Primal Requiem

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Summary: When the team goes to Tameran to investigate a distress call, they find a startling scene and Beastboy makes choice. A choice that will change him forever. Whether it's for better or worse, well, why don't you decide that? Warning; gory, possible graphic scenes, and other disturbing things. Possible Harem.

A.N. Important; I decided to rewrite this because it didn't seem to flow right any more. I hope everyone enjoys the new version.

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Robin, Raven, Cyborg, Starfire, and Beastboy were in the T-Jet heading towards Tameran. They had received a distress call but, couldn't make anything out. Beastboy had seemed oddly troubled about something. While no one else could make much out, he heard something in the back ground. Whatever it was, it was growling. That, however, wasn't what troubled him. What troubled him was...he understood it. All he heard was "Is this all the strenght you weaklings have?", the voice spoke in a disappointed tone. He wasn't sure but he thought he heard the tearing of flesh after that. He didn't say anything because he didn't want to worry anyone, 'It's not like they would take what I say seriously anyway.' Beastboy thought a little depressed.

A few hours later(1)

When the team arrived, they were shocked at what they saw. The palace was broken in many places. As they got closer to the surface they saw many Tameran bodies. All of them were mutilated until they nearly unrecognisable, the only part mainly untouched was the head. Most of the torsos were complete ripped to pieces. After they landed, Robin was about to tell them to check the area for survivors, but noticed that Beastboy was already heading towards a body. They went over and noticed a dead serious look on his face.

"What is it, Beastboy?" Robin asked almost dreading what could make the usually cheerful shape-shifter look like that.

Beastboy didn't answer in words. He flipped the body over to reveal another. But this wasn't a Tameranian. It was humanoid, but it had dark blue scales instead of skin, it's head was like a lizard with horns on it head, and razor sharp teeth. They noticed that it's body had five large wounds in it and that it's clawed hand was buried into the Tameranian's chest, right were the heart was(2). They also noticed that it's clothes looked a lot like a humans. It wore what looked like brown traveling pants, cloak, and a regular shirt;though the color was unrecognisable due to the blood. It's cloak seemed to have a large symbol on it but that too was covered in blood.

"Star, do you know what this is?" Cyborg asked shakily, not use to so much blood and death, Superhero or not.

Starfire had a look of pure terror on her face, "It's a Beastan(Pronounced Bees-tan)." Her voice quivering in fear.

"What's a Beastan?" Raven asked being able to deal with this scene slightly better than others.

Before she could answer Beastboy spoke up, "I think were going to find out soon." He was look out over the area in many directions.

"Their still here?" Starfire asked her eyes going wide.

Beastboy paused, sniffing the air a few times. "Good news is there are some survivers. Bad news is there with the rest of these guys." He paused for a second, "Worst news is the survivors are mostly females."

"How is that bad?" Cyborg asked.

Beastboy's only answer was a pointed look at Raven. It took a moment before they realized what he meant. "Y-you mean their going to..?" Starfire left the rest hanging. At his nod, her fear turned to rage.

"Beastboy, can you tell how many of them are here?" Robin asked.

Beastboy waited a moment before sighing, "About a dozen." his tone had a sad tone to it.

"That doesn't sound to bad." Cyborg said, confused as to why Beastboy sounded defeated.

"Cyborg, they fought off all the Tamerans here...and only three of them are dead." Beastboy said shocking everyone.

"Beast-Beastboy, can you tell h-how many are alive besides the ones with the Be-beastans? Starfire asked fearful of the answer.

"About fifty of them(3), but I don't know how long they'll live." Beastboy reluctantly told her.

"What is a Beastan exactly and do they have any weaknesses?" Robin asked while comforting Starfire as beast he could.

Starfires voice was strong but a little shaky "I don't know what their weaknesses would be but a Beastan is.." Beastboy's eyes went wide and pushed Starfire and Robin away from where they were. The next instant, something slamed down right where they were. When the dust cleared, they saw a creature much like the dead Beastan, except this one was a dark brown and longer horns, crouching where it landed. It had the same clothes as the dead Beastan, except the symbol was clear. It looked like a golden dragon head. It looked at each of the Titans with something between distain and hunger, except Raven who it also seemed mildly curious about. When it looked at Beastboy, it didn't look at him with the same look. Instead he, if the smell and lack of certain parts was anything to go by, looked at him with surprised before taking up what looked like polite and friendly look.

He spoke in growls, "You're a little young to be all the way out here aren't ya?"

The Titans took these as regular growls, but they were surprised when Beastboy spoke in the same growls, "What are you doing here and why have you done this?"

He looked surprised before a look of realization came to his face "Ahhhh, so you haven't fully awaken yet. Well, I can help you with that." He had an smirk on his face by the end.

Before anyone could react, the Beastan raced forward on all four before jumping right in front of Beastboy. When he landed, he stood at his full height(4), brought his hand back, formed it into a claw like position, and brought it slaming into Beastboy's head. Beastboy wavered a moment before collapsing.

"Titans Go!" Robin shouted as they raced towards the Beastan to defend their friend.

Try as they might, they couldn't even lay a scratch on him. He dodged Cyborg's cannon and they found the Beastan was the stronger of the two when he threw Cyborg in a wall. He proved to have faster reflects then Robin, ripping the bow staff from his hand and slammed into his chest, breaking a few ribs. Starfire and Raven found that they had no advantage in the air when he surprising sprouted wings from his back. He managed to break through Raven's shields and out maneuver Starfire, sending them both to the ground near their other two(Robin and Cyborg) down comrades.

The Beastan then spoke in surprisingly good English, "Now are you four going to listen to me or am I going to have to kill all of you? Doesn't really matter to me, but I think greeny here might get a little upset." The brown scaled Beastan said, sounding mildly annoyed.

"And why should we listen to you at all?" Robin asked angrily, trying to ignore the pain in his chest.

The Beastan rolled his eyes, "'Cause I can kill all of you at any point and time, for one. Also the fact that we really don't have a reason to keep you here, so you can probably be on your way whenever you want to leave, so long as you don't attack anyone else. I figured you might want some answers before you did anything, though." the scaled humanoid explained.

Starfires anger at the moment rose so high, that she unintentionally started speaking Tameranian, "You invade my home, murder and capture my people, and you believe that I will simply allow you to leave here unharmed!" By the time she was finished yelling, her eyes were glowing murderously.

The Beastan looked at her closely before speaking in Tameranian, "You look familiar, have I fought you before."

Starfire for her part, wasn't surprised at all, "I try to avoid associating with slaughterers and rapists to the best my abilities, Beastan."

The Beastan raised an eyebrow at that and switched back to English, "My name is Akreuss Merren and I have never raped anyone. Slaughterer, on the other hand, is a matter of opinion." He turned away from them before they could say anything else and alked over to the unmoving form of Beastboy. Before he could get to him, a wall of black energy appeared between him and Beastboy.

"Don't you touch him!" Raven yelled, eyes glowing white.

"Listen, when the kid wakes up, he's not going to be a mood. So either I leave him here and you can get yourselves torn to peices or I take him so me and the others can try and keep him from going crazy on everyone and everything. Which do you prefer?" Akreuss asked somewhere between mocking and annoyed.

The others were about to protest before Starfire interrupted with a sigh, "Very well." Her eyes hardened at the next part, "But we are accompanying you and it would be unwise for you to try to harm him."

Akreuss looked at Starfire strangely for a moment, 'Small build, oddly strong for her size, smells a little different then most Tameranians, and wasn't on the planet when we got here. Add the red hair and green eyes that would means she's...' "High Princess Koriand'r?" Akreuss voiced his suspicions.

Starfire was slightly surprised by this, "You know me, Ragonder(5)?"

"I saw you in a passing I had with the Psions. I heard rumors that they were performing some experiments on you and you sister. It appears that those rumors were true." He said, his voice indicating that he didn't care a whole lot, 'Question is are the rumors about what the experiments were true and if they are, how successful were they?' At the princess's sad face from the memories from her time with the insect-like race, he added, "If it helps any, you wont have to worry about them ever again." Starfire looked up, confused, "We took over their planet and killed most of them about two earth years ago."

Starfires eyes widened at that. She wasn't sure how she should feel about that. They may have taken her prisoner and enslaved her, but there must have been innocents among them. In the end she decided to feel relieved that she wouldn't have to worry about them coming after her again, but pity for the innocent ones lost in the fighting and aftermath. Try as she might, however, there was a voice that roared in happiness that were dead or worse. She hated that voice, it was also part of the main reason she hated the gordanians.

Akreuss once again approached the prone shape-shifter. As he reached for him, Beastboy's hand suddenly grabbed Akruess's wrist. Beastboy positioned himself so he was on crouching on one knee with his head down. When he raised his head, his eyes showed something surprising. They were dull, lifeless, dead. That was when Akreuss realized that Beastboy wasn't awake. His body was acting without his conscious awareness. It was an uncommon trait among unawakened Beastans, but it wasn't unheard of. It was also seen as a sign of potential by most. Akreuss looked directly into the young being's green eyes. Beastboy, or his body anyway, seemed to get the message that Akreuss wasn't planning on hurting him. After that, Beastboy's body promptly went limp again.

'Well that's a first for me. Seemed slightly creepier than I expected it to be.' Akreuss thought to himself as he picked Beastboy up and started walking off in one direction. He stopped and gesture for the Titans to follow him. They did, but at a distance. They tried to avoid stepping and walking on the dead bodies as they passed them by.

"Star, why in the name of all that is holy, did you agree let this...thing take BB to where ever we're going?" Cyborg demanded violently, upset that his friend might be in danger.

"Because if we didn't, we would be dead." Starfire's face was dead serious, their was no hint of the sweet girl they all knew.

Cyborg was about to protest to this, but Robin shook his head and decided to get some information, "Before we decide to get mad, could you explain what exactly a Beastan is, Starfire?" His voiced was pained and tired.

Starfire sighed before speaking, "A Beastan is essentially what Beastboy is." This caused everyone's eyes to widen in confusion and shock. "They are shape-shifters. They can look like humans, though the coloring of their eyes and hair is odd at times. They can turn into a earth animal, and into any mixture between humanoid and that animal. The odd thing is that they can only turn into that one animal. They also capable of regeneration and have an unusual energy which they can use, similar to Raven's. I am not completely sure on any other abilities they might posses." She paused to see any if they had any questions.

"So how do you beat it?" Robin asked what he thought might be the most important question at the moment.

"The only way to beat a Beastan is to kill it and it is said that nothing besides a Beastan can beat a Beastan. I am not sure, but I think a demon, or possibly an angel could kill them, if our experience with Raven's father is any indication." Starfire told them gravely.

" said their like Beastboy, yet he can turn into any animal. Doesn't that mean he's not one of them?" Raven asked, her monotone voice had hints of emotions in it; fear, hope, and many others.

Starfire shook her head, "Though I am unsure of why he can change into so many creatures, trust me when I say this. Beastboy is a Beastan and when he awakens he will no longer be the same as he was."

"Is there any way to stop what is happening to BB?" Cyborg asked, dreading the answer.

Starfire stopped and looked at them, her stare was just short of a glare, "Do you know what is happening to him?" They shook their heads, "Right now, he is inside his own mind, coming to the realization of what he truly is. He then faces a choice; either leave what he is to slumber permanently or he becomes what he was born to be. Now tell me, who are we to deny him that choice, even if we could?" Starfire turned around and started walking after Akreuss again. The others were shocked at what Starfire had said. Cyborg was worried that his friend wouldn't be same, maybe not even his friend anymore. Robin mentally sighed, he always thought that Starfire had her own secret. They all had at least one, he figured this was hers. She was also right about Beastboy making this choice, even if he didn't understand most of it. Raven was worried about Beastboy 'becoming what he was born be' as Starfire put it. Though she didn't show it well, especially as of late, she really did appreciate the efforts the green changeling put up to try and get her to open up. She wasn't sure what was to come, but she hoped that she could help him should he need it. It was nothing less than what he would have done for her.

They turned around a corner that Akreuss had just a moment ago and came to stop. What they saw before them showed that Beastboy's earlier estimation was right. At least two-hundred Tameranians sat on the ground, all bound in chains made of a metal that obviously wasn't regular-by earth standards any. They also couldn't find many males in the group. They could, however, spot a few kids every now and then. Robin noticed that Starfire's eyes showed both rage and sorrow at the scene. They saw a few large tents not too far away from the captive and noticed that Akreuss had stopped a little way away from them. A woman, that looked completely human and about 15 or 16 years old, came out of one of the tents. She had dark purple hair, cobalt blue eyes(6), a B cup chest, nice figure, and a decent tan. She was wearing a female version of Akreuss, except her coat was Black and the sleeves were ripped off(7).

"Hey Akreuss, whats..." She paused, speaking in growls, when she saw Beastboy in his arms. She was standing right in front of him in an instant. She stared at the motionless figure for a moment, "Is he a newly awakened?" Her voice sounded completely emotionless. Akreuss nodded and raise an eyebrow at her behavior. Next thing he knew, she was cheering, "Yes! We got a new hotty in the group! Oh, Reama better not go after him! She gets all the attention from the really good men...and quite a few women now that I think about it." The rambled a little, not noticing the shocked look on Akreuss's face.

'Almost every dragon she's met below High Twelve(8) has asked her out, she turns down every one of them, and then this green sleeper(9) shows and she's sudden a lovestruck hatchling? You must have a lot of potential to get the attention of Ferninia Zefera.' Akreuss thought amusingly as the young woman started blushing at something. "Head out of the gutter, Ferni. I need you to keep an eye on him until he's awake." He added this at her excited look, "If you molest him, you'll probably be the first on his list if he goes completely berserk."

Ferninia's eyes went wide before taking a curious pose, "Do you think he would kill me or just rape me?" She sounded creepily aroused at the thought.

Akreuss's eye twitched at that. "Just take him already!" He yelled, pushing Beastboy into her arms. As she went back to the tent, he mumbled, "Of all the squads out there, I end up on the one that has a masochist girl for a medic. Even worst, she enjoys inflicting injuries to others to see what she can most likely survive and what she can't."(10)

"Akreuss, who are they?" a new woman coming out of another tent said. She had dark red hair, yellow eyes, short claws on her hands, sharp teeth, slim waist, small but defined muscles, C cup breasts, and a pale complexion. She was looking at the approaching Titans.

"Ah, Sigma Reama Taris. They were with an unawakened I found. Before you ask, Ferni's watching, and she's oddly...excited about him being here." Akreuss finished with a chuckle.

"Best go make sure she doesn't try anything. I don't want or need a mentally scared newly awakened or to have to find a new medic." Reama allowed herself a small laugh at that.

"Would you mind doing that? These kids only need a few detail since the princess explained most of what they need to know." Akreuss explained.

"Hmm, so one of the princesses returned to see the end of her people. Very well, if you can convince them to leave, I see no reason for them to be reported. Keep an eye of the half-demon though. They always cause some kind of trouble when we need to kill one." Reama said as she made her way to the medical tent, where Ferninia had gone.

"Also, Reame, keep an eye on the kid. I got a feeling that there's somehing more to him then we think." Akreuss said in a grave tone. Reama rasied eyebrow, but didn't comment. Akreuss's feelings had saved him on several occasions.

Akreuss turned to the four titans, who were now only a few feet away. Robin was the first to speak, "So what now?"

"Well, while we're waiting for the kid to wake up, I thought that I would explain the only really important thing Red here didn't tell you. Now listen, your friend is something we see every now and again. He's a being with Beastan heritage in him. Since he probably hasn't been around any Beastans his whole life, he didn't know how to use it all. By the looks of it though, he was 'Semi-Awakened'. This means he has came close to waking up on his own-which, by the wat, is incredibly hard. This resulted in him gaining his abilities. Now-" Akreuss was interupted by Cyborg.

"Hold it dude, how do you know about his powers?" Cyborg asked suspiciously.

Akreuss rolled his eyes, "I over heard you tin-man. Higher than human hearing is something all Beastans have. Now shut up!" Akreuss snapped, annoyed at the interruption. "Now when a Beastan fully awakens, it's not the best of things to be around. They tend go a little berserk when that happens for a while. Any questions?" Akreuss finished.

"So what are we suppose to do?" Raven asked. She didn't like this at all, for all they knew they were preparing to torture Beastboy when he woke up. She went along with this because of the absolute certainty coming off of Starfire when she said that the Akreuss could kill them.

"I was hoping you would just leave, but I'm guessing you want to talk to your friend when he wakes up, right? Akreuss asked, seeming a little gloom at that. At their nods, he sighed, "Well, just stay out of the way when he wakes up. I don't need you lot add to the dead on this planet and I don't feel like adding more than I have to today." He paused before gaining a curious look, "I know I probably shouldn't ask this, but why is he green?" Akreuss asked with an honestly curious look.

The others stiffened at that. It was one thing to cooperate with someone that was probably an enemy, but it was another to reveal his secrets. "Why do you wish to know?" Starfire asked keep her oddly serious face up.

Akreuss shrugged, "There aren't many things to make a human look like that, Beastan blood or not. If it's that big of a secret though, just tell me was it an experiment, accident, what?" Akruess figures they would give specifics. So long as it wasn't from a

"It was a disease." Robin answered, thinking it best to satisfy the dark brown scaled Beastan's curiousity.

Akreuss's went wide at that, "Sa-sakutia?" His voice seemed drip fear at the very name. At their surprised nods, he spun around and made a dash for the medical tent. "Reama! Ferninia! Get out of there!" That was he could do. Right before he reached the tent, a great explosion engulfed. In the air followed a dark chuckle that kept rising until it reached an insane laugh.

End of chapter

1. Nothing else to write about at that point.
2.I'm assuming Tameranian's hearts are in the same as Human's.
3.I'm guessing there was no more then 1000 people in that palace, half of them being women. So almost all the men were killed and half of the women were also.
4. Around 6 ft.
5. Name of the dragon race, all the letters of 'dragon' plus 'er'
6. I'm getting some of these colors off of Wikipedia.
7. They can customize it however they want.
8. Nickname for all those above the rank of Nu. All below Mu are called the low twelve.
9. Another nickname for unawakened beastans.
10. I'm sorry to everyone that might be offended by this. I don't condone any of the actions mentioned. I am just trying to point out that Ferninia is a Masochist Beastan and they can take a lot more pain then a human can.

Well that's the new chapter and it's the longest one I've written so far. Anyone have any idea what's going to happen? What rumored experiments was Akreuss thinking about exactly? Why did Akreuss flipped out at the Sakutia thing? And what happened to Beastboy? Are any of the character out of character outside of Starfire? Until next time, AkumaKami64 signing out!