My first cross-over that I finally have hammered out good enough to start. I just saw the movie New Moon and it sparked something I guess you could say. It's a top notch movie by the way. Let me know what you think!

The bus stopped with a jerk right outside the city limits of Forks. A ragged raven-haired boy of seventeen, maybe younger, silently walked out of the bus. His feet were more quiet then a cat across carpet, almost seeming to never touch the ground. The occupants of the bus were somewhat glad to see him go. He had brought a dark cloud with him the moment he stepped foot onto the stairway.

"You know where you're going kid?" the driver asked, somewhat concerned for the youth.

"I'll be fine," the boy said, shrugging his bag higher up his shoulder and walking down the highway towards the town.

The driver closed the doors and pushed the bus forward, but he looked back just to make sure the kid was alright, but he wasn't sure if the boy had rounded the bend already, or if he had suddenly gone invisible.

Danny watched the bus continue down the highway and masked himself in his invisibility as soon as it was out of sight. He sighed deeply, feeling weak and depressed. He had tried hard not to suck the life out of all of the elderly on the bus, but there had been nothing to feed on through the whole ride. All he could manage to do was to go to the back and borrow energy from the surrounding plants, but they never stayed long enough for him to get much. Now that he was on his own again, he had time to grow stronger before having to find shelter for the night.

He flew up into the damp sky of the ever rainy town and found it to be green for miles and miles, right up into the mountains that separated Canada and the US. It was also chilly, the wind a little sharper up here then it had been back home in Amity. It was almost perfect for him. Being half ghost meant that he didn't really need to worry about the weather conditions. His body to adapt fine, but he liked it better in colder climates the best, and that was probably due to his ice powers, since that ability seemed to stem from his very core than any of his other powers.

He landed just a few miles from the town since he could see the lights from the streets and homes in the fading light of the sun. Letting the invisibility fall from his figure, Danny looked around and took another deep breath. The trees were alive here, full of life and energy, eager to share with him. Danny let a smile touch his lips for the first time in a long time. He whistled shrilly and focused on sensing his companions as they approached.

The first to bound out into sight was Cujo, the unnaturally green Doberman. Cujo had followed Danny around in the last year, and not causing trouble, but rather helping him fight ghosts. Danny was glad to see that the dog was not being a nuisance for once. When Danny had left home, Cujo had followed without prompting. He saw Danny more of a master and friend now then an acquaintance. Danny hadn't pushed the dog away when he had left, he needed the companionship or he would go insane talking to himself. Cujo wore a collar like always, but the design was different. It was red instead of black and the Phantom logo was chiseled on the underside of his tags. Cujo couldn't disguise himself to look like a normal earth dog, so he was always hiding nearby where Danny couldn't see him, but could feel his friendly and loyal presence.

The next to show was a sleek black cat with abnormally large ears. The cat was a ghost as well, but a young one. She had joined Danny and Cujo a few months back, having nowhere else to go. She had been run over in the street by a large car and Danny had found her body just moments after the hit and run. Even if you were a ghost, death was something you never got use to. Danny had taken care of the body and the cat's spirit came back, connected to him now since he had been kind to her even after the fact. Danny had been wary about letter her join them, but Cujo didn't object to it and actually seemed fond of the little animal. Danny took her in, trying to keep an eye on her, but she proved to be a little shadow. She sunk away often, but she was never very far away. Danny could always feel her close by since she had a very unique ecto-signature. Her name was Minnie, since her ears were large enough like the cartoon mouse. She too wore a collar, but a brilliant silver one with Phantom's logo patterned all around the band.

Minnie came right up to Danny's feet and began to rub her head around his ankles. Danny picked her up and set her on his shoulder.

"Hope you guys didn't have to much trouble," Danny said, bending down to scratch Cujo behind the ears.

The dog licked his hand then turned around and sniffed the base of one of the multiple trees. Then he set about to do his business. Danny decided to take a look around while Cujo relieved himself. Minnie didn't seem to object to this.

All Danny could see were trees, trees, and more trees. The darkness of the night had settled around the whole land and made everything eerily quiet. In the background, thunder could be heard, almost in warning that it was coming.

"Hope it doesn't rain," Danny mumbled to Minnie.

The cat meowed in kind.

Cujo joined them, shaking his body as he trotted along.

"Well guys we're here," Danny said, finding his way back to the road. "Now all we got to do is make a house call."

Cujo huffed loudly but Minnie remained silent, almost as if she was waiting for Danny to explain.

"Cujo, it's only for a few more days," Danny said to the frustrated dog. "You can roam out here freely though, not so confined like in the cities, and I know they wouldn't object to letting Minnie in the house, she looks normal after all."

Cujo only huffed again, sounding more like scoffing than anything else.

"Don't worry, we won't stay long, just enough to catch our breath."

Cujo stayed silent.

Danny made his way back into town, gathering the energy from the trees as he did so. It made him less fatigued, but he was still human and hadn't eaten anything in almost twenty-four hours. Minnie sense his distress and was about to jump from his shoulder to find him something, but he calmed her down by thinking of the warmth of a real house and real food, not stolen. Minnie didn't like it that he wanted to wait, but she stayed on his shoulder and rode along without further interruption. Cujo perked his ears up every once and awhile, as if he heard something, but he would shake it off and follow them. Danny was also a little uneasy about this place, but it almost felt natural for him to be here. It was odd and dark, just like him.

"Cujo, hide," he commanded the dog.

The Doberman slipped into invisibly back into the shadows of the forest while Danny and Minnie walked through town, invisibly as well. It didn't take long to find the house, with the cruiser and the large red disaster of a truck both parked out front. The upstairs light was out but the floor level lights were on. Danny went up, dropping his invisibility again, and climbed the porch steps. He knocked on the door loudly, but softly enough to not wake up someone if they were sleeping. The door opened up almost instantly.

"I need your help," Danny said, letting his exhaustion show in both body and voice.