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Up upon the shore, Triton and an assorted number of guards had guided their guests up to the surface.

Now it was the time for good-byes, Ariel had already told her father she wanted to personally to say farewell.

After she'd given the Scotsman a hearty good-bye hug (one that almost crushed her too) she turned to Jack.

"I think I'm going to miss you most of all." She whispered.

The Samurai smiled sadly. "This is how it must be. Surely you understand why."

He desperately wanted to provide her with emotional comfort, to ease her pain.

Ariel gently shifted her hand from Jack's shoulder up to his face, before lovingly stroking his cheek.

"But that doesn't make it easier. "

From the waters, just a good two meters away, Triton watched this scenario quietly. When Ariel had asked him the favor, he'd suspected the true reason now it had just been confirmed.

Ariel loved Jack and wanted to be with him, but they both knew that their kingdoms needed them.

Knowing this could be good-bye forever, she slowly leaned forward. The couple shared their first and probably their last kiss.

A kiss both long-awaited for and bittersweet.

"I love you…" Ariel whispered as she pulled away.

"Itsumo aishiteru,"he whispered to her in his native tongue, confirming the meaning as he placed a gentle hand on Ariel's cheek. "I hope to see you again some time soon…"

Then they broke apart sadly.

From her spot on the rock, Ariel watched her beloved Samurai leave.

For his part Jack continued his way, more determined than ever to complete his quest.

He was gone now - over the dune into a world where she can no longer explore. A world of air and trees, of sand and grass, a world of humans.

No. This wasn't a good-bye, more like a see you soon.

Ariel: Hope for the best,

pray you'll succeed,

but while in the sea,

I'll wait for you now.

Then come back to me,

One day I'll be,

Part of your world!

Someday, she vowed to herself, someday when Aku is finally gone. I'll find a way to be part of Jack's world. Be it here or in the past.

Three years later…

The hidden worlds were celebrating Aku's downfall, it seems that Samurai Jack had triumphed at last.

Meanwhile, King Triton was floating in the very same area where he and his daughter had bid the brave warrior farewell, looking thoughtful.

Just a few days ago, a peculiar creature had requested an audience with him, saying he was the guardian of a time portal.

In that space of time, his daughter had greeted a tiny flying lavender creature. He did not know what they'd been talking about but it must have been joyous for Ariel had seemed very happy while they conversed.

Five days later, the Samurai himself had returned much to Ariel's great joy.

And furthermore, the time guardian had told the sea king that there were two humans from the past that wished to speak to him.

The humans, happened to be the Samurai's mother and father

Right now, they were spoke of their children and how they may bring them together.

"I'm afraid we've a matter of dire importance." Triton said to the aged Emperor.

The now weary and frail emperor nodded, "Yes, our children are in love with one another."

Triton watched Ariel and Jack exchanging words, then asked softly, "She really does love your son, doesn't she?"

"There is no denying what we see, am I correct in assuming that she has told you the truth?"

Triton nodded solemnly, remembering how his now wiser daughter had calmly told him and her sisters about her travels – including how she had been willing to give up her life so that Jack would return to save his home in the past.

Then the emperor nodded, "As faithfully as my son does your daughter, Excellency."

Sebastian then spoke up, "Hmm. Well, your majesties, it's like I always say: children got to be free to live their own lives."

He then notices the looks the two fathers were giving him.

Triton had his eyebrow raised in skepticism, while the emperor gave him a wry, inquisitive smile

"You always say that Sebastian?" Triton asked.

Sebastian stammered then the two fathers went back to looking at their children.

"I know that I cannot bear for my son to have his heart broken." The Empress said sadly. "Surely you feel the same way about your child."

Triton sighed. "Then that leaves only one problem."

"Might I ask what that is?"

Triton looked at them all sadly. "How much I'm going to miss her."

Sebastian's jaw fell open in surprise. The emperor and empress shared his surprise , looked at each other than smiled warmly.

Then, King Triton raised his trident and sent a beam of soft gold light towards Ariel.

The soft glow made Ariel and Jack stare. For Ariel's fin had been transformed into two legs, and suddenly she was wearing a gorgeous blue oriental dress.

At the sight of this, she was filled with happiness. A smile of joy lit up Jack's face.

Ariel was human again - this time for good.

He swept her up in an embrace.

They can be together. They belonged to each other, now and forever.

Later, Triton had asked his youngest daughter curiously what she and the lavender fairy were talking about.

Ariel smiled and answered, "I asked her to grant me one wish: That when Jack returns home to the past, his friends here in the future would NEVER forget him."

To this very day, humans, aliens and many others still spoke of their wedding. No one would forget the time guardian's gift either.

Be certain, that the little mermaid and the brave Samurai used it quite well.

The story pans back to the old daimyo, Minoru, finishing telling the stale to his soldier friend Basil.

"My great-great-great-great grandfather's sword and these tapestries hung in the palace until the war. By then, the story of the heroic Samurai and his little mermaid was reduced to fairy tales. The point, old friend was that they all lived."

The story, however, remains, leaving behind memories: the sword, the scale and the tapestries depicting their past and their future. And it will stay that way, now and forever.

Watch out!

Gotta get back

Back to the past

Samurai Jack

Jack -Jack -Jack -Jack -Jack

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