A/N: Just a short drabble that I thought of, a way to extperiment with writing the characters. Any input would be welcome as I have only seen a couple episdoes and would like to be sure I am keeping everyone in character.

Disclaimer: I do not own Life on Mars, BBC does that- lucky people.

Sam sat quietly at his desk. There was nothing going on, absolutely nothing. No break-ins, no murders, nothing. All he had to keep him busy was paperwork. His entire week had been nothing but going through and sorting old files.

A steady banging jerked the DI out of his thoughts. Looking around he spotted Chris. The younger officer was standing on top of a chair that he had pulled up to DCI Hunt's office door. Hammer in hand he was knocking away at some nails that he was using to post something up.

Curious now, Sam stood up along with a few others and made his way to see what was going on. "Chris…what are you doing?"

Chris smiled down at him from his perch, "Well Boss, seeing as how everyone was so down today, I thought I'd have a little fun. Take a look." He gestured grandly at a large piece of cardboard. Scrawled sloppily across it were a series of rules.

Sam read them out loud, "Rule number one; the Gene Genie is always right. Rule number two; in the event the Gene Genie is wrong, refer to rule number one." He looked at the DS, "Chris, how do you spell 'refer'?"

Chris blushed.

Sam continued, "Rule number three; Sam is sometimes right, in the event he is wrong, refer to rule number one." The DI concluded his reading with a steady glare at Chris.

Ray and the rest of the crew thought it was quite funny. They started laughing and couldn't be bothered with what Boss thought.

They were quickly silenced as a slammed door announced that presence of DCI Hunt. Chris hurriedly leapt of his chair and moved it out of the way. The screeching of the chair legs was the only sound as all the officers parted to let Gene though. Only Sam was left standing in front of the sign.

Gene stopped; he looked from his DI to the sign and back. "I like rule number one." He said, and stepped into his office, allowing the door to close behind him with a resounding crash.

Sam sighed, back to work.