Teddy- 8 Victoire- 6 Dominique- 4 Fred-4

James- 4 Roxanne- 4 Louis- 2 Molly- 2

Lucy- 10 mo. Rose- 9 mo. Albus- 2 mo.

Dinner at the Weasley home was chaos. There were little kids running around everywhere, and loud conversations. Tonight was no exception.

Ginny, Fleur, Angelina, Audrey, Hermione and Molly were around the kitchen finishing up dinner.

Harry, Bill, George, Percy, Ron, Charlie and Arthur were in the living room keeping an eye and ear out for the children.

Harry held little Al in his arms as he slept. Lucy and Rose were on a blanket with toys.

Teddy, Vic, Dom, Fred, James, Roxanne, Louis, and Molly were somewhere upstairs.

All of a sudden they heard a BANG, and Roxanne scream,


They then heard James, Fred and Dom laughing.



"Dom!" All their parents called up at them.

"Sorry!" The three kids called down.

"Gosh! Sometimes those three are worse than Fred and I were." George exclaimed and they all laughed.

"Lets play beauty salon!" Vic called out to her younger cousins.

"Ya!" Roxanne and Molly called out.

"Vic…" Teddy whined.

"Ya," Dom said, "Let's play beauty salon."

"No!" Fred and James called out.

"Dom, lets go prank the grown ups!" James begged.

"No! I'm gonna give Vic a hair cut!"

"Okay!" Vic cheered with a happy smile. She sat down on a chair, while Dom went looking for scissors.

"I'm back!" Dom called after a few minutes. "Let's give Vic a hair cut!"

"Just pretend, okay?" Teddy told Dom.

"Ok." Dom nodded her head.

"Be super careful." Teddy told her again.

"Teddy!" Dom put her hands on her hips, "Leave ma lone. I am four years old." With that, Dom brought the scissors back up to Vic's hair.

James and Fred were running around the room screaming. Molly and Roxanne were using their hands to pretend to put make-up on Vic's face. Teddy stood next to Dom, a worried look on his face.

James and Fred continued to run crazily around the room. After a few minutes, James tripped and ran smack into Fred, who fell back, knocking into Dom, who slipped with the scissors, and chopped a chunk of hair off Vic's head. Dom and Teddy gasped.

"What!" Vic shrieked as she stood up, knocking over Roxanne and Molly in the process.

Vic turned around to see James and Fred on the ground and Dom and Teddy with shocked faces.

"What hap-" Vic stopped when she saw a chunk of hair in Dom's hand.

"Is that mine?" Vic asked as her hand slowly moved to the back of her head.

"Uh-huh." Dom whispered and nodded her head.

"AHHHH!" Vic screamed at the top of her lungs.

Downstairs the women had finished up preparing dinner and were in the living room with the men.

They were all chatting when they heard Vic scream. Bill and Fleur were first up, and rushed up the stairs. The rest of the adults weren't far behind.

"What is it?" Bill asked, panting, when he got the room. Vic ran to her dad, crying.

"Domcutmyhair." She sobbed.

"Huh sweetie?" Fleur asked as Bill picked her up.

"It was all James!" Dom yelled abruptly.

"What!" Ginny and Harry exclaimed. Harry held Al, while Ginny stepped over to James.

"It wasn't me!" James exclaimed, as Ginny tried to pick him up.

"It was Fred too!"

"Fred!" George called, also going to pick up his son.

"No, it was Roxanne!" Fred cried, pointing at his little sister.

"Okay!" Angelina exclaimed. "I find it hard to believe that Roxanne is the reason for Vic to be crying."

"Teddy, what happened?" Mrs. Weasley asked.

"Dom was pretending to cut Vic's hair, and then James tripped, and fell on Fred. Fred bumped Dom. Dom accidentally cut Vic's hair." Teddy explained.

"Is that what happened?" Bill asked Vic. She nodded her head.

George, Ginny and Fleur went for their kids.

"Your in big trouble!" The three parents exclaimed.