"What team?"…."Wild cats!" The cheer continued as the team made their way to the showers. The team had finally won the biggest match of their lives. The guys stripped and got in the shower. As the steam wafted around the boys naked bodies Troy could have swore that he caught Chad checking him out while he was cleaning his dick. Troy walked out of the showers, dried himself off and got dressed. He checked himself in the mirror before walking out the door.

The Evans had decided to throw a party for the team and Troy was giving Chad a ride to the party. He sat in his car waiting for the young stud to arrive. Chad walked out of the gym, threw his bag in the boot and jumped in beside Troy.

"Sorry I took so long man but this hair takes ages to dry." Chad said with a grin.

Troy just smiled. He started the car and pulled out of the parking lot.

The Evans house was miles out of town and before long they were driving along the dark road alone. They had taken the back roads because they were late and the back roads were faster than the main ones.

Troy's ancient car spluttered and died. "Aww shit" sighed Troy "I've been meaning to get this piece of crap serviced."

Chad took out his phone to ring for help only to discover he had no signal. Troy was about to get out of the car when the heavens opened.

"Looks like we're stuck here for the night" said Chad with a hint of joy in his voice. He couldn't believe that his deepest dreams could come true tonight. They reclined their seats and fell asleep.

Chad woke before Troy. He looked over at his sleeping buddy. He smiled when he saw the bulge in Troy's pants. Chad slowly reached out his hand and gently started rubbing Troy's cock through his jeans.

Chad could feel his own member getting harder. He leaned over and slowly pulled down Troy's pants. Troy's cock was just like Chad had dreamed. Chad decided it was time to bite the bullet so he started to blow Troy.

At the feeling of Chad's warm wet mouth around his cock Troy woke with a jerk. Chad looked up and said "Your car wasn't the only thing that needed to be serviced" and went back to sucking Troy.

Troy began to push Chad off him but Chad had found his balls with his tongue. This made troy quiver with pleasure.

"Oh Chad I'm gonna…. I'm gonna" Troy left out a cry of pleasure and filled Chad's mouth with a torrent of thick creamy cum.

Chad ran his tongue along the length of Troy's making sure he got all the cum.

When Troy regained control of his body he looked and saw that Chad had started to jack himself off.

"Here let me help you with that!" Troy tasted Chad's salty precum on his cock. Chad's cock was bigger than he had expected and Troy gagged a little on it. He bobbed up and down slowly blowing. With a sigh Troy tasted more precum on his tongue.

Troy fondled Chad's balls with his hands and Chad left out a sigh of pleasure as he unloaded his balls into Troy's mouth.

Troy wiped his mouth and pulled up his pants. "Well that was different", he exclaimed. "Your telling' me " Chad said breathlessly.