AN: OK gang, I've decide to put a much better prologue, wanted a more mysterious storyteller element to it like in Ever after or Disney's Aladdin. Read and enjoy!

The building, more like an ancient palace from Feudal Asia, rose high above the native treetops.

While not many ventured here, the old soldier had been here many, many times when he was younger. He was once a soldier from Europe and had traveled far and wide, among one of these he'd aided and befriended an Asian noble. And they've shared stories and memories together for many years.

He was escorted inside politely until his presence was announced.

"My lord," said the chamberlain, "Basiru-san has just arrived."

"Ah, good day to you old friend," the daimyo replied, "It has been some time now."

The soldier smiled, "Yes, it has. I trust the children's stories I've translated for you and your grandchildren were to your liking?"

"I found their connection to folk tales quite brilliant and well elaborated." The aging warlord replied, "But I must say, that I was most distressed by Andersen's tale of the Little ningyo. Or mermaid as you call them."

"Well, Andersen was familiar with traditional lore about mermaids and water creatures who marry mortals and the like."

As the soldier talked, the daimyo motioned for one of the servants to bring him an ivory box.

"Forgive me, old friend," said the soldier, "Might I inquire about the tapestries and the sword?"

For no more than two meters away, was a tall flight of stone stairs. Atop it was a glass container magnificently displaying the Katana held aloft by the mouths of two diligently carved dragons.

Flanking it were two ancient tapestries: the first one seemed to tell a legend: it depicted a large hideous demon with a green face and flaming red eyebrows and goatee attacking the oshiro. The soldier recalled the first time his friend had told him the story behind this tapestry.

It told of how an evil shapeshifter, Aku, had arose from the bowels of hatred to ravage the land. And of how three mystical monks forged the legendary katana for the realms' young emperor to wield against the monster. Armed with the sword, the emperor plunged into battle against Aku, who was trapped inside a black tree.

The second was an exquisite illustration of the sea and some beauteous mermaids, one of them gaining human legs and walking out of the ocean, arms outstretched, as if reaching out towards someone.

Now the one mermaid emerging from the sea caught the attention of the soldier. She was beautiful; a long torrent of blood-red hair fell down her back. Her sapphire-colored eyes were what stood out the most.

"Whoever she is, she looks quite extraordinary." He said aloud.

The wise old daimyo nodded, "And she was. The youngest daughter of the ocean king..."

He opened the box. And what he pulled out of it made the soldier's jaw drop:

It was a green scale.

But it was much too large to belong to a simple fish…and it still shone with the vibrant colors of life.

The lord looked at the other man, straight into his eyes and into his soul, "Shall I set the story straight?"

"Th- then the stories are true!"

"Yes... If I recall you are already familiar with his--" he shoots a derisive glance at the tapestry depicting Aku,"-origin and first defeat. Perhaps, you wish to hear the true story behind his ultimate demise, the tale of the samurai who once wielded the sword and that of the ningyo?"

The soldier swallowed, intrigued, "By all means."

The daimyo took a deep breath and began to tell the story… a story of how the fates of both a brave samurai from the past and a spirited young mermaid's became entwined...

AN: And then begins the first chapter, Ariel's tale. Now note that in my fanfic there is no Prince Eric OR sea witch, just the other LM characters. But I'll try to make this story both exciting and dramatic everyone, in the meantime R & R!