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Danny hoped that Bella could get her dad to listen to her. He would just end up killing himself if he went up against Vlad. It was times like these that Danny wished he had Valerie with him. Sure she might have blasted at him, but at least she would have blasted at Vlad first. For some reason, she had it in more for Vlad then she did for Danny. It had confused him at first, but then he decided it didn't matter. He was never able to touch her, even with her suit on when they grappled; the high tech somehow blocked his powers.

"This is it," Alice said, knocking his mind back to the present.

The vampires had led him to a large clearing. It looked as if a large fire had burned away most of the forest and it was all just now growing back. He could also feel what he was looking for.

"You all need to stand back, and watch out what comes up beneath your feet," he warned them, standing still and his arms in front of him.

"What does he mean by that?" Emmet muttered, rolling his eyes to the sky.

When the ground began to shake again, Emmet got the message. He jumped away at the sight of something white protruding from the ground, right between his feet. Danny's whole body was glowing in power, and his face looked blank as he moved his lips silently.

"What's he saying?" Alice whispered to her mate.

"Not sure, it's not a language I'm familiar with," Jasper answered uncertainly, looking at the all the little white dots that blanketed the area.

The ground shook harder as something came up from the ground. Dirt dripped off of the bones of a massive animal, most likely some sort of dinosaur yet to be discovered. Many bones of mountain-lions and deer that they had hunted over the years showed up as well, but what disturbed them was the skeletons of humans, some still with the flesh on their bones.

Danny put his arms down, his body fading from its ethereal glow. He looked around at the hundreds of bodies he had summoned and nodded his head.

"It will do," he whispered to himself. "Guys, meet our army."

"You raised the dead?" Alice asked, shocked.

"No, they're like puppets," Danny explained. "Souls can never return to a dead body unless some power beyond me says so. I just strung these bones together and now I control them. They may look like nothing, but they are powerful."

"How do you mean?" Carlisle asked, looking at a human skeleton from a distance.

"Without souls to limit their minds, they are faster, stronger and ten times more resilient then they could be if they were mortal, and the best thing is, if they break," here Danny kicked a dog skeleton, knocking the head off—but after a moment, the head rolled back to the limp spine and reattached itself, "they put themselves back together."

"So you're going to use them to defeat Vlad?" Jasper asked.

"No, I'm going to use them to destroy that monster," Danny growled angrily. "He dies, today!"

The skeletons seemed to pick up his mood and started to head for Forks where the screaming people could be heard way up on the hill. Danny took to the air and led the dead army down the hill, the vampires picking up the rear.

"What should we do?" Esme asked them all. "Is Danny really going to kill this Plasmius?"

"Maybe, but I think we should do as he says and stay away from the fighting," Carlisle said. "This is his fight, and we will be there for him if he needs us. Alice, can you keep watch on the fight?"

"I'll do my best," she said, but with uncertainty as they walked back to the house.

"Humans can be so stupid sometimes," Danny told himself as he looked down at the T.V. cameras and news people getting ready to broadcast live at the carnage below him. "Better make this quick."

The skeletal army began its rampage through the streets, keeping their sockets to the sky and the lower beings watching the alleys for anything that resembled a wolf. Danny was glad all of the people vacated the area, that meant no one around to with a chance of getting hurt—besides the camera crews of course.

"Well Daniel," Vlad said from above him, looking down at the white army. "I never thought you would use that little ability you gained from the Reaper."

"Knowing it and using it are two different things," Danny said, straightening in the air. "You're lucky I'm giving you this one chance, leave now or I will kill you."

Vlad cocked an eyebrow at Danny's odd words. In all of the years he had known Daniel, he never heard that last word come from his mouth. It particularly scare him, but it was interesting to see Danny in this state. Perhaps he should be a little lenient himself.

"I'm in a hurry Daniel," Vlad said, looking down at the boy as if trying to find something on his face that shouldn't be there. "I know you don't have much longer and I must get this information before someone else does."

"No one is getting it you fruitloop," Danny bit back harshly. "Are you ready to die?"

"Are you Daniel?" Vlad asked, but he didn't sound threatening, more concerned.

Danny only pinned him down with a steely gaze that said he wasn't going to answer that. He balled his hands up, energy pulsing. Vlad did the same and the battle began.

The wolves had slunk out of the shadows and ambushed the skeletons, but they soon realized that they were out matched by both numbers and strength. Giant furry bodies were hurled through the air, landing on sidewalks, cars, and house windows. Bones scattered the pavement, only to pull themselves together and fight again.

Danny and Vlad fought in the sky, unaware of anything except for each other. The grey sky over them became darker as their auras clashed, affecting the weather into a stormy fit. With each punch thrown and ray blasted, a streak of lightening or a clap of thunder would sound in the distance. The ground shook, houses swayed from the winds, the reporters stupidly stayed right below the fight, holding onto their coats as they caught every movement of the ghosts above them, ignoring the battle on the ground entirely.

Vlad was beginning to get worried. Danny had never fought with such resolve before. Vlad knew Danny always held back in their battles because the boy had this ridiculous notion of not seriously injuring anyone—even his enemies—but that notion was gone today. Danny fought well—maybe too well.

The enemy soon saw this as a lost cause and wanted to call a retreat, but Danny wouldn't allow it. He blasted the ghost in the face, making Vlad loose altitude and smash into the road.

"What is this?" Danny mocked. "I thought no one could beat the great Plasmius."

Danny blasted at Vlad again, but the elder managed to dodge the attack by inches. He looked up fearfully at Danny and turned to flee, but a Phantom copy stopped him and punched him in the gut. Danny blasted Vlad in the back, making the elder eat pavement again with his face.

"I want to know something before I kill you," Danny said, his teeth clenched together in his anger.

Danny grabbed Vlad, making the elder look up directly into angry neon green eyes just as it started to rain.

"Please," Vlad pleaded weakly with a very broken jaw, "I give up.

"That isn't good enough anymore Vlad," Danny said.

He placed a hand on Vlad forehead and began to probe the man's thoughts and secrets. When he found what he wanted, he dug so deeply that he made Vlad cry out in pain. The cold of the rain made steam as it hit Danny's overheated body—his energy pulsing so rapidly that it was making the half ghost hotter then he realized.

"You monster," he growled. "For this you will not die, but you will wish you were."

Danny dug his fingers into Vlad's face, making the elder half ghost scream. He was squeezing so hard that blood began to drip down Vlad's face, his mouth and eyes wide in horror. The pain was too much that he couldn't scream anymore. Suddenly, the man seemed to go limp and blank. Danny let go of the body with disgust, watching the man blink slowly.

"No longer a fruitloop, but a vegetable," Danny muttered, watching Vlad return to his human form.

He looked up and saw that the T.V. people had fled earlier, probably when they had taken the battle to land. The skeletal army had gone back to their rest, he could see their forms on the hill as they walked back to the clearing. The wolves were gone as well, probably wondering why they were in Forks and rushed back to home to find Jacob so he could explain what happened.

Danny himself felt tired, but satisfied at what had happened. Vlad wouldn't be hurting anyone ever again, but what the older half ghost had said earlier made him want to take a quick check of himself. He looked down and saw his right hand was shaking slightly. He checked it off as an adrenaline rush.

"Damn you Vlad for reminding me of why I really came here," Danny told the unresponsive form.

Bella paced the house while the vampires sat motionless, waiting to see if Danny would return to tell them it was all right. They had watched the whole fight ensue on the news, but what happened after the battle became grounded was unknown to them.

"I really hope he doesn't kill anyone," Bella said, looking out the window for the umpteenth time.

Edward got up, if a little shakily, and joined her.

"He'll be fine," Edward told her. "He's a skilled fighter, he knows what he's doing."

"Of course I am."

Everyone turned to see Danny, in human form for once, standing in the doorway.

"Sorry if I didn't knock," he said smiling as if nothing was wrong.

"Danny!" Alice squealed and ran to hug the half ghost. "We were so worried."

"I can tell," Danny chuckled as he hugged her back. "Don't worry about Vlad, he won't be coming back."

"Did you kill him?" Emmet asked.

"No, but I might as well have. The humans will classify it as brain damage. He won't be in a comma but he can't communicate or move. He's a living vegetable in other words. He was drooling when I left him."

"Nice," the large vampire smiled. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I'll need time to heal up. Mind if I stay for a few more days?"

"You've been here for three days and half of Forks doesn't exist anymore," Jasper pointed out.

"If you think you won't cause anymore damage, I think you can stay," Edward said, sliding a glance at Carlisle.

"Of course he can stay, we have plenty of room," the doctor said as if it was ludicrous to think otherwise.

"Good, because I'm about to pass out," Danny said, starting to lean into Alice.

The black haired vampire got Danny up to a room easily enough.

Edward watched Alice as she dragged their new house guest up the stairs, but something told the vampire that something wasn't quite right—as if something had to be resolved before it was too late. He shook the feeling off and joined Bella at the window, watching the rain.

THE END! How was that? Oh, and the total number of reviews is-136! So here's the sneak peak I promised of the sequal which will be titled My Last Wish.

The T.V. played the footage yet again of the two flying figures battling it out in the skies. The reporters commented as they argued over what it was, but Valerie knew it all too well.

Many thought it was a stunt, others a prank gone wrong, but Valerie knew what it was. It had been two weeks since this footage was taken, two weeks since Vlad Masters had been taken to a hospital for treatment of brain damage. They said he would live in this own world for the rest of his life—not that Valerie cared that much about the man. He had killed her father after all—so she guessed she owed Phantom that much, but the spector still had to be destroyed.

She aimed her gun at the T.V. and fired, sending a bright pink beam into the screen. Only small green sparks were left of the box. She took her cigarette out of her mouth and exhaled, a large plume of smoke swirling over her head.

"I'm coming Phantom," she said, snuffing the cigarette out on an old news clipping of said person. "I'm coming to finish it."