want anyone to come searching for me and find Victoria. I faintly remember watching her run off through the woods, grinning evilly.

I woke up on a couch, well 'woke up' isn't very accurate. I had finally gotten somewhat used to the extreme heat of the flames running through my body, scorching everything they touched. Desperate screams passed my lips every so often, and I had begun to wonder how anyone who lived close to the forest hadn't hear them. But somewhere, deep behind the screaming and pain, behind all the heat and burning, I felt something soft, and cool, almost leather on my back and at my fingertips. The fire was so intense that every time my body had a spasm from pain, I couldn't even feel it move and jerk around. Now and then I'd hear voices beyond my screaming and my frantic heartbeat, but I had dismissed it as hallucinations, not trusting my burning mind that there might actually be people around, observing my suffering.

Eventually the fire seemed to cool down, and the pain was a more dull throbbing that was much easier to ignore. I could hear everything, and I mean everything. The birds singing in the distance, people walking down the halls outside the room I was in, low whispers on the first story of the building. There was also people who would come into the room to check up on me, one of them always stayed in the room, never leaving, ruffling with papers, writing things down. They had to know what I was, and that means they were also vampires. Just thinking about vampires made my heart stop, bringing a different kind of pain to it, a pain much worse the the scorching flames. Every time it did stop, so would the breathing of the others, until it started up again. "That's the fifth time! How many more times is it going to stop until it stops for good!" I heard some girl ask, clearly annoyed by the false alarms.

"Calm down Heidi, she'll be done soon. Besides, I don't know why we're even keeping her alive, we've already got a shield." Someone hissed.

"You're so sour Jane, jeesh." Heidi sighed. "Come on! Wake up Bella!"

"She can hear you, you know." I heard another voice say, this one male. He was very quiet, I didn't even hear him enter the room.

"Yes master, it was silly of me to forget." Heidi said hastily.

"Is there something you require?" Asked Jane.

The air around me shifted from someone leaning close to me, and then I heard the man's voice close to my head. "No, I was just checking on our Bella here. Once she is done the change, her conditioning will begin until she is a loyal Volturi member and then I want you and Alec to train her, understood?"

"Yes, of course Aro." Jane replied. "She will be a lethal Volturi member by the end of the week, master."

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