The next day Troy arrived in school late. He looked in the window of the door into his home class. He saw Chad sitting near the back of the room. He decided to wait outside. When he heard the bell ring he went to stand by the door, knowing that Chad would be the first one out. Once the door opened he grabbed his friends arm and pulled him down the hall. The two jocks were out of sight before any of the others were out of the class room.

"Troy where are we going?" Chad asked. But got no answer.

They reached the door of coach Bolton's office. Troy pulled out a set of keys and swiftly opened the door and pushed Chad inside. Once inside he closed and locked the door and closed the blinds. As he was doing this he told Chad that his dad was out of town and wouldn't be in.

Chad stood in the middle of the room staring open mouthed at Troy. Could this be happening? Suddenly Troy crossed the room and mashed his lips against Chad's.

Chad returned the passionate kiss. Eventually they broke only because they needed air.

Troy's face was bright red. Chad could see the outline of his bulging cock in his tight jeans. Chad saw that Troy's eyes were focused on his crotch. He looked down and saw that there was a large tent pitched in the front of his sweat pants.

Troy looked longingly at the thin fabric the concealed Chad's monster. Chad gave him a nod of encouragement.

Troy stepped forward and got on his knees. He slowly pulled down Chad's Pants and his big cock popped out.

Chad smiled. "This is when free balling comes in handy", he thought.

Troy hesitated for a minute, staring at Chad's meat. Without warning he placed his mouth over his best friends cock and started sucking.

Chad let out a moan of pleasure. He pushed his friends head down on his member. Troy started rubbing Chad's thighs.

Chad pinched his nipples while Troy was blowing him.

Chad was getting close. He pulled Troy up and switched positions with him.

Chad slurped up the pre cum running from Troy's cock. He licked the entire length then thrust Troy's hard cock down his throat. He gagged a little but kept going.

Troy whimpered in pleasure as Chad deep throated him. He could feel Chad's hands on his ass pulling his cock further down his throat.

Chad pulled off his friend and started jacking while he licked his finger. He went back to sucking but this time he let his fingers explore Troy's muscled ass. Slowly he pulled Troy's smooth cheeks apart and started rubbing his finger against Troy's tight virgin hole.

At the feeling of Chad's finger on his back door Troy gasped. His balls tightened and hot white cum erupted from his rock hard cock.

Chad swallowed everything and licked his friends nob clean.

He then got the office chair from behind the desk and made Troy lean over it. He bent down and pulled Troy's cheeks apart again.

This time he spat at the captain's tight hole and started to lick it.

Troy screamed out in pleasure. He had never felt anything like this before. Chad's tongue worked magic and Troy was hard again in seconds.

Chad finished licking and stuck two fingers up his friends hole. He slowly fingered Troy's ass.

Troy moaned in pleasure. He wanted more.

As if Chad had read his mind he felt another finger enter his tight hole. He moaned again.

As Chad finger fucked Troy he lubed up his own cock with the pre cum streaming from his friends cock.

Once he had loosened Troy up enough he placed the head of his aching cock at Troy's entrance.

He pushed in slowly and pulled out a bit. Then he pushed in more. Eventually he was up to his balls in Troy's ass.

Troy moaned each time Chad plunged his cock into his ass. Every time Chad's cock hit that special spot Troy could feel another orgasm coming.

Troy gasped! Wave after wave of pleasure surged through his body. A fountain of white spurted onto his tight abs.

Chad felt Troy's ass tighten around his cock. Chad kept on pounding as Troy orgasmed.

When Troy was still he pulled out and started jacking off using Troy's cum as lube.

Troy leaned forward and took Chad in his mouth.

With a cry of relief Chad emptied his balls into Troy's mouth covering his face in the white liquid. Troy licked Chad's cock clean.

The two young studs lay on the floor exhausted. Neither of them had experienced such powerful orgasms before and they wouldn't forget what it felt like anytime soon… TBC