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"I don't feel good, mommy." My daughter mumbled, seconds before she threw up all the contents of her stomach onto my freshly cleaned kitchen floor. Unfortunately, some of the…splatter landed on me.

The second she stopped retching, Alice took one look at the floor and burst into tears. Trying desperately not to gag and embarrass her further, I crouched down slightly and pulled my daughter into my arms. "Shh…it's okay, Alice." I comforted her, kissing her forehead and noticing she felt pretty warm. "Edward!" I called loudly, still hugging Alice tightly. "Please come in here!"

"What's-" Edward rounded the corner into the kitchen not a full minute later, his face immediately contorting slightly in disgust, causing Alice to cry even harder. I narrowed my eyes at my husband of nearly ten years and he offered me a small, apologetic smile.

"Take Ali upstairs while I clean this up." I said softly. "Please take her temperature." I added. Edward nodded and opened his arms to our daughter invitingly. Alice looked up from the crook of my neck with her bottom lip jutting out and her eyes rimmed in red.

"Come on, baby." Edward crooned, wiggling his fingers. Alice sniffled and then slowly walked over to him before practically jumping into his open arms. She locked her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, burying her head into his chest. I watched as Edward gently rubbed her back, then smiled at me and slowly retreated upstairs.

As I started to clean up the mess on the floor, my mind wandered freely.

If you had told me ten years ago I'd end up married to Edward Cullen bearing his two children, I'd think you were absolutely and completely insane. Back in high school, where we met, Edward and I had been complete polar opposites.

I had spent the majority of my time in library studying, while he was always the center of attention. I studied, he partied. Simple as that. We kept our distance from each other and hardly spoke.

And then came the year that would change everything. It was my first year of college, and I was all geared up to be starting school at the Chicago Institute of Art. And it turned out, Edward was headed to the University of Chicago. I had sat down on the plane, leaving Seattle and all the loneliness of high school behind, when none other than Edward Cullen sat down in the seat next to mine. We had exchanged awkward, surprised greetings and then fallen into an uncomfortable silence. But somewhere in the middle of our flight, that all changed. We started talking about college…and then simply became fascinated with each other.

Edward told me about the full ride football scholarship he had gotten to Stanford, and how he had decided to turn it down because he was sick of football and his heart was no longer in the game. Instead, he was studying to be a composer at the University of Chicago. My heart had practically melted right then and there. Our conversation had then drifted towards me and my art, which had gotten me a substantial scholarship.

It was like we had become two different people over the summer. I had broken out of my shy, reclusive shell, and Edward was less cocky and arrogant. We ended up sharing our first kiss by the end of that plane ride. Two months later, we had fallen in love and were living together.

And not eight months after that…I had gotten pregnant. My parents had not been very happy, to say the least, but Edward had been positively thrilled. He had proposed on the spot and we got married when I was four months pregnant.

It was at that point in my life that I decided I needed to put my college education on hold. Edward had been extremely against it, but had eventually given in. We scraped together the money we had, took a loan from the bank, and then managed to buy a house perfect for our growing family. Edward had to commute a lot further for his classes, but he insisted that it was worth it. Three months after we moved into the house, our little baby was born.

Emmet was the most beautiful little baby boy. He had my chocolate brown curls and deep brown eyes but all of Edward's handsome features, down to the adorable dimples on his cheeks. It had certainly been a difficult time for me- none of my few friends in the city knew anything about babies and Edward and I's families were both back in Washington, but Edward and I had pulled together. Emmet was nine years old now, and completely obsessed with football. I can't tell you how many times that boy has dragged his father outside to play.

Our second child, Alice, was born four years later. Edward was out of school and had a good job while I stayed home with Emmet and Alice. She was nothing like her big brother- Alice was a hyper five year old while Emmet was a much more subdued nine year old. They didn't even look alike. Alice shared Edward's emerald green eyes and bronze hair, but my heart shaped face and other facial features.

Needless to say, life has not turned out how I had planned. I was a twenty nine year old housewife and mother of two with a not even half completed college degree. I hadn't even painted a single thing in months, and painting had been my passion for a long time. I was too busy with housework and Edward and Alice and Emmet, not to mention the six month old rescue mutt we had just adopted, Jacob.

But I was deliriously happy. Before this all happened, I had never wanted a family. Things had drifted far from my original plan, yes. But I could easily say that my life had been changed for the better.


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