Negima 3: The Most Magical Christmas

Chapter 1: Christmas Time Is Here

At Mahora Academy, the entire school was in abuzz as November was starting to wind down. Wreaths were going up, lights began to shine and there was much merriment. It was coming. Soon, it would be December, the month signaling the countdown to Christmas. But out of them all, no class could top the holiday spirits of Class 2-A. At this moment, some of the girls were outside, having a snowball fight. Negi passed by, with arms full of books.

"Hey Negi! Heads up!" Asuna shouted. Negi passed by and ducked, watching a snowball flying overhead. He looked down at his class and chuckled.

"So here is where you all are. I was wondering why you all came outside in a rush." Negi said. Asuna chuckled, being joined by Kotaro.

"Come on Negi! Put down the teach attitude and join in a good old fashion snowball fight!" Kotaro called. Negi sighed.

"Very well. Make room please." Negi said. He set down the books in his hands and came down to join the girls in the field. Meanwhile, Fumika chased after Fuka, arming herself with snowballs.

"I'm gonna get you Fuka! I'll get you!" Fumika shouted. Fuka laughed.

"Come on Fumika! You still aren't miffed about me putting snow down your back?" Fuka asked. She continued to dodge and duck past Fumika's snowballs, but ended up backing into a tree. The snow on the branch above came down and some slipped down her coat and down her back.

"Aieee! COLD!" Fuka exclaimed. Fumika froze in place and started to slowly burst into a laugh. Fuka furiously scratched her back, trying to shake out the snow. Negi picked up a snowball and looked around for someone to throw it at. But when he did, he didn't count on his target being Asuna. It hit her back dead center and she fell down into the snow bank. Negi gasped.

"Gah! Asuna! I'm sorry! I...I" Negi exclaimed. Asuna rose up, snow falling off her face. She spit out snow and looked back at Negi.

"Oh ho. You're gonna get it now teach." Asuna smirked. She formed a snowball and threw it at him. The ball hit Negi in the face and he fell down on his back. Just then, he looked up and saw Evangeline staring down at him. Chachamaru stood at her side.

"Evangeline?" Negi asked. Evangeline huffed.

"Don't you look cute that way? Anyway, here. The old man wanted me to give this to you." Evangeline said. She handed Negi an envelope and he looked at it.

"Hmm? Who's this from?" he thought. Negi sat up, dusted the snow off him and opened the envelope. Inside, he saw a familiar face.

"Oh. I should've known." Negi thought. He smiled as he saw his cousin, Nekane, virtually projected on the message.

"Negi? What'cha got there?" Asuna asked. She approached Negi and looked at the letter.

"Hey. It's Nekane." Asuna said. Both smiled as they watched Nekane.

"Hello Negi. It's been a while since my last letter, hasn't it? I hope you're doing all right. I know the girls from your class are helping to care for you as well." Nekane said. Soon, Konoka and Setsuna caught sight of them.

"Asuna? What's up?" Konoka asked before Asuna shushed her.

"Anya and I were just looking through our Christmas photos from last year. We all had a great time and I guess....we....oh dear. I can't seem to..." Nekane said. But suddenly, they saw Anya appear beside her and sigh.

"Sorry Negi. Nekane's just too embarrassed to ask this. So...I'll just..." Anya said. But Nekane started to chuckle and slightly push Anya away, saying she would say it. Nekane chuckled once more before blushing more.

"We would like to...We'd...We'd like to invite you to spend the holidays with us once more, if you have the time. If you can't, it's all right." Nekane said. Negi chuckled.

"Oh Nekane. We'd love to." Negi said. Evangeline sighed and took something from Chachamaru.

"Then you'll need these." Evangeline said. Negi saw the papers were permission slips that the dean had already printed up.

"Heh. The dean's already one step ahead of us." Asuna said. Konoka giggled.

"I can't wait. I wonder how Nekane's been." Konoka said. Setsuna chuckled.

"Probably not much different since last year." Setsuna said. Just then, Konoka slowly started to cling to Setsuna's arm.

"Uhh....Konoka?" Setsuna asked. Konoka chuckled.

"Come on Setsuna. Just admit it. You're just as excited as I am." Konoka said. Setsuna began to stutter and blush.

"Wait a second! How is that related to what I just said?!" Setsuna asked. The two continued to fuss, leaving Negi and Asuna to slowly walk away. Negi took Nekane's letter and slipped it into his jacket.

"Well, looks like I know where we're spending Christmas this year." Asuna said. Negi chuckled.

"We should tell the others. Come on Asuna. We've got some good news to deliver." Negi said. Together, Asuna and Negi went around to the other girls and passed on the news, seeing smiles at every face.

"Oh my gosh! No way!" Kazumi chuckled. Fei Ku laughed.

"All right!" she exclaimed. Shade was happy as well, so was Jennifer, who saw the letter with her.

"That's so wonderful. I can't wait to see Nekane again." Shade said.

"I know. Wonder what will happen this year?" Jennifer asked. Sakurako and the other cheerleaders got a glance at the letter and cheered loudly.

"Hooray! I was hoping she'd invite us back!" Sakurako cheered. All were happy and estatic, all but Chisame, still retaining her sour personality. The last Negi told was Jennifer.

"That's so great! Nekane's going to be so happy when she finds out." Jeniffer said. Richie barked, now a full year old dog. Negi smiled.

"Well, that's just about everyone Negi. Now to tell Nekane the good news." Asuna smirked. But just then, they felt someone tap their shoulders.

"Huh? Who the...?" Asuna muttered.

"What? Am I not invited this time?" a voice asked. The two turned around and saw Chao Lingshen, wearing winter gear and carrying a bag over her shoulder. Asuna chuckled.

"Let me guess. The dean?" Asuna asked. Chao chuckled and smirked, giving a nod.

"Yep. Should've guessed." Asuna said. Everyone worked fast and got their permission slips filled and they were all abuzz with more holiday cheer than before. Back in their dorm room, Negi, Asuna and Konoka were looking at their photos from last year. Kotaro sat by the doorway, sipping on a glass of hot chocolate. Chamo scurried over to Negi and jumped on his shoulder.

"Hey Negster. Just got the good news." Chamo said. Negi looked at his little ermine friend and smiled.

"Yes Chamo. I'm just as excited as you are." Negi said. Asuna glanced at Negi.

"So Negi, you'd call Nekane yet and gave her the news?" Asuna asked. Negi glanced at the clock and just remembered he almost forgot.

"Well, shouldn't you call her up and tell her that? It might be nice to let her know....unless you wanna surprise her." Kotaro grinned. Negi chuckled as he picked up the phone. He dialed her number and after a few seconds, Nekane answered.

"Hello?" Nekane asked. Negi chuckled.

"Hi Nekane. Guess what? We got your message and we have something to tell you." Negi said. Nekane listened carefully and started to slowly grow a smile, hearing every word he said.

"Oh! That's wonderful Negi! I'm so happy you accepted our invite. Well, as always, we'll be here waiting for you. I can't wait to see you." Nekane said. Negi smiled and bid his farewell, hanging up shortly after.

"Now everything's ready." Negi said, turning to the others. In Wales, Nekane smiled and looked at a picture she had of her and Negi. Then she slowly looked out at the window.

"This is going to be the best Christmas ever...I can feel it. I can't wait Negi. The holidays just aren't the same without you." Nekane thought. She sat down at the table to read as snow was coming down outside her window.