BONUS PROMPT: Dopplegangland (Buffy)


David Rossi grinned as he sauntered onto the George Washington campus. It was his yearly trip to the city and this year he found himself looking forward to it more than usual. He lived on the lecture circuit and he was in the DC area for two weeks while he guest lectured, sat on panels and gave talks on behaviourism and profiling. This was his life, and, as a shining and pioneering member of the FBI's Behavioural Analysis Unit, he was the one to talk to.

But that wasn't his excitement for being on the campus today. Not at all. Because every year, when he made his way to the GW area, he knew she would be there. He'd been doing this yearly stint for years, this being his fifth. His first day, his first guest lecture at GW, he'd met Jennifer Jareau. The blond bombshell was a professor at the institution, a professor of mass communication and media. Over the last few years, this had been his favourite stop on the circuit. Because he and Jen had an arrangement, an agreement and an undeniable attraction.

For his time in Washington, she was his. And he was hers, but that was really just details. While he was in the city, they were a couple. She accompanied him for his dinners and he provided bone-melting sex. Then, at the end of his stint, he left, and they both went back to their lives.

He was looking forward to this year.

He glanced over at the dark-haired woman beside him, his assistance and probably the person who knew him best. Emily Prentiss was damned good at her job, and he only took the best. She'd been with him since he'd started a writing and though was a linguist by trade, she'd come from a background of diplomacy that made her perfect for the job. And she didn't take his crap.

She raised an eyebrow. "Don't look at me like that. I'm not running your errand for you, Rossi."

The fact that she knew what errand he needed to do was not surprising. It was what made her so good at what she did. She knew, almost and sometimes before he did, what needed to be done and what he wanted done. "Em…"

"No way, Dave," and the sparkle in her eyes made him grin. "I won't be the one to drop off your little love note."

Emily was the only one who knew about his yearly tryst with Jen. Sometimes she was too smart for her own good. He shot her a playful glare. "Fine. I'll do it myself."

"Damn right you will," she shot back. "I have enough to do to make sure you're happy while you're giving this stupid lecture. Why you need to be so specific about your bottled water is beyond me. Drink out of the tap."

She was teasing. So, instead of giving into her bait and replying, Dave shook his head as they split ways. After all, he had an invitation to drop off.

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