Pairings: (In no particular order of appearance) GrimmjowxIchigo, AizenxIchigo, StarrkxIchigo, KenpachixIchigo, ShinjixIchigo, NnoitraxIchigo

Summary: If Ichigo could have picked a sin to characterize himself he would have picked Pride, or maybe Sloth. But never would he think that his vice would be Lust. When a total of seven vizards, shinigami and espada are chosen be the embodiment of sin by the gods, Ichigo gets the one that he least wants to comply with. Maybe one of the other Sins will be willing to help him? Ichigo turns to Kenpachi first because he's not afraid of getting attached to him, but when Kenpachi's Wrath becomes too much he runs into Shinji's arms. But is that really what he wants? And why can't he stop thinking about Grimmjow and the others? Not to mention the sins are drawn to Ichigo as well…

Post Aizen's betrayal, pre winter war, set after Ichigo's first fight with Grimmjow.

Seven deadly sins: Sloth- Stark

Gluttony- Grimmjow

Pride- Aizen

Greed- Nnoitra

Envy- Shinji

Wrath- Kenpachi

Lust- Ichigo

Some people may wonder why I put Grimmjow under 'Gluttony', but to me Gluttony is very similar to Greed. There is that association with 'eating' but it is also about coveting (not to mention devouring) carnal possessions, don't you think?

Contains: Yaoi, sexual content (lots and lots), violence, cursing, masturbation (right off the bat).

Beta'd by Warrior Nun- thank you very much!

I don't own Bleach (other than for my white clothes) and don't make any money off of this story (or my white clothes either).

Sin: Chapter 1

When Ichigo woke up in his bed, he knew something was different. He could feel it in his blood; it was a tickle and an itch in the back of his mind. More importantly it lingered in his groin and sent his entire body pulsing with something he couldn't quite discern in his half-asleep state. He opened his eyes slowly and tried to figure out exactly what it was.

He sat up and felt a heat shudder in his lower stomach and he groaned. He was so hard it hurt. He had never been so hard before. His boxers were actually wet with his pre cum and his balls were tight.

With a hiss Ichigo pushed his boxers down and grabbed his erection before pumping it up and down quickly. "Gh…" Ichigo groaned and his mind went blank as he came immediately. Yeah he was a teenager, but never before had he come in such a short of time. What was that, a minute maybe?

He panted for a moment and then with a grimace wiped his hands on his boxers. He threw his blankets off and stood up to peel his boxers down and got dressed for the day. Ichigo noticed then that he was getting hard again and it frustrated him because he wasn't thinking of anything sexual in the least bit. So why was he aroused?

"Ichigo! Your friends are here!" Yuzu's sweet voice called up to him. It was a Saturday so it couldn't have been his school friends, so it was probably Rukia and the others. He wobbled his first couple of steps down the stairs before he could walk normally again. It was Rukia who looked unusually solemn as he greeted her.

"What's wrong?" He asked with his brown furrowed.

"There's something going on, we need to go to Soul Society." Rukia said and Ichigo could only sigh in exasperation. He guessed he would be leaving his body to Kon again.

"There's a situation." Urahara told him when he got to the shop.

"What kind of situation?" Ichigo said as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"A being appeared in Seireitei, requesting the audience of the captains. He claims to be one of the Great Gods."

"A God…?" Ichigo was slightly confused because he figured that Urahara meant something beside a 'death god.'

Urahara nodded. "Yes, an actual god. But he refused to say anything more until you, Ichigo Kurosaki and Shinji Hirako went to Soul Society."

"Why us two?" Ichigo asked in confusion and Urahara shrugged.

"I don't know. But Seireitei promised they wouldn't attack Shinji while he was there. They really want these gods on their side in the war so they're doing everything possible to appease them."

"Right…" It was the only thing Ichigo would think to say because he still didn't really understand what was going on.

"Shinji is already down there, so let's get going."

Shinji was wearing his normal garb with a sour look on his face. "Shinji," Ichigo said and walked over to him. "Do you get what's going on?"

Shinji looked over at Ichigo and eyed him up and down. "Not really, but it sounds interesting." He paused and then leaned closer to Ichigo and inhaled. Ichigo turned bright red as he got close and tried to shift away but Shinji reached out and grabbed his hands quickly.

"You smell good." He muttered and an off look came over his eyes. "I wish I could smell that good."

"Er, right…" Ichigo said and realized that he was actually becoming aroused. He willed it away with thoughts of the arrancar Yammy that had attacked them before. That worked well and he breathed a sigh of relief.

"You okay, Ichi?"

Ichigo glared at Shinji and jerked away from him. "I'm fine. Shut up."

"Whatever." Shinji left him alone until they went through the gate. Rukia stayed behind to take care of the hollows that would appear while Ichigo was gone so it was just the two of them.

When they stepped out of the gate a group of Shinigami captains greeted them cheerfully. A few went to greet Shinji personally but Shinji outright ignored them. He seemed sullen and bitter towards them, and Ichigo didn't really blame him.

Ichigo was slightly nervous to meet this 'god' but at the moment he wanted answers to why he was feeling like this. It even took precedence over the surprise that there were such things as gods, although he didn't know why he should be shocked when he knew death gods existed.

Whispers followed the two as they approached the chamber where they held the captains meting and Ichigo was taken aback by the reiatsu radiating from within. It was similar to what he felt when he first met Kenpachi, but more mischievous than deadly.

The god inside the chambers wasn't what Ichigo expected. For one he looked, well, human, and he seemed more arrogant than ethereal as he picked at the robes he wore disdainfully before glancing up at Ichigo and Shinji.

"You've come, finally. I'll make this short because I'm bored out of my mind." The god drawled and Ichigo stiffened, wondering if he should feel offended. "My name is Loki, but that doesn't really matter. It was been decided that in order for the ongoing war between the shinigami and hollows to end, that seven will be chosen to personify the deadly sins. Therefore they will be used as sacrifices in a sense."

"Sacrifices?" Shunsui asked gravely. "Exactly what does that entail?"

"They will be the embodiment of the sin assigned to them. In fact, it should already be in effect.

"Wh-what sins are we supposed to be representing?" Ichigo stuttered with a red face and thought with some relief and trepidation that perhaps there was a reason for his libido to go haywire.

The god smirked and tapped his finger against Ichigo's forehead. "You, dear Ichigo Kurosaki are the sin Lust."

Ichigo gaped as the others captains snickered. "Shinji Hirako is Envy. Kenpachi Zaraki is Wrath. Sousuke Aizen is Pride. Grimmjow Jeagerjaques is Gluttony. Nnoitra Jiruga is Greed. Starrk Coyote is Sloth."

Ichigo's brain felt like it was fried as he took in the information, but it seemed the other captains were more collected. Kenpachi kept glancing over at Ichigo and smirking, he was probably getting a real kick out of it. He, at least, seemed to suit his sin, although he was more the fighting type than the angry type.

"Why so many arrancars?" Yamamoto asked and the god shrugged almost indifferently.

"There are two vizards, two shinigami and three arrancars. The arrancars seemed much more suited to be sins. It's not like you have the right of object anyway." The god tugged at his clothes as if to smooth them despite their already pristine condition.

"I still don't understand." Ichigo muttered and Loki smirked. He smoothly walked over to Ichigo and he froze as the god leaned in close.

"You've already felt it, haven't you?" The god whispered and unseen by the other captains he slid his hand over Ichigo's crotch. "You must live with these desires now; I suggest you find a way to channel them." He squeezed Ichigo slightly and Ichigo half-heartedly tried to push him away. "Just a hint, your sin doesn't just affect you, but those around you as well."

He pulled away from the shocked vizard and glanced at the other two sins. Shinji was staring at him with jealousy and Kenpachi with rage. The god laughed to himself at the knowledge that Ichigo would have more then enough help to deal with his urges.

"Ta-ta." The god gave a short wave and then disappeared.

Aizen Sousuke was very surprised by the unexpected visit of the god. He had never really considered there was really a higher power other than the king himself, so he was rather shocked by their existence. Even more so once he realized the god's purpose for being there.

He was interested in the 'sins,' however. He didn't know if the gods thought that he would stop his plans because of it, but if so they were sorely mistaken. Aizen was an opportunist and he wouldn't waste this one, no matter how disparaging it seemed at first. He would use this to his full advantage, but first he had to request a 'meeting' with Soul Society.

The three espada didn't think that the sins delegated to them would affect them very much, but it soon became apparent that it wasn't the case. Although with Starrk it wasn't as noticeable, Grimmjow and Nnoitra felt the effects quickly. Grimmjow began to devour every lesser hollow in sight, and Nnoitra just as quickly gather the hollows to him as well. It was quite amusing to the arrancar that watched until they felt the effects of being near the two of them and started to act out as well.

Aizen also noticed a change, but he was too proud to say anything. He was wary of the enhanced sensation of feeling even more invincible than usual and decided that he had better act quickly before it began to affect his judgment.

He sent Gin and Tousen to take the message to Soul Society with the request to meet at a neutral place in order to discuss the new development as well as to make a treaty. Gin and Tousen were prepared for the defensive response from the captains, but they were willing to hear Aizen out due to some strange developments that had seen with their sins.

Gin laughed hysterically once he figured out exactly why they were so eager to fix whatever happened. Tousen was blind so he didn't have the fortune of seeing poor Ichigo Kurosaki being followed around and groped by enamored shinigami. However he promptly stopped laughing when Ichigo got near enough for him to actually feel the energy rolling off of him.

He barely managed to make a step in the man's direction before he was attacked by an enraged Kenpachi and pissed Shinji. All of a sudden Gin felt a rush of envy at the two for getting to be near Ichigo, and then wrath quickly followed. As they got into an all out fight, Gin mentally commented that perhaps they really should get this taken care of sooner rather than later.

"Aizen-sama, it might no' be a good idea ta take those three with ya when ya go ta the meet'n." Gin said warily to Aizen as he nursed his wounds from the fight. "Having tha' many sins in one room is ta dangerous."

"Nonsense, Gin." Aizen said coldly as he fixed his impeccably clean and white clothes. He was very handsome, no doubt about that, Aizen thought to himself.

Beside him, Gin straightened slightly and stopped fussing with his cuts and scrapes.

"It's not like I could be affected by the other sins anyways." Aizen said and smirked at his reflection in the mirror. Perfect.


Ichigo panted as he jerked himself off for what felt like the tenth time that day. He was so hard it hurt and it just wouldn't go away, no matter how many times he had come. He knew that it might help if he actually did it with someone else instead of with himself, but that would mean he lost control, and Ichigo didn't want to admit that.

It wasn't like he hadn't gotten offers, either. Almost everyone seemed to be eager to aid him, even his inner hollow who dragged him into his inner world to try and molest him. Ichigo was just happy that the 'sin' thing only affected him and not his hollow as well.

With a groan, Ichigo came again. The fluid that came out was thin and Ichigo wondered how it was possible that he wasn't completely dry yet- not to mention he was still hard.

Ichigo was staying in a section of Rukongai in Soul Society were there were scarcely any people. It got to be too much when he was getting molested by everyone and most of the time he wanted to just give in. It was especially awkward when Renji began to get more and more comfortable feeling Ichigo up.

Ichigo half wanted Renji to just take him in order to relieve his lust, but it would probably ruin their friendship. Ichigo didn't like Renji either romantically or sexually and although Renji would never admit it, he wasn't a one-night stand kind of guy. If he slept with Renji, he knew Renji would want more from him and Ichigo couldn't give him that.

However now he was going to have to be around people again because his presence was once again 'required' by Soul Society for a meeting between them and Aizen. Ichigo really didn't want to go, but (via butterfly) it was explained to him that because it affected him so much he should probably be there for the decisions, etc.

Ichigo knew that it wouldn't end well, but he went none the less, which was a mistake he wouldn't make again if he ever had the chance.


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