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"Ahh, summer here is so hot even at night time" Kiku said as he was sitting outside. The stars were out and he seemed to be enjoying his vanilla ice-cream. He was about to go to sleep but he heard a strange noise coming from his bushes. He grabbed his katana and crept closer to them. He was about to strike them but the noise stopped and a young girl fell out of them. "Ehhh! Ah, excuse me, are you okay!" Kiku said as he picked her up and brought her inside the house. She looked young but and was very pretty but Kiku ignored all that because the girl was bleeding from her left arm and her right leg had a pretty big bruise. "Miss, Miss are you okay!" Kiku said frantically he laid her down in his bed, "I wonder what happened to her?" he said as he sat down near the bed and fell asleep.

*End of Flashback*

The G-8 meeting was going along normally, well, if you consider normal being the fact that Alfred was laughing like an idiot, Arthur was once again arguing with Francis, Ludwig was trying to convince Feliciano that pasta isn't the only food in the world, and Ivan was sitting on an almost invisible Matthew. The only thing that wasn't normal was that Kiku was nowhere to be found. "Can someone try to contact Japan we cannot start the meeting without him!" Ludwig said as he slammed his fist down. The others quickly got their phones out and started either texting or calling Kiku

"I'm sorry I'm late" a voice rang out as the doors creaked open, "Kiku!" the countries yelled, "Where were you!" Kiku shuddered a bit but spoke softly, "Everyone, there is someone I would like you to meet" he said as he opened the door even more which revealed a young girl dressed in dress that stopped to her knees. It was a light blue and a green ribbon was tied around her waist with a small bow in the back. She wore white stockings that stopped where the dress stopped. And it was complete with a green lace tied around her neck. The countries simply stared at the girl until Feliciano spoke "Kiku who is she!! She's really cute!!!!" he said as hugged her. The girl seemed to like it because she was laughing and hugging back. "So Kiku who is she?" Arthur said as he kept staring at the girl. "She is very cute don't you think so Angleterre?" Francis said as he also hugged the girl. "I-I'M NOT SAYING THAT, YOU PERVERT!" Arthur said as he tried to hold back a blush. "So who are you?!?!" Alfred said as he smiled brightly at the girl. The girl blinked but smiled an almost identical smile back to him. She curtsied and said calmly.

"My name is Terra. I am the one and only mother Earth!" she said as she smiled proudly at them.

"E-EHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" the nations said in unison as Japan tried to calm them down.

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