Not that much. But I hope you enjoy it.

Adam is swinging around a broad sward around him. When suddenly the sword slips out of his hand and nearly cleaved the head off of one of the camera crew

Jamie: Smooth move.

He laughs.


Alucard in his Girlycard form and Seras in her cat form is shown running around madly around the warehouse as the vampiric girl wheeled around a wheelchair bound and terrified Tori. They were being chased by the other Mythbusters gang.

They continued on with their little race until they reach the outside area of M-5. Were the little devil child released her hold on Tori and send him right into the upcoming traffic.





Each time a sound was made, the Gang and the Vampires made grimace face.

Girlycard; Well at least he had his seat belt on.

As she scratch the chin of the hellcat.

Kari: They don't have seatbelts on wheelchairs.

Girlycard; Oh well.

As she left the scene. Camera pans back to reveal a fifteen car pile up. With Tori luckily unscathed. Well physically anyway.


Adam: Oh, Oh, Oh crap, oh crap. Aww %$%.

Screamed Adam as he fell into one of the pool of blood and guts of the Bio-WULFs.

Adam: I think I'm going to vomit?

Grant: That's going to be a killer to get out.


Grant opens one of the door of M-5. And when that happen, Vampster's head comes flying out of know where and scares the shit out of him.

Utter failed. Oh well I hope I can make it up later today because I'm going to make a Hellsing oneshot. Well I hope you enjoyed this. Have a nice day.