"Are Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan together?" Daisy asked her boyfriend as they drove home from a Federals/Firedawgs hockey game. The Federals had won 3-1; Booth scored the first and third goals and Wendell scored the second. Daisy wasn't a hockey fan, but she had tried to enjoy the game--really, really tried--until she discovered that watching Booth and Brennan flirt with each other was much more interesting.

"They say they're just partners," Sweets answered, although he wanted to roll his eyes every time the two of them used the 'just partners' line.

"Really? But did you see him smile at her when he scored his goals, or got sent to the penalty box, or came anywhere near where we were sitting? And did you see the way she was smiling back at him? It's totally obvious that they love each other, so what's the problem?"

Sweets gave her an apologetic smile. "You know I can't discuss my patients' problems with you."

"I know you can't answer as their psychologist," she said. "But you can answer as their friend, can't you?"

"Okay," he said after a moment's pause. "As their friend, I would agree that they do love each other, but neither one wants to admit it because they're afraid of damaging their partnership and they're not certain that their feelings are returned."

"Seriously?" Daisy turned to face him. "But Agent Booth is an amazing investigator, and Dr. Brennan is the most brilliant woman I've ever known. How can they not know that their feelings are returned?"

Sweets shrugged. "Even brilliant people can be foolish in matters of the heart…especially when it comes to their own hearts."

Daisy felt a swell of sympathy for her mentor and her partner. They were good people and they deserved to be as happy as she and Lance were. "We should help them, Lance. Maybe we could invite them on a double date with us!"

"I don't think that would work," Sweets said, shuddering as he recalled the time he had invited Booth and Brennan to attend ceramics class with him and his last girlfriend, April.

"Why not?" Daisy bristled at his apparent disgust of the idea.

"They have a tendency to shut out other people; I doubt they'd agree to go out with us."

"But they hang out with you sometimes," she pointed out. "Do you think they wouldn't want to spend time with me? I've gotten a lot better, Lance. I'm doing the breathing exercises, I'm speaking in a more modulated tone, and I'm maintaining my calm in stressful situations!"

Sweets swallowed hard, wisely deciding not to mention that his girlfriend was anything but calm right now. "I know. You've been doing awesome…really awesome. But I think we need to let Booth and Brennan deal with their feelings on their own."

She shook her head so violently that Sweets feared she would hurt herself. "They've known each other for five years. If they could deal with their feelings on their own, they would have done it by now. Clearly they need an intervention. Maybe I could lock them in a room together until they discuss their feelings!"

Sweets had to smile at her enthusiasm. "I wish you could, but I have a feeling that Booth would shoot his way out. Sooner or later he and Brennan would figure out that you were the one who locked them in and they'd come looking for you. They're more than capable of committing violent acts --you don't want them mad at you."

"Of course not." She let out a long sigh that turned into a squeal when another idea popped into her head. "Maybe I could send Dr. Brennan flowers in Booth's name! And I'll send Agent Booth something in Dr. Brennan's name! Not flowers, obviously. Something more manly. Maybe a tie or a belt buckle. I've noticed that he often wears silly belt buckles…not that I spend a lot of time staring at…that area." She blushed. "What do you think, Lancelot?"

Sweets paused, wanting to choose his words carefully so he didn't upset her. "I think it's a nice idea…"

"But?" Daisy prompted, hearing the hesitance in his voice.

"Booth and Brennan talk to each other all the time. If Booth received a gift from Brennan, he'd be sure to thank her for it and she would do the same. It wouldn't take them long to realize that someone was trying to set them up."

"You're probably right," Daisy said with another sigh. "But they do love each other, Lancelot. Getting them together shouldn't be hard."

"The course of true love never did run smooth," Lance quoted. "That's from--"

"A Midsummer Night's Dream," Daisy said with a smile. "Don't forget that I'm scary smart. I know my Shake--oh! You just gave me the most wonderful idea! Do you know Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing?"

"Not well," Lance admitted, although now he wished he could go back in time and read it so that he could impress his girlfriend in this moment.

"I was in a production of it in high school," she said proudly. "I played Ursula, a small but important role. Well, she wasn't really important, but I liked to pretend that she was. I created a wonderful backstory for her. Anyway, two of the main characters are Benedick and Beatrice. They're always bickering with each other, but everyone knows they're in love."

"Just like Booth and Brennan."

"Exactly! So their friends have a conversation about how much Beatrice loves Benedick when they know Benedick can overhear them, then do the reverse for Beatrice, and at the end of the play they get their happily ever after. We could have a conversation about how much Booth and Brennan love each other when they're in a position to overhear us!"

"But they might not believe us," Sweets pointed out as gently as he could. "I think they'll only believe it if they hear it directly from their partner's mouth."

"What if I get Dr. Brennan to admit her feelings while I'm wearing a wire and you do the same with Booth? Then I can send them each other's recording. I'm brilliant!"

"You're a genius…but Dr. Brennan's a very private person. I'm not sure that she would open up to you. And I know Booth wouldn't open up to me; he still thinks of me as a kid."

"I think Dr. Brennan might open up to me," she said with confidence. "We've had a better working relationship since we bonded over our love of Egyptian mummies. As for Booth…" Daisy considered her choices for a few minutes. "I could ask Wendell to talk to him. They're teammates and they seem to get along well. It'll be perfect! I'll give Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan their happily ever after, just wait and see."

"You're joking, right?" Wendell asked when Daisy explained her plan to him. She had been waiting for him outside the men's locker room after the Federals defeated the DC Police.

"No, I'm completely serious."

Wendell lowered his voice in case anyone else was in earshot. "You seriously want me to get Booth to admit he loves Dr. Brennan…while wearing a wire?!"

"You don't have to wear a wire. You could put a tape recorder in your pocket." She gave him her most dazzling smile. "Please?"

"I appreciate you wanting to help Booth and Dr. Brennan, but I can't do that to Booth. I consider him a friend, and friends don't record conversations without their friends knowing. I'm sorry." He started walking away from her.

"Wendell, wait!" Daisy called out as she rushed to catch up with him. "Let me ask you something. Does Agent Booth seem unhappier now than he was before the whole brain surgery/coma thing?"

"Yeah," Wendell said. "But he's still recovering from the surgery. I'm sure he'll be back to his old self soon."

"Maybe…maybe not. Did you hear that when he was in his coma he dreamed that he and Dr. Brennan were married?"

"I heard," Wendell said. Angela had told him.

"I think he's unhappy now because he liked that dream more than the reality he woke up to. Don't you think that being in a relationship with Dr. Brennan in real life would make him happier?"

"Probably," he admitted.

"And as Booth's friend, don't you want him to be happy?"

"Of course."

"Great!" She gave Wendell a big hug. "Thanks so much, Wendell!" She ran out of the arena so he wouldn't have a chance to argue.

He ran after her. "Daisy, wait!"

"Booth will thank you later!" She called out over her shoulder as she got into her car. She couldn't stop smiling as she drove herself home. Now that Wendell was on board, her brilliant plan was one step closer to completion.

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