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After a two week hiatus, the final chapter of Sin has been posted! As you guys may have read in my other story Crush, I has an accident (that wasn't too bad) which triggered some cluster migraines. Also since then I got my eyebrow pierced (hurt more than my tongue) and I got a tattoo on my leg of a bat (it's my profile pic!).

Also, I uploaded the first part of the TyrxIchigo two shot which is in a (kind of) ancient Greece setting. It definitely doesn't have anything to do with this story! It's about Ichigo worshiping both Tyr and the Greek goddess Artemis, and Tyr courting Ichigo, but Ichigo doesn't know he's a god.

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Sin: Chapter 20

Loki was not very happy. Not very happy, at all. His prize was snatched away right out from underneath him, and for what? For an easy lay, Ichigo Kurosaki. That little bitch was the reason that all the sins had obtained their virtues. Never mind that Loki had accidentally caused Aizen to give up his pride. How was he supposed to know that Aizen was sacrificing that by doing so?

Ichigo Kurosaki, that little bitch, Loki thought as he stormed down the halls of Tyr's castle toward the god of war's room. If Loki lost than he was damn well going to make sure that none of those damned used-to-be sins were going to be happy, either.

He threw open the door to Tyr's room and glared at the scene which greeted him. Ichigo was pinned on the ground with Tyr above him, his mouth enclose on one of Ichigo's nipples. Ichigo was trembling underneath him and futilely trying to push the god's head away. They both looked over at Loki when he came barging in. Tyr bared his teeth at him in anger while Ichigo just looked lost and confused.

"Loki," Tyr hissed and pulled away from Ichigo with regret. "Why are you interrupting me? I was enjoying myself."

Loki said nothing in response and instead materialized the dark energy of chaos in the palm of his right hand. It swirled around like a tornado and then flattened into a point. Tyr narrowed his eyes at the deadly intent and just barely managed to yank Ichigo out of harm's way as it was shot at him. The ground exploded in a shower of granite. Tyr held Ichigo tightly to him both possessively and protectively while the other arm held his sword out in front of him.

"You're a mad dog, Loki," Tyr said and slid his hand up Ichigo's body to run his fingers through his orange hair, cupping the back of his head. "Dogs like you should be put down."

Ichigo furrowed his brow and opened his mouth to say something, but was cut off by Tyr crashing his mouth over Ichigo's. Ichigo tried to pull away and yell his protest, but Tyr only held him tighter. Ichigo finally managed to get away with a gasp and Tyr pushed Ichigo to the side as he darted forward to attack Loki. Just as they came together with a clash, Freya and the ex-sins entered the room.

The two fighting gods were barely given a glance before the men were beside Ichigo. Red hickies and bite marks stood out like neon lights on his body and Ichigo looked thoroughly embarrassed. Kenpachi grabbed him by the waist and threw him over his shoulder, making Ichigo grunt, but he made no effort to get away from the eleventh division captain. Freya didn't waste any time in transporting all of them back to Hueco Mundo. She left immediately without waiting to hear the questions that hung in their minds.

Kenpachi still hadn't let go of Ichigo and he started to squirm in agitation. "Put me down already!" Ichigo snapped and Kenpachi reluctantly did so, but kept his arm around him. His taupe-colored eye lingered on the marks that covered Ichigo's bare torso and he growled low in the back of his throat. Ichigo rolled his eyes just as Aizen flash stepped to Ichigo and gripped his arms.

"Time to fulfill your part of the deal," Aizen said to them, making Ichigo scowl in irritation and befuddlement. Aizen disappeared from the rooms and into his own rooms, taking Ichigo with him and leaving the other men on edge and aggravated.

"What the fuck are you talking about!?" Ichigo asked snappily and yanked his arms away from Aizen.

"They agreed to leave you alone with me for two weeks in exchange for me aiding with you rescue," Aizen replied and Ichigo blinked in surprise.

"Why would you want that?" Ichigo asked skeptically and backed away from the shinigami who followed him. His back bumped against the wall and Aizen towered over him with his hand braced beside Ichigo's head.

"Maybe I enjoy your company," Aizen said quietly and leaned down so they were eye to eye. "Maybe I want you close to me."

"Aren't I just a slut to you?" Ichigo asked, but his voice lacked malice. Aizen didn't answer, but instead leaned down to kiss him.

Loki lay on his back on the floor with deep gashes covering his entire body. Tyr stood over him with only a slight singe mark on his pants and a contemptuous look on his face. He was just about to raise his sword to finish the blow when Freya re-entered the room.

"That's enough," she said and Tyr gave her a disdainful glance.

"Why should I?" He asked scornfully. The room became darker, seeming to pull inward as heat filled it. Tyr hissed in irritation and sheathed his sword to look at the high god Odin. The two ravens who had aided Freya before cawed and preened the high god's hair.

"Return to your realm, Loki," he commanded in his deep, booming voice. The figure that none of them could quite make out turned to look at Tyr as the other god left. "I trust there won't be anymore interferences in the human realm?" he asked and Tyr crossed his arms over his chest before giving his very reluctant agreement.

"The hogyoku," Odin said and reached out an almost incorporeal had to Freya who placed it in his palm. "Justice will prevail and the shinigami and hollows will be left alone without blatant interference," he commanded and then he and Freya were gone.

Tyr gritted his teeth and let out a scream of frustration. Ichigo had slipped through his fingers and there was nothing he could do about it.

Ichigo fell back onto the bed with Sousuke on top of him. His entire body felt like it was burning. Sousuke's mouth sought the hollow of his throat and Ichigo groaned in pleasure and clutched at Sousuke's shirt. Sousuke purred something into his ear, but Ichigo was too far gone to concentrate on what it was and-

His eyes snapped open.

"Sousuke," he mumbled and pushed at the shinigami's chest. "Not that way."

Sousuke ignored his words and told kyoka suigetsu to do something that made Ichigo cry out in shock and pleasure.

"Sousuke!!!" Ichigo whined and arched his back temptingly. Sousuke took the silent offer and bit down lightly on Ichigo's clavicle, but hard enough to make Ichigo hiss.

"Do you want me?" Sousuke asked and stared down at his flushed and pouting lover. "More than anyone?"

Ichigo didn't answer, wisely, and distracted Sousuke with the tilt of his hips. Sousuke's brown eyes flared and he gripped Ichigo's waist tightly until Ichigo squirmed in protest. Their bodies were slick as they came together. At first it was just their hard lengths rubbing enticingly, but then Sousuke's cock slipped behind Ichigo's balls and nudged at his tight entrance. Ichigo inhaled sharply and shifted his hips back to discourage dry entry without preparation.

Sousuke growled against Ichigo's throat and dragged his body down to feast on Ichigo's stomach. His fingers danced against Ichigo's length and he pressed the others against Ichigo's lips. Ichigo curled his tongue around them, getting them wet and ready. Sousuke's eyes burned at the sight and he pulled them away to slip them into Ichigo's entrance.

Ichigo gritted his teeth and let his legs fall apart at the touch and allowed Sousuke to open him up, twisting and stroking his fingers until Ichigo thought he was going to go mad. Sousuke was too impatient to bother spending the time to stretch Ichigo properly. He pulled his fingers out of the younger man and pushed Ichigo's legs up to press in between them solidly.

"Fuck you, bastard," Ichigo half-moaned, half-protested as Sousuke pressed the head of his erection to Ichigo hastily-prepped hole. Ichigo's body tightened with a cry as Sousuke pushed forward with out remorse and sank into Ichigo's tight heat.

"You clench around me so nicely," Sousuke purred into the panting Ichigo's hair and exhaled with a pleasure sigh. "You're a perfect fit for me."

"Egotistical asshole," Ichigo muttered in between clamped teeth. His scowl deepened when Sousuke thrust entirely into him sharply.

"You're all mine for these two weeks," Sousuke reminded him and punctuated his words with the rhythmic, powerful motions of his hips.

His lips brushed against Ichigo's cheek bone, almost on his eyes, chastely. Ichigo growled and tilted his chin up so their mouths met together. Sousuke did not deny him it and soon the only sounds that filled the room were their increasingly frantic breathing and their skin slapping sharp cry broke it as Ichigo reached his completion and Sousuke followed with a grunt. He didn't fall on top of Ichigo, but lowered himself onto his elbow so their bodies were pressed together and their faces hovered close

They kissed. Aizen's hips moved once more.

Ichigo wasn't certain how time really passed for all those days. He felt both drugged and clear headed as they spent the two weeks having sex and talking about things Ichigo had never dared to before; things about his family, soul society and responsibilities that shouldn't lie on his shoulders alone. Ichigo couldn't say if the time passed slowly or quickly because of the extreme changes of relativity of the hours they spent together.

On the first days of the third week, Ichigo woke to a cold nose nuzzling his spine. His eyes shot open as he tried to figure out what was going on. Sousuke was gone from his place of holding Ichigo against his chest and replaced by Grimmjow curled up into a ball and purring loudly. Ichigo glanced over his shoulder to see Starrk rubbing his face against Ichigo's back in his sleep. Nnoitra, Shinji and Kenpachi were spread out on the bed in similar positions.

Ichigo sighed heavily and closed his eyes despite the insistent way Nnoitra began to grope him once he realized Ichigo was awake. Ichigo closed his eyes and sighed as Nnoitra licked his way up the ex-sin's body. Starrk growled in irritation at being jostled and he woke up long enough to dig his teeth into Ichigo's shoulder. Ichigo elbowed Starrk in the chin and managed to slip out from underneath Nnoitra. He mentally rolled his eyes at the gazed fixated upon him and twisted his hips a little to tease them.

"I'm taking a shower," Ichigo called over his shoulder and sure enough, there was the sound of scrambling and fighting as the five tried to follow after him. Ichigo smirked and locked the bathroom door and they collided with it. He got a minute to himself before Shinji destroyed the handle and the others followed. It felt normal and familiar to have Kenpachi pin him against the wall and finger him while the other didn't leave a millimeter of his body untouched.

They left Hueco Mundo, but didn't go back to Soul Society. None of them would be happy there. Urahara was kind enough to provide them with gigais and when Ichigo went off to college, they followed and settled in a large house close to campus. Ichigo studied to be a doctor while Kenpachi and Nnoitra fought in underground matches, Grimmjow worked as a bouncer, and Shinji was a hair dresser of all things. Starrk slept all day and waited for his human to come home.

Ichigo groaned and rolled onto his stomach as he tried to find a more comfortable position. Kenpachi and Nnoitra had taken their blood lust out on him and consequently, Grimmjow and Starrk grew jealous because of it. Shinji was able to help mediate them most of the time, but the perverted bastard seemed to enjoy Ichigo struggling with them as well.

He smiled softly when he felt Starrk snuffle his hair and chew on the orange strands. He was such a puppy sometimes.

He reluctantly got out of the bed and maneuvered around the bodies covering it. He threw on one of the large t-shirts randomly strewn about the room, not bothering to find one that was actually his, if he even could. He stretched with a yawn and padded barefoot into the kitchen to start some coffee.

As he filled the carafe, still half asleep, he noticed something different.

Arms wrapped around his body and Aizen Sousuke nuzzled his neck.

"I missed you," he murmured.

Ichigo smiled.


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