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"And that concludes the meeting." Ludwig said as he gathered his stuff. Everyone was about to stand up but a swift wind blew the papers from their hands. "LET"S GO~~~~~~~" they heard a voice said as he threw the doors open, and a pair of feet flying through those doors. Kiku quickly recognized the shoes, "Terra-san?!?!" he said as he stood outside the meeting room. "It's okay! Alfred seems pretty excited! Just please be sure to bring me my pajamas!!" she yelled as she left the building. "My feet aren't touching the floor" she thought as the man dragged her to their car. "We are going to have a lot of fun! I'll order a whole McDonald's buffet!" he said as they left for his house.


"Here we are!" Alfred said as he opened the door for her. "Whoa, you have a pretty big house..," she said as she entered the living room. It was spacious enough for a bunch of people to live in! "Here let me show you to your room!" the excited nation said as he walked her across a big hallway. Alfred made sure to give her the best guest room available, she was Mother Earth after all. "Here it is!" he said as he pointed the room. The room looked old like it was preserved like that for ages. She steeped in and sat down on the bed. "It feels great!" she squealed as she lay down, the bed was so comfy that when you sat down it made you jump a little. Terra noticed this quickly, and her playful side won the argument in her mind. She started bouncing up and down a bit but was stopped by Alfred.

"Miss Terra" he started, Terra stopped afraid she made a wrong decision. "That's not how you jump on the bed!" he added with a smile. "This is!" as he said this he got on the bed and started jumping wildly. Terra looked confused but one look at Alfred she changed her mind. She got on the bed and started jumping. "I haven't had so much fun in ages!!" she thought as they jumped a bit higher. They kept going until they heard the doorbell ring. "That must be Kiku." Terra said as she got off, "I'll answer the door!"

Terra walked in the big hallway until she reached the front door. "Hello" she said she opened the door, she was surprised to see it was not Kiku but Arthur and Francis. "Sorry Miss Terra, we came to drop these off." Arthur said as he handed the package to her. "Thanks, but what happened to Kiku?" she said worriedly as though thinking he was hurt. "Oh nothing Miss Terre, he just had some business to take care of, something about making better girl clothes." Francis said as he shrugged. Terra sighed, "Kiku, I wonder what you do in your free time" she said as she thanked them both.

"Who was that?" Alfred yelled as he came in with a coke in his hands. "Oh just Arthur and Francis dropping my pajamas off." Terra said as she laid the package down.

"Is Kiku sick or something?" Alfred asked.

"Don't ask…" Terra said as she walked over to the stairs. "It's getting pretty late so I'm going to put this on" she said while walking upstairs. She knew it was going to be a long night and, since we are talking about Alfred here, she needed to get ready.

(In the room)

Terra stared, the pajama stared back, and Terra stared some more until finally she mentally screamed. "Talk about being in the US" she whispered as she picked up the pajamas. It was a normal American pajama but the thing was…it was covered in American flags. The front tee had one big flag on it saying "God Bless America." And the pants were black with US flags all over them. "I pretty sure Alfred will like this." She thought as she went downstairs.

(Living room)

"Oh my gosh! Terra, my flag looks great on you! I can call you Terra right?" Alfred said as he sat down. Terra blushed but was glad that Alfred already treated her like a friend instead of a superior. "Yes, of course!" she said as she sat down on the couch. She was pretty nervous; this was her first sleepover anyways. Suddenly her eyesight left her as she felt a pair of hands cover her face. "Please close your eyes Terra, I have a big surprise" she heard a voice said. She nodded her head and closed her eyes. A few more moments of tables moving and feet walking and Alfred told her to open her eyes.

Terra opened them slowly and her jaw dropped. In front of her was the biggest orders of McDonald's she had ever seen, well, this was the first time she saw McDonald's orders, but still it was pretty big. Alfred smiled and put an arm around her shoulders, "So, let's eat up!" he said as he grabbed the biggest cheeseburger and devoured it. "Want *munch* to watch *munch*some TV" he said in between munches. She nodded and took a bite out of a french fry.

*About an hour later*

"So what is this exactly?" Terra asked as Alfred set up some colorful mats with arrows on them. "Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2! Or DDR for short" he said as he got on the mat. The TV was filled with many characters. Alfred picked his character and he apparently picked Terra's character as well. "Okay when an arrow goes through that other arrow you step in the arrow on the mat." Alfred said as he put on a song. "Silver Dream" the screen said loudly as the screen changed to a dance floor. "Okay I can do this..."Terra thought as she got on the mat. The arrows started flashing and apparently she was doing pretty well, well not as Alfred anyways.

Alfred was smiling and jumping as the music got faster, and Terra liked it too, the music stopped and both of them were racked out. "That was…fun." Terra sighed she was sweating already. "Wanna go again?" Alfred threw her a glare. Terra saw the competition in his eyes and grinned at him. "Okay" she stood up "bring it on."

*Hour and a half of DDRing*

"Terra can I ask you a question?" Alfred said as he turned around to face her. They were watching an action movie with a big bowl of popcorn on their hands. "Of course, what is it?" Terra said as she stared at him. "These" he pointed to a bandage on her chest, "how did you get these?" he asked with curiosity. Terra sighed and decided to make a story up.

"Well, I live somewhere you wouldn't know about, it's like a home for the countries and empires that have passed away. Well sometimes I used to be very ignorant and had some accidents…" she went on but her mind was somewhere else, to the battle field in the New World.


"Mnn..." Terra moaned as she turned around in her bed. "It hurts…" she whispered. She could feel the people dying in the battle field all of them innocent as they fought for their country. "Please don't do this…" she went to her night table to a glass globe. "I'm not your little brother anymore!" she heard the young man said as he pointed the gun to, what seemed was his enemy. The enemy apparently didn't take no as an answer because he knocked the rifle off the man's hands. Terra felt this blow as she herself was the rifle, and the wound became deeper, both in flesh and spirit. The enemy seemed to drop to his knees and cry, and Terra felt herself crying as well, the rain fell hard on both of them as they stood on the battle field.

"Miss Terra! I got your morning breakfast!" a voice that belonged to the Great Roman Empire, she stared at him and tackled him with a hug. "Miss Terra, you're bleeding!" he said as he saw a bit of blood in his armor. Terra just stayed there trying to think what this pain in her heart coming from was.

"It's going to end right Rome? Is it?" she asked him as she felt herself loosen in his strong grip. He didn't answer but hugged her tighter, Terra didn't care if he answered or not she just wanted to feel safe.

*End of flashback*

"Oh" Alfred said convinced, "well now that you're here I, the Hero, will protect you no matter what!" he said loudly as he grabbed her hand. Terra smiled, "Well shall we go to sleep?" she said as she pointed to the stairs. Alfred nodded and turned off the TV, and they both went up the stairs. "Good night, Alfred" she said but Alfred was looking at her awkwardly. "Terra is it okay if you sleep with me, I'm kind of scared of the movie we watched, but if you don't want to that's okay!" he said but was surprised when Terra was making her way to his room. He smiled and went inside, after a shower and putting his pajamas on, they both lay together and smiled when they faced each other. "Hey Alfred, will you really protect me…" she asked but was surprised when he embraced her. "Of course! It's because I'm the Hero…" he said with a yawn and suddenly he fell asleep. Terra felt uncomfortable but his warmth was somewhat comforting, like the sun. She felt her eyes closing and she snuggled close to him. "Goodnight Alfred" she said as she closed her eyes.

(Somewhere else)

"She is not supposed to be here" a deep voice said as he stood in a tree branch. "How can you not be moved by this moment Germania!" another voice said a little higher than the other man's voice.

Both of the ancient countries stood in a tree near Alfred's house, Terra left without a notice and her house was completely destroyed while Germania and Rome tried to look for her. "If the wounds became deeper, I will take her by force, do you hear me Rome!" Germania said angrily. "Yeah, sure…" Rome said as he walked back to Terra's house. That's where they belonged anyways, but it will be very different without the girl there.

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