Negima 3: The Most Magical Christmas

Chapter 25: The Most Magical Christmas

Eldorf's words had completely and utterly stunned everyone. Because of Brick and his group's actions, Christmas might not come to Wales this year.

"This...This CAN'T be right. We're all good people." Nagi said.

"I have a feeling you're right. But you've got to wonder why this crazy thing is saying you're all the naughtiest of the naughty." Eldorf said. Negi groaned.

"Oh man. This....This has to be the biggest disappointment I've ever seen in my whole life." Chisame said. Julie started to cry a bit, clutching her sister's shirt.

"'ll be all right." Jennifer said, slowly building tears in her eyes. Anya looked at the others and then at Negi.

"Isn't there anyway we can change this?" Anya asked. Eldorf tapped the screen on his scanner.

"Not unless you can help me figure out why this thing is labeling you naughty. I mean, I believe Santa. You don't look like the naughty kind." Eldorf said. Negi and the others nodded.

"Come on. Let's figure out what is going on here." Nagi said. Everyone soon rushed outside and saw the dark clouds over head.

"Say, wasn't the sky clear a while ago?" Asuna asked.

"Yeah. The weather wasn't reporting snow or anything." Lily said. Negi could somehow sense a very faint magical aura coming from the clouds. He then figured someone used magic.

"You think? But who else but you, Evangeline and your dad use magic? Evangeline's been with us the whole time." Asuna whispered. Negi just shrugged, but he could then feel a magical prescence coming from the park.

"Something up Negi?" Konoka asked. Negi turned to everyone.

"Well everyone, if we're gonna figure this out, I think it might be best to split up and search for any strange things." Negi said. They all agreed and they divided into small groups. Negi brought Asuna, Konoka and Evangeline with him towards the park. They found Brick, showing his boys more of his magic. A small flame floated in his palm.

"It's....It's Brick?! How is he doing that?!" Asuna gasped.

"He....He's a wizard too?!" Negi thought. Brick suddenly saw Negi and the others nearby. He chuckled as he poofed away the fire in his hand.

"Well, guess my secret is out. Did you think I was just some kind of pathetic human who you could push around so effortlessly? Think again!" Brick chuckled. Negi and the others were too shocked to say anything.

"I'm guessing we can thank YOU for all the dark magic in the air." Evangeline said. Brick smirked.

"Yeah. That's right. And just think, with this magic, there ain't gonna be no Christmas THIS year. So, consider this payback for what you've put me through." Brick said. Asuna groaned.

"If you think we're gonna let you ruin Christmas, you're an idiot." Asuna said. Eldorf couldn't help but agree, suddenly appearing but hearing everything.

"So, what you gonna do? This spell I done cast isn't able to be undone. And since old Santa only comes to towns with NICE kids, he ain't gonna be coming here." Brick said. Eldorf huffed.

"I doubt that. We'll be back. And you'll see just how wrong you are." he said. Asuna asked what that meant, but suddenly, Eldorf pulled out a small bag from his coat and threw white dust over Asuna and the others. They were, in a flash, poofed away. Brick gasped.

"Whoa. Where'd they go?" Brick asked. Strangely, the magic dust also had poofed away everyone that was with Negi and Asuna. When they returned, they found themselves in somewhere special. They had been teleported to Santa's Workshop.

"Where....Where are we?" Sayo asked. Everyone looked around and couldn't believe their eyes.

"Is....Is this....?" Kazumi stuttered.

"It IS! It's Santa's Workshop!" Julie exclaimed. They then heard someone laugh in a deep, jolly voice. They turned around and saw Santa Claus himself.

"Oh my gosh." Lily gasped. Negi and Nagi both smiling, knowing this man quite well.

"Santa! How have you been old man?" Nagi asked. Santa laughed.

"Well, I can't say that I've seen my young years again. Ho. You still have yours though." Santa said. Nagi chuckled. Negi and Asuna couldn't believe their eyes.

"Santa? Is that you?" Negi asked.

"Of course it's me Negi. And my, look at how much you've grown since I saw you last. I see Eldorf must've told all of you about that nasty black cloud that's over Wales now. Normally, I would happily come to Wales to deliver gifts. However, that strange cloud has my reindeer too scared to go near it." Santa explained.

"So, what can we do about it?" Kaede asked. Everyone else nodded.

"We have to do something. I can't let the kids at the orphanage not have Christmas. It would break their poor hearts." Catherine said. Santa looked away, put his hand to his chin and thought. Just then, an idea hit him.

"Well, if I can't get through to Wales, I suppose that I might have to ask you to do my trip around Wales for me." Santa said. Everyone gasped.

"So wait. You want US to deliver gifts to everyone in ourselves?" Chisame asked.

"It's probably the only chance we've got." Kotaro said. Everyone soon looked down at Negi, wondering what he wanted to do.

"Negi, if you're up to it, then so am I." Asuna said.

"Me too." Konoka said.

"Count us in too!" the twins exclaimed. Evangeline eventually said she would help too when the others did. Negi smiled.

"All right then. Mr. Claus? We'll do it." Negi said. Nagi chuckled and so did Santa.

"I had a feeling you would help Negi. You've always been a good boy." Santa said, patting his head. He whistled to his elves and they brought Negi and his friends the gifts that were meant for Wales.

"Wow. Look at them all." Chao said.

"That's a lot of gifts." Shade added. The twins both nodded. But not going back on his promise, Negi figured the best thing to do would be to divide the gifts and make separate trips.

"Then here. These might give a helping hand." Santa said. He reached into his coat pocket and took out small snowflake bracelets. He gave one to each person that would deliver.

"What are these for?" Asuna asked.

"Let's say that with these, you'll get a little more "spring" in your step." Santa said "Good luck kids." Then, with a wink of an eye and giving a nod, he poofed everyone back to Wales. The sky above was still thick with the black clouds.

"All right guys! It's up to us now! Time to bring Christmas back to this town! Let's do it!" Asuna cheered. Everyone cheered loudly too. The gifts were divided amongst the ones delivering them and they were soon off.

"Let's go Asuna!" Negi called. Asuna nodded and slipped on their bracelets. And with one jump, they sprung themselves all the way up to the building rooftops.

"Whoa! So THAT'S what he meant." Asuna gasped. Asuna and Negi leaped down chimneys with their small bag of gifts as Kaede, the twins, Julie and Jennifer did likewise. Mostly everyone in Wales was asleep, the perfect cover for hopping inside and leaving the gifts. If one didn't have gifts to one house, they'd call to the other that did.

"This is so cool!" Fumika exclaimed. Fuka cheered also as they hopped in and out of chimneys together. Back in town, the others were doing their part too. As the others delivered gifts, they went around homes and helped deliver more gifts too to those who were still awake. Soon, Brick saw what was going on.

"Hey! What are they doing?!" Brick gasped.

"It looks like they're delivering gifts!" Toad exclaimed. Brick growled.

"I don't believe it. I just DON'T believe it. Well, they ain't getting away with it!" Brick shouted. He charged towards Negi and lunged off his left foot like a rocket. He intercepted Negi as he was leaping out of a chimney.

"Sorry twerp! No posers allowed!" Brick shouted. But from nowhere, Kotaro, another gift giver via chimney, tackled into Brick and he fell to the ground.

"Sorry dude! Didn't see ya!" Kotaro laughed. Brick fell flat into a snow bank and laid there on his back.

"All right! Keep it up everyone! I think we're almost done!" Lily exclaimed. Everyone gave a firm nod and hurried as fast as they could. Within that one night, Negi, Asuna and all of their friends delivered gifts to everyone in town. And at the end of it all, they felt exhausted and tired. Julie and Jennifer were so tired that they fell asleep at Evangeline's side.

"We....We did it." Asuna panted.

"Phew. What a workout that was." Ako panted. Makie fell to her rear in the snow and wiped her forehead of sweat.

"Well, we'd....we'd better get some sleep now. We'll....We'll bring these back to Santa tomorrow." Nekane said, a bit tired too. Everyone agreed to that and wished each other goodbye and went home to rest. They had deserved it. Still in the snow bank, Brick growled.

"I can't believe it! Those little punks did it again!" Brick growled. Suddenly, he saw his black cloud disentigrate above him.

"What now?" he groaned. Appearing across the shimmering moon, a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer could be seen.

"Santa?" Brick thought. In his sleigh, it was Santa himself. He looked around at the town and could tell, without a doubt, that Negi and friends did it.

"Thank you my friends. And now, it's time for my role in tonight's show." Santa said. He flew around their homes and each, he gave a wink and something magical happen. The next morning, it had come. It was Christmas Day. Asuna and Negi slowly rolled in bed and open their eyes.

"Hmmm....morning Negi." Asuna mumbled. Negi rose from bed and yawned loudly, stretching his arms. Suddenly, Fei Ku came into their room.

"Guys! Hurry up and come downstairs! He came!" Fei Ku exclaimed.

"Huh?! Whoa! Slow down Fei Ku! What are you talking about?!" Asuna shouted. Fei Ku scoffed.

"Come down and look! Move it slowpokes!" Fei Ku shouted. Negi and Asuna gasped, turning to each other.

"No. She couldn't mean...." Asuna said.

"Did he really....?" Negi asked. They quickly hurried downstairs to the Christmas tree and saw what Fei Ku meant. All around the Christmas tree's base, gifts were laid out for everyone. Asuna and Negi gasped.

"Santa. He...He must've come to our homes and delivered our presents." Negi said. Asuna smirked.

"Of course. He's Santa Claus, right?" Asuna asked. Everyone gathered around their trees that Christmas morning and opened all their gifts, finding exactly what they wanted under their tree. Most of Wales did not know of the hard work that Class 2-A had done in bringing Christmas to their town. But this, for certainly true, was one Christmas no one.....would ever forget.

We now take you around Wales to show what everyone received at Christmas. Asuna opened her gift from Negi and found very lovely new clothes. She smiled brightly and quickly hugged Negi tightly. Negi then opened his gift from her and it was a small star shaped pendant. But when Negi opened it, he found a picture of him and Asuna from school. He smiled and thanked Asuna, giving her a slight kiss. Asuna blushed but soon realized there was mistletoe left over from last night above her. She chuckled and kissed Negi too.

Chisame received something quite funny from Makie and her friends. It was a Chiu t-shirt with her face on the front. Chisame snorted and looked away, covering her face from embarrassment.

At the old orphanage, Evangeline had brought the gifts that she held back for the children and delivered them to Catherine with a warm smile on her face. Catherine smiled and gave Evangeline a gift as well, from everyone at the orphanage. It was a bright red sweater, with a "Thank You" sewn on the front. Evangeline soon felt the kids hugging her and she smiled too.

In their room, Julie opened her gift from Jennifer and it was a bright red Santa cap. Julie smiled as Jennifer put it on her head. Julie squealed and hugged Jennifer tightly.

To Mana came a new shooting rifle, must to Misora's fright. And to Zazie came a new set of balls for her to juggle. And as for Sakurako, Kakizaki and Madoka, their gifts to each other were exactly what they wanted, hugging each other soon after.

Fuka, Fumika and Frosty soon met the snowman friend Kazumi and Sayo made for them. And with a touch of magic, Frosty now had another snowman buddy to join him. They named him Snowy.

Anya was given a great gift too. She was accepted by Dean Konoe into Mahora Academy, where she could join Negi and his class in their many upcoming adventures.

Negi gave Nagi his gift and it was a small pocketwatch with a picture of his family. Nagi chuckled and gave Negi his gift as well. It was a book with some of Nagi's favorite spells for Negi to learn. The father and son duo gave each other a happy hug soon after.

To Shade went a beautiful music box from Asuna and Konoka and Konoka got what she always wanted from Setsuna, the chance for them to be just like they were when they were kids.

And their friends weren't left out either. At her home in the orphanage, Adelia found a small Hanukkah ornament in her gift box. To Lily, Ayaka had left for her a beautiful new set of clothes to really show their true friendship colors. Hannah was given a new pair of skates from Konoka and Setsuna and Tommy found new toys under his tree, courtesy of Kazumi and Tina.

Under her tree, Tina found a gift from Kazumi and when she unwrapped it, it was a beautiful teddy bear with a bright red ribbon around her neck. Tina smiled so brightly that it seemed the bear did too.

And even to the grumpiest of grumps, Asuna and Negi couldn't help but give a gift to Brick as well, despite all he has done. And on that Christmas Day, no other Christmas to date could match the happiness and joy that was felt on that day. So, to all who have read this tale, we all wish you a....