Millions of mouthwatering scents swirled in my head, and I couldn't stop myself from lunging at the innocent people that rounded the corner that moment. They barely had time to register the attacking vampire.

Terrified screams erupted, filling my ears and ringing around the chamber room. The infinite amount of different scents filled my thoughts, consuming me entirely. They spun in my mind, dizzying me. My hands grabbed the nearest human they could find—a middle-aged man. Anything to stop the overwhelming pain in my throat.

A small, remote section of my brain registered Aro's voice. "Let the feast begin," he murmured with a smirk in his voice, and with a subtle flick of his finger, the rest of the Guard began attacking the shrieking crowd. The blonde one—Caius—snatched a young girl next to me.

Growls rumbled around the room that mixed in with the wails as the hunters snatched their prey and began feeding. We were the superior beings; the humans simply served as food and nothing more.

This all happened in a second. The minute the blood touched my lips everything else stopped. Even time. Nothing else mattered. I couldn't even feel. Yet every part of my body was tingling with bliss. Rational thoughts left me; only a soothing melody remained.

The human that lay writhing in my grasp contained the most delectable drink, a sweet nectar—like ambrosia, the food of the Gods. I must be in heaven, up with them. There was no way I could be on Earth. The pain I had gone through to get this was worth it all, and I would do it a thousand times again just to relive the experience from the very start.

It gushed in my eager and waiting lips, a beautifully sweet taste that thrilled my taste buds. Warm red liquid spurted through my fingers, bubbling up through the large gash in the man's neck. The blood was thick, and it was the best thing I had ever tasted.

So much of the world had been hidden from me.

I couldn't believe that all my life I had been missing out on this. This...divine substance was now the only thing I craved. The whole of my existence. As long as I had this, I was fine. I was more than fine. I was wonderful.

This was the epitome of ecstasy—"a state of emotion so intense that one is carried beyond rational thought and self-control". The pure bliss I felt now was nothing—nothing—compared to any other emotion I had felt in my life. It was lovely.

I hissed in frustration when the carcass ran dry, the blood all gone. I lapped some up with my pink tongue that had remained on my fingers. The man's eyes were rolled back into his head, and his neck had been broken from some unfathomable source. Had I done that?

People still scurried around the room, looking for an entrance which they wouldn't find. A tall woman with flowing brown waves of hair blocked the door, sucking the life out of a petite tourist who had her hair pulled back in a simple ponytail. The sight made the flames in my throat flare up with desire.

In my peripheral vision, I caught a teenage boy looking at me in horror, but even as this emotion flashed across his face, he was staring dumbstruck at me. Thin wisps of dirty blonde hair fell into his sharp, blue eyes. He was about my age, and stood only a little taller than me.

He was so handsome, yet I couldn't refrain from grabbing a handful of his crisp, yellow shirt and pulling him closer to me. His eyelids drooped as he stared dreamily at me with a sea of wonder and awe pooling in his eyes. The fire in my throat was surging, determined to push my self-control to its already tenuous limits.

"My name is Bella," I breathed, watching a ripple pass through him and blush touch his cheeks. That was all I needed to lose myself again. With a snarl, I bit into his muscular neck, which was pumping fresh blood through itself.

A strangled cry spewed from his mouth, and he started wriggling under my icy grip, trying to free himself. Absentmindedly, I held on. I was already in another world. I had been propelled from my body and was in a robotic state, of sort. All of my movements were not my own; they belonged to someone else, someone darker, who had completely taken over me.

The beating of his heart grew frantic and he resorted to pleading. "Please, please! You don't understand! I have a family and my sister is waiting for me to get back home; I can't leave her!" His words went past my ears like intangible smoke. Fresh blood went through me that filled me with each cry of his heart, spilling more into my body.

Soon enough, he was dry. Bone-dry; nothing was left. Greedy as I was, I wanted more. I needed more. It was compulsory—I never had a choice. Now I knew what Edward meant about being a monster and having no soul. The guilt in me was not enough to stop me from grabbing another fleeing tourist.


After I was done, I shoved all of my cadavers to a corner, feeling disgusted with myself. I was covered in dried blood; some was caked to my chin. Aro drifted over to me with not one stain on his black cloak. I, in the meantime, was drenched in a red sea from my victims, which was added to the guilt pile.

Aro opened his arms to me with a smile on his face. "Well done, Bella—that was quite extraordinary for your first time. Three humans in only a minute or two. Congratulations on fitting in on this lifestyle so quickly." Once the pleased words were out of his mouth, the rest o the Guard began swarming around me.

"So, what gift does she have?" asked one vampire curiously.

A black-haired man questioned, "Any powers?...Of course so! Aro certainly wouldn't change a mere human without there being a reason."

"Master, what talent does this girl possess?" The last comment was sneered, and I instantly recognized the voice as the little girl's. Jane, was it?

That thought seemed to float to the forefront of my mind. Aro had said I must have a very special talent—that's why he changed me. The three people who had spoken now crowded eagerly around me, save for Jane, who just stood behind Aro scowling at me.

The first one had red hair with a perky smile. Suddenly, something was probing my mind—I could feel it. A frown touched my face. "Please stop that," I requested politely. The feeling stopped immediately, and the girl looked incredulous.

"Did you see that?" she asked to anyone who would listen. "Did you see that?" Confused faces answered her question.

Aro turned to her. "Why, whatever do you mean by that, Chelsea?" Maybe she could help unravel the mystery of my talent since she couldn't...touch my mind? I hadn't meant anything offensive when I had said it; the sensation just wasn't something pleasant, and I had wished for it to stop.

Chelsea turned to her "master" with a frown on her face. "I was hoping to tie her to you, of course, as I do any new member, but she felt it, and she told me to stop. I've never had anyone say that—nobody has ever really felt it and been aware of it without knowing of my gift. But she did. It was so peculiar. I couldn't get a firm grasp on her mind."

A look came upon his face, one of pleased awe. He started laughing; the rest of the guard looked at him like he was going mad. "This is simply marvelous!" he chuckled. My lower lip jutted out; where had I heard him say that before? Whenever it was, it wasn't a happy time. And it had brought pain.

A person drifted into the room with an apathetic mask placed on his face. I had never seen him before, but the rest of the guard made a wide berth for him. He must be someone important like Caius or Aro. "Perhaps Eleazar would be able to tell us...if we were to travel to Denali," he suggested in a dead monotone, lightly touching his hand to Aro's for a second, and then pulling away. Whatever had happened to him? He saw my startled look and didn't spare me a second glance. I wasn't a shiny toy like the rest of the Volturi seemed to think. At least not to him.

Aro looked back at me with a wistful look. "Ah yes, but you see, I don't think that is necessary. I think I already know what she can do," he announced proudly to the rest of his empire. Gasps went around the room, and suddenly a chorus of, "What is it?" went around the room.

"You see," he said, addressing all of them, "I think she's a shield. The signs are there—she is immune to Jane's gift, as well as mine and Chelsea's. But I'm not sure. Renata!" he called, and a meek girl with brown hair and silky skin hovered to his side, instantly placing a delicate palm on his back.

"Yes master?" Her voice quavered slightly, as if the slightest thing would upset her.

He craned his neck to see her behind his back. "I want you to put out your shield. Bella, walk towards her."

I didn't want to, but I knew I had to. If I ever wanted to find out what my gift was, I had to do it. I couldn't wallow in a mysterious atmosphere forever. I started to drift towards her, but was immediately stopped by some invisible barrier. I tried again, but was pushed back.

Aro started his laughing fit up again. "Ha ha ha! This is quite amazing! Quite so, indeed! Everyone, she has a mental shield; I'm quite sure of it. Try your powers on her, if you must." His eager, bright red eyes met mine. "Can you expand it?" With my confused look, he sighed, "In other terms, project it from your mind to protect others?"

Still getting over the shock of Aro's epiphany, I merely stuttered, "I-I'm not s-s-sure." A wave of scarlet eyes met mine, but I did not feel anything, except for the stab of Chelsea's gift. Enraged growls ripped from the vampires' throats as their talents did nothing against mine. Jane let out a shriek.

A young boy walked up to me who appeared to be Jane's twin; he was truly a mirror image of her. "It's okay, Jane." Closing his eyes in concentration, I saw a clear but hazy fog that started to seep out of him. I wouldn't have been able to see it if the ornate tiles beneath it did not blur together into a jumbled, geometric mess.

The others all stepped fearfully out of its path as it slowly made its way toward me. Aro's eyes lit up with childish enthusiasm as the mist creeped closer and closer. Finally it hit me; it has a flavor that was sweet and numbing, but it didn't numb me. My eyebrows knitted together in confusion—why was everyone so scared? It wasn't the most pleasant feeling, but nobody had any reason to be scared of it, right? "Is something supposed to be happening? Because I don't feel anything...well I mean, I feel something, but is it supposed to hurt? What is it supposed to do, creep me out?"

The boy's eyes narrowed in anger, and the mist flared up wildly, now swirling around me. Still nothing. "Come on—what's the secret?" I asked, starting to get annoyed. Why wasn't anybody answering? Why were they just standing there like idiots with their jaws open?

Aro started laughing uncontrollably. "This is magnificent! Truly, it is! She's immune to everybody's gifts!" Greed filled his eyes. "Now we'll be invincible," he hissed with a fierce glee. The haze stopped, and he clutched my hands tightly.

Voices rumbled through the large room as the vampires talked amongst themselves. The boy stepped up to me with anger smoldering in his crimson eyes. He couldn't be much older than thirteen, at the most. He was just a child!

"Now Alec, let's not be disagreeable." Jane skipped up to Alec's side. "Dear brother, it is nothing to be ashamed of. She confounds us all. And she's nothing special." A scowl was placed on her beautiful lips that had been turned down. She grasped her brother's hands and tugged him away before he lunged at me.

Even as congratulations met my ears at making it into the Volturi Guard, I still felt misplaced.

Why did everyone hate me?


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