A departure from the usual Naruto finds Sasori's workshop/ Gets trained by Chiyo, and finally makes an army of human puppets, puppeteer stories. As Naruto accidentally finds out, Monzaemon Chikamatsu, the inventor of the art of puppetry was a resident of the Fire Country at one time. In the cellars of a small abandoned estate, a seven-year old Naruto stumbles on the scrolls which explain the theory behind his greatest works, the Ten Puppet Collection, all along with most basic explanations behind the skills of puppetry, along with it's practical applications ad many other ninja arts. Without any background knowledge the boy studies, learning at an insane rate, learning and mastering most of the basic arts within four years, even creating his first puppets. However, once his new found interest is discovered, the council(aka Danzo and cronies) wish to turn him into a weapon and take his knowledge, so with a heavy heart, Sarutobi sends Naruto out of the village escorted by a young jounin prodigy named Yugao Uzuki (aged fourteen at that point). Naruto, embittered by the betrayal promises to become the greatest puppeteer the world has ever seen. A sarcastic, dark(but not evil, more along the cynical side) and highly intelligent Naruto. Pairings will be NarutoXYugao(Certain), or NarutoXHarem (possible, but this would be a first for me, and I'd want to do it properly, also Yugao is fixed here) (the most likely characters running through my head would be Haku (yes, I consider her to be female ) and Yugito or Fu(as a female, it was never noted exactly which sex he/she is))

Keep in mind that I might be reusing certain characters from my other story... my naming skills are far from perfect :P

And there won't be any Kushina or Minato insertions. For all intents and purposes, Naruto is alone in the world with no family. I will not be exploring that side of the world in this storyline. Also, I have decided that Jiraya won't be Naruto's godfather. There will be contact between the two, and what else will happen, I'm not sure yet.

Also, there will be a bit of theory here, mostly to explain my view on the puppets, and to give you some idea what Naruto will be able to pull of, and there will be several special abilities that he will pick up on while developing his skills. As a side note, he will only be using normal puppets (Come to think of it, there is nothing normal with those ten puppets Chiyo pulled out against Sasori, but what the heck), and not human puppets, to at least make it somewhat different from the usual puppeteer stories. I also got a few interesting ideas I'll pull through with it

I've decided to go with the cannon on some accounts. The villagers don't like him, but simply isolate him, rather then try and harm/kill him. He is still the village pariah, they still refuse to sell him goods at normal or even remotely fair prices, and he isn't an idiot. I have however changed the starting time of the series to a point where Naruto has just begun his stay in the Konoha Academy. There are a few who would gladly see him dead, however, that's nowhere near as easy to accomplish.

Also, sorry that writing this took far longer than expected, as much as I tired, I couldn't produce a good first chapter.

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With But a Pull of the Strings

Chapter 1 : Legacy of the White Sage

'Rain' Naruto duly noted as he walked out of the doors of the Konoha Ninja Academy. He watched with a great deal of sadness as the other children rushed into the welcoming arms of their parents or siblings, and but a few aside from him were alone, rushing to homes that were probably as empty as his.

'At least they had something to look forward to' he thought, with emotion that didn't belong to a boy of his age.

He could go 'home', but that made little sense to him. It was just a few empty rooms, and lacked all the warmth that he had seen in the homes of others.

Nothing had changed.

Sarutobi had told him that the academy would be a great place to make friends, something he sorely lacked, the only ones being Ayame and her father Teuchi, along with the Hokage. But the first day turned into a disaster for him. The teachers threw him out for the smallest of offenses, and they once even did it when he was behaving perfectly! If he hadn't already expected, he would probably be heartbroken by their actions, something he was growing increasingly sure of was their plan.

With a resigned sigh, he decided to take a long walk through the village.

There was something very pleasant about the rain, he would argue, and the fact that the the cool droplets chased away the oppressive heat of the last few days was something he very much appreciated. The small bag that held the few books he owned would probably be getting soaked, had the old hokage not woven in a few designs that he called seals into the fabric, which kept the interior perfectly dry. The books he had were all second-hand, however, the small tinge of disappointment he felt at first when he was gifted with these vanished quickly when he noticed that each and every one of them had a number of notes inscribed at almost every page. Most of them were jokes or pranks-in-the-making, but there were a few rather clever pieces of advice, and unusual uses of some items and jutsu.

He laughed, a tired and somewhat bitter laugh. He had yet to learn how to use chakra, something most students figured out the first day, greatly in thanks to the teachers who would show them. The only one who bothered to show him anything was Iruka, and even that was limited as he would not give up teaching all of them just to help one boy, regardless of how bad the case was, during class. Still, at least he offered a few pieces of advice after the classes, answering all of his questions gladly and even suggesting some books that might help, apologizing that he himself was unable to because of his duties. The man at least treated him civilly and kindly, which was something Naruto deeply appreciated.

Naruto sighed for the hundredth time that day. The rain was quickly turning into a downpour, and there was no shelter in sight. Frowning on this development, he ran, turning at corners, and hoping to find some place to hide from the rain.

After about five minutes, he was soaked completely, and yet, the streets of Konoha offered little shelter. He was far off from his home, but regardless he wasn't overly worried. He wouldn't catch a cold. Regardless of what he did, he never once got sick. But being soaked was both uncomfortable and unpleasant. Thankfully, he noticed a single, slightly ajar door in one of the side alleys. His common sense would have screamed at him that entering such places was a BAD idea, but he was too tired to care.

Stumbling into the room behind the door, Naruto was surprised to note that it was actually quite comfortable-looking. The room would have reminded him of the foyer of a rich estate... had he actually been to one. However, what would be strange was the fact that the only further exit from the room was a stairwell leading down. A wisp of curiosity guiding him, Naruto decided to explore, and went down the stairs. What he found, not that he knew it then, would change his life forever.

A large square chamber, designed mostly as a workshop/library, around ten meters in width and about three meters high, one half of the room was covered by nothing but bookshelves, while the other side contained a forge, a woodworker's bench, a single table dedicated to precise metalwork and likely, jewelry, and finally one covered with various bottles, beakers and other lab equipment. There was also a writing desk, and on it a sealed letter.

Again, driven by his curiosity he walked over to it, and noticed the short note written on it.

'To whomever finds this' written in a simple, elegant script.

"Whomever finds this?" Naruto thought out loud "Well, I guess that's me."

Without a second's doubt, he ripped the letter open, pulling out the rather high quality paper inside, and began reading

'To those whom it may concern,

I, Monzaemon Chikamatsu, in a relatively sane state of mind leave this workshop and all it's secrets to a future generation to learn from. My greatest pupil, Chiyo lacks the creativity and drive to truly breath life into my art, so I leave it to you reader, in hopes that the Art of Puppetry will live once again as it was meant to be. Within the walls of this room you, hopefully a prospective puppeteer, will find all of the years of research I used to create my art. If you wish it, learn from me, study my art, master it, and teach it to others. If not, I beg of you to find a worthy pupil and guide him here.

For better or for worse, I leave this world, while leaving my legacy in your hands reader. I hope that you will make me proud.

Monzaemon Chikamatsu, The White Sage and creator of the Art of Puppetry'

Naruto held the piece of paper in abrupt shock, staring, and rereading to make sure he understood correctly. This man left everything behind to a potential pupil who would find this place one day? With full faith in him? Even to him it seemed like taking too much of a chance, but he certainly wasn't going to complain.

As he finished, he thought to take another look in the envelope that letter was in, finding another short note inside. It read shortly

'Oh, and the scrolls on the shelves are ranked by difficulty, from beginner to mater, from bottom to top. Good luck'

With a small chuckle, Naruto sat down on the chair before the desk. It was time to make a very big decision, life-changing in fact. The choice wasn't hard, considering that he had choice A) preparation by academy, in which case he would likely get killed as soon as he hit the field if today was any indication, and choice B) accept the man's legacy and learn, no, master everything the man left behind, and at least become a proper shinobi. Well, at least he didn't have much trouble deciding.

"Lowest shelf, was it?" he muttered as he walked over to the bookshelves, only then realizing just how much knowledge was deposited within this workshop. The rows were color-coded, with the lowest being white, going through a light green, dark blue and finally pitch black at the top. The white row, by itself was large enough to take weeks to read, and likely months to master.

A large grin covered Naruto's face... he had six years to master it all

Several hours of checking the various scrolls netted him a fine collection of literature. He soon found out that there was an order in which he was supposed to learn all this stuff, as much of it relied on basics he didn't possess.

A quick look revealed the titles of the scrolls as 'The basics of Chakra and Chakra Control', 'The Theory Behind the Art of Puppets', 'Use of Poison in Puppetry', 'Introduction to the Arts of Sealing' and 'Basics of Carpentry and Metalworking for Novices'. With a devotion that would probably scare Maito Gai, he sat down on the desk to read, right after replacing the letter back into it's envelope. The first scroll he wanted to read was the theory on puppets, so he pulled it out and started reading.

'While it may seem truly complicated to the novice, the Art is far simpler than it appears. Every puppet is a mechanical device relying on the chakra of the guide to work. In order for a Puppet to work properly it must be crafted with utmost care, and apart from the knowledge on the crafting of wood and metal, there is little more that is needed apart from creativity and foresight to craft a basic puppet. More complicated and powerful designs will require a carefully crafted artificial core' he carefully finished reading the first part. Beneath it was a series of relatively simple diagrams which displayed a humanoid puppet's arm, and it's mechanics. The understanding came almost naturally to him, and he noted every detail before continuing 'The diagrams displayed above give a complete look into one part of a puppet. The puppet itself is a physical extension of a user's chakra network. The Chakra Strings used to connect the tenketsu to the puppets are a copy of the body's own channels for Chakra. The use of said technique requires a great deal of chakra control, which may be difficult for those with a great capacity, however with proper training it is still easily achievable. It would be prudent to learn all of the basic chakra control skills such as levitating small objects over your tenketsu with nothing but chakra, using chakra to climb vertical surfaces, or even walking on water. After said exercises are completed, it should be relatively easy to create a chakra string necessary for controlling a puppet. At first, it will take ten fingers to control a single puppet, but with practice and experience, it will take just one'
Naruto blinked once, and then twice. Perhaps all this reading wasn't so boring after all. With a wide smile on his face, he prepared to go home when he noticed a small note attached to the wall next to the exit.

'This chamber is utterly secure against any attempts to enter without the owner's permission. In order to bind this place to yourself, pour a drop of your blood on the plate behind this paper, and you, and only you will be able to enter unopposed, all others will have to be led in'

The small needle attached to the paper worried him slightly as it evoked unpleasant memories, but he steeled himself, and pricked his thumb, releasing a single drop of the crimson life-fluid onto the small metallic plate. Instantly, something he could now identify as a seal came to life, absorbing the drop into it. His work here was done for the day.

(A month later, Konoha academy)

Umino Iruka was having a good day, he had to admit, though there were a number of interesting points. For one, Naruto Uzumaki had drastically improved during the past month, though he was still somewhere in the middle of the class. He was sorry that he couldn't help the boy more during class, but he often dropped by later asking about clarifications on many of the subjects, some of which were a bit ahead of the class, such as advanced mathematics, saying he needed them for a 'project'. He was curious, he had to admit, and explained the relatively simple to complex things he asked, glad to be of some help to the orphaned boy, knowing full well that most of the other teachers did their best to sabotage him.

Naruto was ecstatic on the other hand. The past month was probably the best and most productive time of his life. Within a month, he had read over the entire white section of the workshop, though he still didn't understand over half of it. By now, he had a grasp of chakra, and it's most basic applications, along with a simple academy exercise, the ability to hold an object attached to a surface of the body through nothing but chakra, along with the basics of woodworking and metalworking. He remembered the explanations that stated that in order to truly mater puppetry, he needed to create his own puppets,rather than rely on the creations of others. He had also begun to study the basics of chemistry and herbalism, though by now he had no applicable knowledge, seeing as the basics mostly consisted of the use of the equipment available to him. But still he learned, even the seemingly boring and useless subjects such as mathematics and physics.

Three of the main lessons that his 'sensei' had stated in his writings were simple ones:'The most potent tool of a shinobi is deception', 'Shinobi have no pride' and 'Overspecialization breeds in weakness'. In other words, keep your enemies guessing by never revealing all of your skills unless you had to, don't be afraid to ask for help simply because of your pride or worse, arrogance, and never focus so much on one area that the others suffer. Every skill had it's counter, and if you had only one skill... suffice to say that it wouldn't be pleasant

He had found an eager helper in Iruka, as whenever he asked for him to explain something after class, he gladly did so, giving him a far better understanding of certain subjects than he would normally have. Who knew that those annoying scrolls had such a damn cool use?

There were a few other things he found out. Naruto had an unnaturally large chakra capacity, and comparatively bad control over it. The fact that he started working on it early on would later help greatly, once they started learning about jutsu and other things.

Still, Iruka wasn't the only one who noticed the change in the young Uzumaki. Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Sandaime Hokage was one of the few who kindly looked looked on the boy, both because he liked the kid and out of a sense of obligation, both as a Hokage, and as a friend of his late father. He hated the fact that he couldn't tell Naruto anything yet, Konoha was still recovering from the Third shinobi war when the Fox struck, leaving the village greatly weakened. At this point it was hard protecting their borders, let alone him should certain interested parties find out of his lineage.

His current interest was brought on by two facts. First, he hadn't seen him since the academy started for the year, and second, he was doing rather well, though the tail he had set on him reported that he frequented a building near the older parts of Konoha, and that he spent long hours there. The fact that Naruto already told him what he was doing there and showed him the workshop kept him perfectly calm about it, though he advised Naruto not to mess around with the cutting tools in the workshop until he was a bit older. Regardless of the fact that Ninja used kunai, shuriken and other sharp on pointy objects, those things couldn't compare to a saw meant to easily cut metal, especially when it pulled on the arm of a child.

It was a calm day so far, Naruto inwardly mused. His class was nothing overly impressive, as he realized that most of them could be divided into a few, easily manageable groups: those who were useless, those who had potential, and those who were going to be shinobi.

Within the first group were most of the famous Uchiha fangirls, who joined the academy wanting nothing more than to seduce the arrogant prat, apart from one Ino Yamanaka who seemed to have potential and Sakura Haruno, of whom could be said the same... had she bothered to practice more.

The second consisted of the civilian children who didn't have the additional training that shinobi families provided to their children, along with a couple of lazier ones from said families, mostly like Nara Shikamaru, who while incredibly smart, was lazy as hell, or the young Hyuuga Hinata, who had serious confidence issues.

The third group was mostly empty, consisting of Shino Aburame and Sasuke Uchiha, the two quiet ones who kept to themselves mostly. He would also place himself in this third group, had he not been keeping a low profile a much as possible. It had been a long time since he was a happy child who would smile all the time, by now, the most common expression on his face was either a light scowl or an emotionless mask, though he did smile occasionally, to the few friends he made over time.

Shino had proven to be a stalwart if silent and capable person, someone who rarely talked, but weighed his words wisely when he did. Shikamaru, for all his lazy-ass attitude was an interesting person to talk to, and occasionally, laze about with, along his big-boned friend Chouji.

If there was one way to describe all of the friends he made in the academy, it was loyal to a fault. Shino was fiercely loyal to his clan, and to the few people that he would call friend, Shikamaru and Chouji were just as loyal, though more open about it. He knew he could tell them anything and count on them to keep the secret unless they believed it was badly detrimental to his health.

Iruka's lecture was as boring as ever, but he forced himself to pay attention, using every chance to practice his skills. Today's lecture was on the battles of the First Shinobi war that happened nearly sixty years ago, and while the lecture was boring in the extreme, after a full month Naruto had noticed a pattern in the way Iruka spoke. While he talked about it he constantly highlighted tactical and strategic choices, at times, armament choices on both sides. It was an eye-opening moment when he figured out just what the hell Iruka was doing, and the older chunin noticed as well... though it wasn't exactly hard to note a completely shocked expression on the usually scowling face of the young Uzumaki. While Iruka was talking about history, he constantly pointed out information that they could adapt, and later apply... 'What did that scroll on seals say? Analyze, adapt, apply. Just like here.' he mused, glad he figured out something seemingly important.

With renewed focus, the lecture passed by sooner than he noticed, and the notes he had taken during the entire time were shorter than those of others, but far more to the point, and something he planned to share with his friends. Just as he was packing his stuff, he noted a shadow drawing near

"Hey Naruto, want to join us for food after class?" he recognized Chouji's voice, Naruto suppressed the chuckle.

"If you're picking the place Chouji, why not" he retorted, acknowledging the boy's taste as far as food was concerned. They went out like this three times already, and he had not once regretted it. You could say whatever you wanted, but the Akimichi knew their food

"Actually, we're going over to my place" he added, sheepishly rubbing the back of his head "My mom's cooking lunch and said I could invite some friends over so..." he trailed off, picking up his school bag and waiting for Naruto

"I'm guessing Shika and Shino already agreed?" Naruto asked, schooling his features from the usual scowl into a much more relaxed face, forcing himself not to drool over the idea of said lunch. He rarely ate high-quality food, mostly because he seriously couldn't afford it.

"Yah, they're waiting outside"

"Cool. Let's go then Chouji" he answered, letting a bit of the appreciation he felt for his friend slip by.

Chouji, unlike Naruto was far less guarded with his emotions. He was also a far more intelligent fellow than most gave him credit, he simply didn't feel the need to use it that much. He was also surprisingly good at reading emotions, and he knew what Naruto felt and wanted to say, but wouldn't. He didn't really mind.

The two proceeded in silence, ignoring some of the comments they heard, though both noted that no one dared make a jab about Chouji's weight... the last one that did caught the ire of not only the big-boned boy, but all three of his friends as well. Just outside the classroom, Shino and Shikamaru were leaning against the wall, waiting for them.

"Well?" Shikamaru asked, while Chouji nodded in answer.

"Let's go" he added.

Time passed, and soon enough, the four friends reached the fourth of the six years of the academy. By now, most normal children were still messing around, but these four were a n image of what a shinobi should be: inconspicuous, intelligent, and deadly.

Naruto had chosen a new outfit a scant few days ago, having found a trader who cared little of the opinions of others, mostly because he only dealt with shinobi.

Black cargo pants, with an excessive number of pockets, a sleeveless red shirt with a hood, and a gray vest over it, equally hooded, along with black sandals that covered everything but his toes, and a pair of full black leather gloves. Over his eyes, a pair of opaque sunglasses kept his eyes hidden from the rest of the world.

Unlike him, the rest of the 'crew' chose to change little of their appearance, except for Chouji, who had take to letting his hair grow into a mane very much like his father.

Naruto believed in sharing his knowledge with his friends, and since they wouldn't (and he knew, and respected the reasons) share their family secrets, he had kept his growing skill with puppetry a secret as well. And he had made remarkable progress during the past three and a half years.

After parting ways with his friends, Naruto went directly to the workshop. He rarely, if ever went to his apartment, preferring the quiet of the underground chamber to work in. On one of the worktables was Naruto's latest project... his first puppet. It had taken him three long years to master all the necessary skills to create and control one, to master all the skills needed to create each and every one of it's weapons and tools.

Over those three years, Naruto had come to appreciate every single piece of equipment left behind by the late master puppeteer. The forge was used to make every last metallic part, down to the nuts and bolts that went into the devices. The fine tuning and crafting of the miniature machines was done at yet another table. But his pride and joy was the last one, dedicated to chemistry and herbalism. The fine assortment of 'special' tools placed in the puppet would catch anyone of guard

The humanoid shape that was lying on the large table was remarkably human-like, having the shape of a man at least twice Naruto's size. While he possessed no obvious weapons, a number of deadly mechanisms provided an array of armaments aside from it's steel-reinforced fists. He had made a mental note to thank the old Higurashi for the coal, iron and the suggestions on forging steel. Acquiring materials for puppets was nowhere near as easy as it sounded.

Every single piece of the body had at least two devices hidden inside. The arms first had the hands, quickly followed by a coil of ninja wire with weighted blades at the end, meant as either a weapon, restraining device, or a grappling hook. The second tool was a senbon launcher on the left palm, and a bomb thrower on the right arm, both hidden beneath a sturdy dark brown robe. The torso had no weapons, but was heavily reinforced, and it housed the heart of the entire device, and artificial extension of ones chakra network that made the puppet as powerful as it was. The scrolls had a stern warning on the subject, that part, a small metal, glass or crystal sphere, covered with a number of seals was the most crucial part of a puppet, and should it be destroyed... The back had a strong armored plate, along with retractable extensions for someone to stand on, along with two shoulder plates meant for sitting.. The head consisted of an old helm, adapted for this purpose with a rather strange device.

One of the scrolls contained instructions on the creation of fueling scrolls, simple tools meant to give power to puppet devices. While most mechanisms wouldn't need them as they were powered by small amounts of the user's chakra, some of the more powerful required specific things to work. For instance, it was possible to produce an effective flamethrower by using fire scrolls and good conduits, gas or projectile launchers with wind scrolls, shockers with lightning ones or even water blasts from water ones. Naruto had chosen on a flamethrower, fueled by a set of five scrolls set on the puppet's back, beneath the robe. Five very strong blasts of fire, released straight from the face beneath the helm, which was further covered by a large hood, revealing only a pair of glistening red eyes made of glass.

The Guardian, he named the puppet, and it was the result of a full year of work. Along the line, he had made several much simple puppets that didn't have an artificial chakra core. One such was a snake, a king cobra, who's picture he had seen once and was deeply impressed. His artistic skill on said work were... amateurish at best, as the snake looked as intimidating as a small puppy. It didn't help that he hadn't installed any of his tools inside, preferring to keep it as a training device rather than a weapon.

Naruto was happy for the time, so far he had completed the entire white and green part of the shelves, learning a great deal in all of his chosen areas.

In the academy, he had only showed as much as he had to, and he hadn't displayed the full extent of his skills in front of his friends. Regardless of his extended studies, he had the brains not to consider himself omnipotent. Almost any chunin or even a good genin team could still defeat him.

The scrolls had advised developing multiple areas of the ninja arts, but could only offer knowledge on a few, and he knew better than to rush forward foolishly. So far he had learned a rather interesting taijutsu style, that relied on flexibility, speed and accuracy rather than strength, though it did help. Weapons were simply not his thing. His knowledge of genjutsu was surprising, especially to him, considering his inherently bad control. Ninjutsu on the other hand, he knew only a few apart from the Academy three. But that wasn't the end of it.

Seals were an interesting subject, though they demanded more time than he had available, so he decided to take that as a secondary subject, to his primary one: puppetry. The original chakra string exercise was brought to perfection. He kept practicing daily until he could create a string from any tenketsu in his body, and even though controlling puppets that way proved much, much harder, he preferred having his hands free for jutsu or sparring against his enemies.

A small chuckle escaped his lips at the thought. His enemies? Since when did an academy student have oh-so-powerful enemies? How little did he know at the time. Still, he had made the conscious choice concerning his fighting style, choosing against the standard I-hide-in-the-back-while-my-puppet-kills-you style most puppeteers used for a far more aggressive one, where he fought at the front with his puppets alongside him.

His knowledge of chemistry and herbalism was downright scary. So far he knew to create deadly toxins, explosives of various sorts, herbal mixtures that both helped him and hindered others... in those two areas, along with his growing knowledge of poisons he was much deadlier than your average genin, let alone an eleven year old. Dedication to one's work paid off.

He pulled out a scroll he had prepared specially for this day, the day he completed his first, true combat puppet. The day he truly began honoring the man he now referred to as sensei even if the man was long gone. No other helped him as much as the late Monzaemon Chikamatsu, not even Iruka or the Hokage, or his friends. He had given him what he needed most, a goal to strive for, something to drive him forward against he odds. Once, he wanted to become Hokage, but now he had long given up on that dream, knowing it to be impossible in a village that hated him. He was content to remain with his friends, and to watch each others backs, and to grow stronger so that he wouldn't fail them.

With a couple of quick moves, the scroll was spread alongside the golem in front of him, a faint trail of blood marking it's length. Another short move, and pulse of chakra sealed the entire machine into the scroll, and Naruto quickly placed it in the specially prepared holder inside his vest, where it would be safe, before leaving the workshop, planning how best to test it, and then smiling at the thought of the faces his friends would make once he showed it to them.

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Keep in mind that regardless of his cunning or sheer firepower, Naruto still isn't strong enough to challenge a stronger ninja who could simply outmaneuver him or use a long-range jutsu to kill him instantly. I intend to reveal the full depth of his skills during the next two chapters where it will actually be needed for his extended breathing.

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