The Revenge of Mashtooth

Chapter 2:Mashtooth Is alive!

You probably remember that all portholes are now closed from chapter 1. Well, now the pokemon are in trouble.

After the chat, Dratini asked "Are we able to go back to our mission?"

"No." Starfy answered "You'll have to stay for a while till we find the problem."


Meanwhile, Bunston was searching Mashtooth and he found out that some evil college students had revived him. It turned out that the students were his people!

"I've got to tell Starfy about this. "said Bunston.

"It's time for lunch! Mom cooked delicious lasagna!" His brother called. Bunston came down and ate very fast . Then, came upstairs. He e-mailed Starfy.


Starfy saw the e-mail and said, " But that's impossible! I made his people to go to jail all of them! Though some of them can change into different people. Probably they changed shape, stole the keys, freed the people, and forced chemists to get the reviving potion!"

"What's the matter, Starfy." Asked Starly who was very curious about what was going on.

" Mashtooth came back." Answered Starfy in sorrow. Then, he went to bed thinking what he would do to defeat Mashtooth and of course save the castle from him.

In the next morning, Starfy announced to the pokemon that they would have to fight and kill Mashtooth and his people.

"But how are we going to kill him? Usually, pokemon don't kill but make the opponent faint." Said Eevee as the usual.

"Well, you will learn how to make a person die. Making someone faint will not work on Mashtooth and his people. They have gotten stronger than before. That potion cannot only revive you but also make you stronger but now Mashtooth is heading for me and Bunston which are bad because my and his strength won't work on Mashtooth so we are counting on you two." Starfy explained.

All of the sudden.

"Oh my god I'm having a child!" Starly shouted out of nowhere.

"Let's start our journey to Mach Hill. There, we will meet Bunston and fight Mashtooth. I will teach you how to fight to the death. Moe, you also have to come too." Starfy said. And so on they went.