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There were only a handful of things that proved that he had been real. Even some of those could have been made up. I knew the 'cold ones' existed and that I had met some. I had a half moon scar on my hand that was concrete evidence. It still hurt too much to think of the real term for them, even to think the word usually had the effect of bringing me to my knees. So I had adopted one of the more polite Quileute expressions for them.

He was right memories do fade over time; I can barely remember what he looked like. He had bronze hair, topaz eyes, freezing cold and the palest skin of anyone I've ever met, to the few in the know this proves what he was. I never talk about his existence with family or friends, it hurts too much, but somewhere deep down I know he was real, I know he was mine, if only for the short few months.

I would always be his.

But I know I have to try to get on with my life, after all it has been nearly three years. He didn't want me. I wasn't good enough for him. I still wonder now and again how he is, where he is. I just hope he is happy, whatever he may be doing. I hope he found his distractions.

I found a distraction. His name is Jacob Black. He helped me; he put me back together when almost everyone else, including myself, had given up on me. He is like a brother to me. I know that's not how he sees me, I know he wants to be more, but I can't cope with that. That is one thing that will always be broken. He has always been so patient, so understanding, that's why I love him, as much as I am able to. That is why I accepted. He looked so eager, I couldn't shut him out again.

So here we are, travelling together. I knew Jake had always wanted to see the world and this was the best time. We had both graduated from school and neither of us were completely sure what we wanted to do next. Although Jake had a commitment at La Push there hadn't been a reason for him to protect the area since he and his pack had destroyed the 'cold ones' that had come looking for me intent on revenge. I couldn't dwell on those memories, the hole in my chest opened every time I thought of it, even with Jake sitting next to me.

My brain had tried so hard to forget about those months, to protect myself from the pain, both emotional and physical. That was when he had left, when she had come to get revenge, it didn't matter to her that he was no longer with me honestly I think that had made her more eager to finish me, the fact that he had taken her mate to protect me and then left me so easily made her furious but at the same time I think she enjoyed playing with my mind and making me feel even worse about the whole ordeal. That was when Jake and his brothers had risked their own lives to protect mine, when Jake had pushed his luck slightly too far and received the scar that was still faintly visible, if only to those who knew where to look.

"Bella, Bella?"

Jake's voice broke the unwanted thoughts that had taken over my mind. I turned to look at him. Sitting in the drivers seat, his eyes flickering between me and the road, the afore mentioned scar running the length of his right arm visible right up to where his sleeve hid it from view, I however knew it continued right up to his shoulder blade in an 's' shaped manor. I forced my eyes not to look at his arm, I could already feel the guilt pooling in my stomach, I flashed my eyes to his face. At the sight of his grin all feelings of guilt and all of my previous thoughts were replaced


"Didn't you hear me? I said we should probably find somewhere to eat and stay for the night, what do you think?"

"What time is it?"


"Oh, yeah, we should,"

I hadn't realised how hungry I had gotten, had it really been seven hours since we had lunch. We were just on the outskirts of a town in Italy, I couldn't remember the name, Jake had told me as we entered it, but it had soon been pushed out of my mind. As had all the other places we had driven through that day, we had been on the road nearly ten hours now. I had driven for a while this morning when we first set off from Bern and gotten us extremely lost and ended up in Zurich. Jake had taken over, found the correct road and had been driving ever since. The plan was that we were driving straight through to Rome and if I hadn't made the mistake earlier then we would probably be there already.

Jake slowed his driving down, looking for a hotel or somewhere for us to stay. It was starting to get dark. Finally, just as I was about to suggest we slept in the car, we found a hotel. It looked ok, a little shabby maybe but we weren't worried about that. We went in, spoke to the receptionist in our limited Italian, after realising we were American she spoke perfect English to us. We sorted payments and she gave us our key cards while apologising for not being able to provide dinner as we had checked in too late but gave us a list of nice places to eat nearby.

We put our things in our room then headed back out to find a restaurant. Being in Italy we naturally ordered pizza. On our walk back to the hotel Jake pointed out some lights in the distance it looked like a castle and seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. We decided we would explore the following day.

When we got back to the hotel, we went straight to bed. I was asleep within minutes of my head touching the pillow. It is surprising how tired you get after a day of travelling.

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