Disclaimer: Doctor Who owns my soul, I own nothing.
Author's Notes:
Written in five minutes during drabble night with Ladychi.

She'd never quite looked at her childhood stomping grounds from this vantage point before. Never quite imagined she'd be laying upside down on the slide naked either.

With a very flexible, very talented Time Lord between her legs.

Good thing said Time Lord had some very helpful friends. Like a certain author, who he'd saved from an untimely death at the hands of a particularly nasty Gourk'tor. And then said author had been so grateful, she'd given him a couple of cloaks of invisibility.

Really the number of aliens posing as human on Earth was staggering. Besides the obvious (who didn't think there was something just a little bit inhuman about Michael Jackson?), there was--


Sucking in a sharp breath, her fingers tightened on the cool metal of the slide, mind swirling with the sudden assault on her senses. His hot breath on her thigh, the scrape of his teeth across her sensitive flesh, the husky sound of his moans as he buried his fingers deeper inside her.

Her orgasm hit suddenly and without warning, causing her to cry out, no longer worried about someone hearing her. She squeezed her eyes shut, hips arching up, back bent in a suspension of pleasure. Her grip loosened and she lost her precarious position, sliding down the slippery surface and landing in a naked heap on the ground.

The Doctor's chuckles reached her ears and she groaned, tossing a handful of rocks in his direction.