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Four hours after returning from the post office, Daisy, wearing purple pajamas with white smiling skulls and crossbones, was lying under the down comforter on her bed and singing to the tune of Tomorrow, her favorite song from the musical Annie:

"They'll get each other's tape


Bet your bottom dollar

That tomorrow

The tapes will come.

Just listening to them


Will clear away all their doubts

And their sorrow

And they'll hook up.

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

They'll say 'I love you'


It's only

A day


Seconds later, Sweets stepped out of her bathroom and slipped into bed beside her. "You have a beautiful singing voice."

Daisy smiled and kissed his cheek. "I have many skills. If I hadn't chosen a career as a forensic anthropologist, I could have been a professional singer, or actress, or writer. Maybe someday I'll write books like Dr. Brennan's."

"So you want to write murder mysteries filled with sexual tension between FBI agent/ anthropologist partners who are obviously based on Booth and Brennan?" He joked.

Daisy shrugged. "Why not? Combining corpses and romance has made her famous and earned her a ton of money. Do you think she would autograph a book for me?"

"I could ask when I see her and Booth tomorrow."

"You're the best boyfriend ever!" She kissed him again. "Do you have partners therapy with them tomorrow, or are you just hanging out at the Jeffersonian?"

Sweets laughed. "I don't hang out at the Jeffersonian."

"Really?" She teased. "Because sometimes it seems like you're there for no reason."

"I'm always there for a reason. Admittedly, sometimes the reason is because I have nothing better to do. But I do have an early morning appointment with Booth and Brennan tomorrow, so I should get to sleep. Good night, Daisy." He leaned over to give her a kiss.

She returned the gesture. "Good night my Lancelot."

Sweets was softly snoring minutes later, but Daisy was too excited to sleep. She lay awake for hours imagining what Booth and Dr. Brennan would say to each other after they heard the tapes. Eventually exhaustion overcame her and she had the most wonderful dream.

Booth was putting on his jacket when he heard a knock on the door. He was annoyed at whoever was about to interrupt his plans, but that annoyance faded instantly when he opened the door to find his favorite forensic anthropologist staring back at him. "Are you going somewhere?" She asked.

Booth flashed the smile he saved just for her. "I was."

Her face fell. "Oh. I can come back later."

He put his hand on her arm as she started to turn away. "I was going to see you. Come on in, Bones." He hung up his jacket on a hook in the hallway and led her to his living room couch.

As soon as they were seated on the couch, Brennan took a small cassette tape out of her pocket. "I received this tape in the mail today. Did you send it to me?"

"No." Booth took a similar tape out of his own pocket. "But I got one too."

Both partners were silent for several seconds. Ultimately Brennan broke the silence first. "The tape I received contains a conversation between you and Wendell in which you say that you…have feelings for me."

Booth blushed. "So that's why Wendell was acting weird. Mine has a conversation between you and Daisy in which you say that you have feelings for me…sort of."

"So both Wendell and Miss Wick recorded conversations with us? Why would they do that?"

"I think they wanted to help us," Booth explained.

"By violating our privacy? We're not criminals-- they had no right to record us without our knowledge. How do you want to punish them?"

"Whoa, hold on a minute, Bones. What they did was wrong, but their hearts were in the right place. They wanted us to see that our feelings for each other were returned. We should thank them for opening our eyes."

Brennan was incredulous. "Opening our eyes? So you didn't know how I felt about you until you got the tape? But you're extremely skilled in reading people, and I thought I was being very clear."

Booth laughed. "I can read most people, most of the time. But you're a lot harder to read than most people. Some times I thought you might have feelings for me. Other times, like when you were dating my friend or my brother or my boss, it seemed like I was the last person you'd ever want a relationship with."

"I dated people who reminded me of you because I didn't think you'd ever want a relationship with me," she admitted. "I thought you'd want someone with better social skills. Someone who shared your religious beliefs and your love of athletic events. Someone more conventional…and most likely blond."

His hands reached out for hers. "I used to think that was what I wanted. But the truth is that I've never wanted…I've never loved anyone the way I love you, Bones…and I know I never will again."

Her eyes filled with tears. "I've had plenty of lovers, but I'd never loved anyone…not until you showed me how."

For a few moments they stared at each other, neither moving a muscle. Then at the same instant they threw their arms around each other and kissed, surrendering at last to the passion they'd been denying for far too long. Both were eager to make up for lost time.

"Does this mean we're not 'just partners' anymore?" Brennan asked when fear of asphyxiation eventually caused them to pull apart.

Booth grinned as he held her face in his hands. "That's exactly what it means."

"Good." Brennan smiled back at him. "I was getting tired of saying that."

Booth leaned in for another kiss. "So was I."

"It worked," Daisy mumbled as she began to wake up.

"What worked, honey?" Sweets asked.

As Daisy opened her eyes at the sound of his voice, she felt her dream start to slip away. "All that Booth and Brennan happiness was just a dream? But it felt so real!"

Sweets gave her a sympathetic look. "It wasn't."

Daisy sighed. "Well, that sucks. But hopefully they'll be getting together in real life very soon. I just need to be patient."

Two interminable weeks later, Daisy hadn't seen or heard anything from Agent Booth or Dr. Brennan. She pressed Lance for information every time he saw them. Each time he said that they hadn't mentioned the tapes and they weren't acting any differently in their partners therapy sessions. She wondered if the tapes had gotten lost in the mail. Or if she had sent them the wrong tapes. Or if the right tapes had arrived, but they had been too busy to listen to them. Or if they had listened to them, but they hadn't had time to discuss them. Or if they had discussed them, but they weren't willing to take the next step in their relationship. How could she know if no one would tell her?

On a day when her patience was reaching its breaking point, a small brown package with no return address arrived at her doorstep. She found a small tape inside--the same kind of tape she had sent to Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan! Was one of them sending their tape back to her? Which one? With trembling fingers she put the tape into her tape recorder and pushed 'play'.

"Did you decide what punishment you're going to give Wendell for recording your conversation without your consent?" Daisy heard Dr. Brennan ask.

Punishment? Don't punish Wendell! He didn't want to do it!

"I thought about roughing him up on the ice, or burying him in paperwork, but in the end I decided to let him do some manual labor in my apartment," Booth answered.

Okay. That's not too bad. Certainly preferable to violence.

"That's generous of you," Brennan said.

Booth is a very good man.

"I know," Booth said. "I'm willing to show him some mercy because it's obvious that Daisy made him do it."

That's true, but I only wanted to help you two and your future offspring!

"Do you know what you're going to do with her?" Booth asked.

Do with me? That doesn't sound good.

"I've been considering different punishments," Brennan said. "I could give her a failing grade for the semester…"

An F? I've never gotten an F in my life! It'll ruin my GPA and my reputation!

"…I could have her scholarship revoked…"

Then I couldn't afford my internship!

"…I could cancel her internship outright…"

Please don't fire me again, Dr. Brennan! It was unpleasant enough the first time.

"…I could give her name to my homicidal father…"

Oh God! Dr. Brennan's going to have me killed and then destroy my remains so thoroughly that even she won't be able to identify me!

"…but I think a two week suspension of all duties would be sufficient."

Really? That's it? I can handle that. Okay. Time to start breathing again. Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat.

"That's generous of you," Booth said, echoing Brennan's earlier words.

Very generous. Thank you thank you thank you!

"I know. I'm willing to show her some mercy because the tapes did give us an opportunity to discuss our relationship…and we have been having amazing sex ever since."

OH MY GOD! Did she really just say that?! Daisy rewound the tape to reassure herself that she hadn't imagined it.


"I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable." Brennan sounded earnest. "Would you have preferred I said that we've been making love ever since? That would also be accurate."

He laughed. "I would prefer we not tell Daisy anything more about our amazing love life." As Booth and Brennan's voices were replaced by static, Daisy turned off the tape and screamed.

You guys have a love life! FINALLY! And I helped!

All hail the Queen of the Lab.

The End

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