Gotham Nights

Chapter 1

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The elemental nations, lands ruled by wars of stealth and shadow. Each land in a constant struggle with each other for a piece of the pie, always seeking to expand their control. For years the villages of Stone, Mist, Sand, Lightning, Sound, and Leaf have all fought that endless war. Each nation scrambled to find the ultimate weapon to turn the tides in their favor. Ranging from the attempted breeding of super soldiers to experimental drugs, and finally Demons.

Kumo was the first with the sealing of the both the five and two tailed demons.

After word got out, all the other nations scrambled to find their own demon to seal.

Konoha was lucky... or unlucky depending on your viewpoint. Kyuubi-no-Kitsune, the legendary nine tailed fox attacked. Their Hokage sealed it inside a child just before dying.

That child's name was Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, son of the fourth Hokage.

He grew up hated for unknowingly containing the beast, a victim to irrational hatred and human ignorance.

For six years he took it without raising a hand in self defense. At age seven he snapped. On October 10, Naruto was tortured, beaten, and nearly killed until an unnatural rage filled his tiny body. It was a bloodbath.

Sarutobi, the Hokage rushed to save the boy but arrived with his ANBU just in time to see the seven year-old tackle the only surviving man and start beating his head in, laughing insanely.

Naruto was diagnosed as clinically insane the very next day and locked in a padded cell for the next four years with hardly any visitors.

When the council decided that Naruto was to be killed due to being a complete burden on the village, Sarutobi was forced to reveal Naruto's blood status as the only surviving Namikaze and the only male Uzumaki since his mother and older sister were still alive.

The resulting panic and chaos was astounding. Naruto was to be imminently released and have his mind repaired by the best mind walkers in the village, Inochi Yamanaka. Then he would receive the best training possible after he was cleared from a medical check that was seven years late.

Sarutobi thought it was funny to see them all plan to get back in Naruto's good graces, after all, he held not only the nine tailed fox but had the blood of two powerful clans coursing through his veins.

When Inochi went into Naruto's room, Naruto had an insane grin on his face and was giggling dumbly, hours later, Inochi nearly ran out of the room holding a broken nose while Naruto stood from his bed, popping his bloody knuckles.

Unknown to anyone but Naruto, his mind had split and created a double to deal with all the mental trauma. So while his body was giggling and bouncing off the padded walls, his mind was wondering, and during those four years, he just so happened to find a sleeping fox.

Kyuubi was surprised when it awoke to feel its tails fading away, even more so when it saw its container actively draining it's power with a cruel smirk on his face.

"Human, what do you think your doing!" Demanded the enraged fox.

Naruto just continued to smile darkly as the ruby red chakra was pulled from the massive fox. "I'm doing what ever I want" he stated, "I've been here for a while, leafing through your mind while you sleep, your a rather devious fox aren't you, Kyuubi-chan?" (Naruto looks like a 11 year old)

The large fox started to shake while her face showed signs of pain, "You worthless meat bag, I demand that you stop" She demanded with just a hint of a womanly tone.

Naruto snorted, "You 'demand'?" he mocked, "Bitch, I'm in full control of you. To me your no better than a wanton street whore." He said snapping his finger causing the vixen to howl in pain as her body shrunk and changed unto a very sexy, very nude redhead.

"You... you... what have you done human?" Kyuubi demanded pushing herself out of the water in her cell.

Naruto smirked, not only has he been looking through her mind, but he had been absorbing parts too. He knew all that she did, her likes, dislikes, dreams...

Walking through the bars like a ghost, Naruto snapped his fingers again causing her to freeze on her hand and knees above the water, "You know Kyuubi, I'm tired of your disrespect, from now on you will call me master"

Kyuubi's head snapped up at him with fury dancing in her eyes, "Never" she spat, glaring at him.

Naruto walked over to her and kicked her arms out from under her frozen body, sending her face first into the murky water before stomping on her head, holding it under.

Kyuubi's human form struggled under the water as she ran out of air. Her lungs burned for air and spots entered her vision. The back of her head ached as his foot twisted pulling at her fiery red hair and pushing her face harder against the cement floor.

Naruto smirked and removed his foot, allowing the fox to push itself from the water and gasp for air. Cocking his arm back, Naruto unleashed a uppercut to Kyuubi's chin as she gasped and sent her onto her back, back under the water.

Once again Kyuubi rolled herself over and gasped for breath, but this time, Naruto's gaze stayed right on her firm ass and exposed pussy. Kyuubi's mind had corrupted him and besides, she wasn't important, she was his toy now. To use and abuse all he wanted.

During one of his adventure within her mind, Naruto learned that the great queen of demons had never fucked before. The greatest of all demons... was a virgin. But that didn't mean she wasn't a pervert, her mind was like an open porno magazine for him.

"Oh how the mighty have fallen" Kyuubi heard as she caught her breath. The water below her cleared and the cement floor turned to sand. Looking up, she found herself on a beach with the cage door blocking her from land. "That's better, I've been meaning to change this part of my mind for a while"

Naruto was only a few feet away and noticed Kyuubi looking at him, "Listen here, queen of demons or not, you belong to me. Your my bitch to do with as I please. From now on you will do as I say when I say." he stated walking over and grabbing a handful of her hair, making her cry out in pain. "If I tell you to jump, you better do it and hope to hell you went high enough. If I tell you to suck my dick you'd better do it and continue to until I push you off no matter how much you have to swallow. If I tell you to get on your hands and knees then take it up the ass, what will you do?"

Kyuubi felt a tear run down her face, "I'll... take it up the ass..." she moaned holding onto his hand in pain.

Naruto threw her to the water again, "Good, now come on"

Kyuubi went to stand only to have Naruto kick her leg, sending her back down, "No, you crawl on your hands and fucking knees like the bitch you are." he sneered.

Kyuubi held back tears and followed him to the waters edge when suddenly the gate disappeared and a metal collar appeared around her neck with a pet tag on it. It said, 'Kyuubi, Property of Naruto'

Kyuubi obediently followed her master onto the sand, uncomfortably trying to ignore the sand sticking to her wet body and onto the grass. He lead her to a small house and opened the door, "Stand up and go take a shower, dress in the clothes on my bed" He told her simply.

Kyuubi wordlessly stood and obeyed, walking into the small bathroom and shutting the door she collapsed to the floor, tears of pain and humiliation streaming down her face.

Absorption of the nine tails knowledge and power had opened up many doors of possibility to the man/child. He found that the Kyuubi had many powers and abilities granted by her tails including power over raw elements, transformation, and immortality... or that's what he wanted, the rest of her powers were locked away.

For what seemed like eons, Kyuubi was forced to serve and service her blonde master. She often asked why he abused her and he always told her, 'You attacked and got sealed, it's your fault the damn village hates me'. At first Naruto would often got on her for the smallest mistake but he slowly let up and even got kinder to her. He wasn't loving by any means, she was still his slave and he would remind her of that, but he wouldn't punish her brutally

Finally after four years of mentally training in Kyuubi's power, Naruto felt a presence enter his mind...

Out of the four years of being forced to obey Naruto, Kyuubi found the last to be enjoyable. Naruto had been very nice to her. He was maturing and often just sat on a large chair in his home with her in his lap. She found it strange that sitting in the lap of her abuser felt nice, made her felt safe and protected. His warm breath brushing against the back of her neck arms wrapped around her waist.

Suddenly Naruto's head popped up and Kyuubi gasped as she was dumped onto the floor while he stood up, looking around.

"Stay here Kyuu" he snarled.

Kyuubi blinked as her blonde master disappeared into the depths of his own mind. At first he was calm and content to enjoy her company but changed instantly for some unknown reason.

End the end, Naruto had found Inochi just as he finished repairing his mind. When he awoke, Naruto slugged him in the nose at hard as he could. Breaking his nose and sending the bleeding man running. Then Naruto felt just how weak he was and used Kyuubi's regeneration power to regrow all his lost muscle, almost instantly going from a skin covered skeleton to a healthy, athletic teenager.

It took him a while to get used to moving with his new body so when he was finally comfortable, the whole hospital knew he was awake. Meaning that Sarutobi was knocking at the door.

Naruto sensed the old basterd behind the door and just as the door creaked open, punched through it and hit him in the jaw. In the end, Naruto was attacked by the Hokage's bodyguards who were all defeated until Sarutobi pleaded for Naruto to listen.

Naruto did just that and allowed the old man to explain everything. Who his parents were, who his godparents were, his bloodlines, his older sister, mother... the list went on. But instead of calming him down, Naruto flipped out. Drawing on all the kyuubi's power, Naruto attacked, causing the greatest catastrophe in history known as 'Kyuubi's revenge'. He destroyed everything he could, homes, stores, the ninja academy, the orphanage, clan homes, everything but the Hokage tower. He slaughtered any human, summon, or animal that came across his path, including all the clans except for a few survivors who were smart enough to run.

With most of Konoha in ruin and over three fourths of the population dead, Naruto stormed the Hokage tower in search of information on his bloodlines and the locations of his new targets, Jiraiya the toad sage, Tsunade the slug princess, Kushina Uzumaki, and Yui Uzumaki.

His bloodlines were useless to him now and only reinforced his chakra elements and allowed him to use his fathers signature Jutsu, but seeing as he found the forbidden scroll and memorized almost every detail made up for it.

From the village records, he figured that searching for Tsunade and his piece of shit mother would be best since the toad sage would actively search him out once he figures out what happened. Tsunade was last seen roaming the country with her apprentice and pet pig. Kushina however was now with a governor of fire country, the whore.

Leaving the tower, Naruto decided to use the exploding cone technique and get some practice. The scroll warned that overcharging it would be disastrous so he thought it was a great idea. Creating the clone, it rushed into the tower while he bolted the other way, disappearing in a flash and reappearing miles away on a mountain.

The explosion was amazing, a bright flash of white followed by a monstrous mushroom clouds and shock waves. The tower was completely gone, a deep creator in it's place.

For years after that, Naruto roamed the world doing whatever or whom ever he wanted, earning himself the title 'Bane of Humanity' and a 500 billion bounty for his head. He hadn't killed his mother or Tsunade yet, wanting them to sweat a little, but Jiraiya had came after him only to be tortured to death by Naruto. He could only imagine the looks on Tsunade and Kushina's faces when they got the packages he sent. Kushina got a scroll containing the severed head with the words 'From your loving son' carved into his forehead while Tsunade got the headless and mutilated body with 'From your loving godson' and 'See you soon' carved in his chest

Naruto was so bad, that the countries were refusing to allow people to name their children 'Naruto' ot even buy the food 'Naruto'. Anything remotely pertaining with the monster was banned.

It had been another four years since he destroyed Konoha, now at the age of 15, Naruto was dramatically different. Kyuubi had long since stopped amusing him and raping her wasn't fun as it was when he was younger so he had gotten rid of her.

He remembered the first time she had refused him, he had been asking her to do things for awhile so when he told her that she had to do something for him, she refused. Naruto had told her that he wasn't asking this time but she still said no, but the biggest mistake was when she slapped him. Oh he went off.

After snapping her neck, Naruto had used a forbidden jutsu to break the seal and rid himself of the demon bitch's body.

Then he tracked Tsunade down to a gambling town, where she was supposedly laying low with her apprentice. Utilizing the transformation powers, Naruto disguised himself and entered with no problem where he seduced Shizune and after using her to quench his desires, she was knocked out and used to draw out Tsunade. It worked like a charm. Tsunade was in the streets looking for him before Shizune even awoke from her daze... too bad for her, Naruto slit her throat right when Tsunade slid to a stop. After another battle, that town also suffered the same fate as Konoha.

His list of targets was down to two people now, his mother and sister. For the next month, Naruto spread the word that he was gunning for Kushina and anyone she loved.

Naruto wasn't stupid, he knew that a full on attack would most likely end with him being harmed before having to flee. So he created a massive army of clones and transformed them into soldiers dressed in black armor. Using them, he launched a surprise attack on the capital.

The fire lord and his governors all knew that he would attack, but such a massive force surprised them all. They didn't even know he had an army or how he could rally them all without anyone knowing until it was too late.

The samurai were impressive but Naruto managed to take over half of the capital in one day, he could've continued but after hitting the halfway mark he had his soldiers halt and form a wall with their bodies straight down the middle of the capital.

Realizing that they were fighting a losing battle against something that could be described as the true devil, the fire lord sent out a messenger to try and find a peaceful solution to it all. Surprisingly, Naruto didn't kill the man and demanded that the fire lord meet him on the front lines with Kushina and Yui along with his honor guard and that as a show of truce, he would show up alone but armed.

The very next morning the fire lord was standing with his samurai in formation while the two redheads were behind him including Kushina's new husband. With a clam and cool face, Naruto strolled down the destroyed road allowing them all to marvel at the legendary 'Bane of Humanity'. He wore a black vest with a hood, ANBU style armor on top, and cargo pants with boots. His hair was long, well part his neck and pulled into a low ponytail. Over his face he wore a smooth, eye-less porcelain mask that made them think he was blind.

The fire lord asked for a way to avoid all the fighting but Naruto only said that Kushina and Yui's life would free him and his city of his wrath. The governor scoffed and demanded to know why he should just give up his wife and child making Naruto laugh.

Removing his mask, Naruto told him that he wanted revenge against his mother and that it he had to set the world on fire to get it, he would.

In the end, the governor pushed his luck and Naruto did just that, absorbing all the natural energy he could, he revealed to them that he was only a clone and that the real Naruto said, 'Fuck you, but have a nice day' before unleashing a massive explosion that rocked the entire world.

After that, Naruto wondered the world and realized that he had done more than get revenge, he had killed the earth. Trees were slowly dying, grass shrilling up, water evaporating... he had taken so much energy from the world that he killed it. Even with his power over nature he couldn't supply the whole earth with fresh vegetation...

"This wold is dead..." He mumbled tossing a scroll full of his belongings up in the air. "I believe that it's time to move on to a new one"

Who would've thought that Kyuubi's old ideas were just as useful as her body... oh well.

Taking all the necessary preclusion's and making the preparations, Naruto smirked just before being engulfed in a flash of light...


Naruto gaped as a blinding pain shot through his heart and screamed when bolts of energy rattled his bones. A stalk of white hair entered his vision and suddenly a pulling sensation filled him along with a loud gasp from his attacker

Landing on a concrete floor, Naruto groaned as the bones, muscle, arteries, and organs in his chest rapidly regrow themselves. With an effort, he was able to weakly stand and surveyed his surroundings, "What the fuck?" he gasped. buildings of steel and other metal stood before him. old decrepit warehouses next to a dock.

Another groan caught his attention.

"Kakashi" he said with a sneer before kicking the one eyed prick in the face. "I thought you died back with the rest of Konoha"

Not getting an answer, Naruto saw him trying to make hand seals and stomped on them, eliciting a pain filled cry. "Ah, ah, ah, no can do Kakashi," he said pulling out a blade and chopping off his hands. "Can't have you getting away this time"

Kakashi screamed as Naruto removed his other hand before dragging him to the water, but not before strapping him multiple times in the legs.

Naruto looked around and found a heavy chain before wrapping it tightly around Kakashi's neck which was then tied to a heavy looking metal anchor. "You know Kakashi, I met your teammate Rin." He said with a smirk, catching his attention, "Nice chick, nicer ass. She screamed when killed her, even called out for you to save her. Want to know where I found her?" He asked before quickly answering, "In Iwa being passed around like a bottle of Sake, even after having her ass filled so many times it was still tight as hell."

Kakashi's eyes filled with tears of pain and rage until Naruto smirked, "Just kidding, she was in Kumo. But the ass part was true"

Naruto then slashed his good eye and kicked the anchor, sending it into the water dragging Kakashi by the neck into the cold depths. As he quickly passed by, Naruto saluted him with a smile before walking off. Leaving his past behind.

Prologue end...

After his Mafia style execution of Kakashi, Naruto disappeared into the new city. After scoping out the city, he learned that it was called Gotham city and found that it was his kind of city, peaceful even. The fact that everyone ignored him was a plus. Life in the elemental nations was annoying to tell the truth, having to put up with stupid bounty hunters and listen to townspeople scream about him walking into their town. Besides their technology was amazing, why better than spring/snow country. Good thing he had his mask on or else people would have known what he's face looked like when he stopped a spending car with a curb stomp to the front bumper.

After changing his clothing, curiosity of a street thug who saw the 15 year-old as a easy target, and his looks, Naruto forged, conned, and tricked his way into citizenship under the name Alex, no last name. The woman who had helped with his paperwork told him that he needed to do to school, but had to take a test to see where he needed to go. He aced it with a little help from his shadow clones.

His score was so high that the officials who watched him to make sure he didn't cheat were shocked to silence. He was then told that Gotham University would be best for him with such high scores.

If the staff and students at the university weren't shocked to find a 15, nearly 16 year old taking classes, the fact that he was on his way to getting masters degrees for not one, but four different areas floored them. Upon hearing about him, they expected him to be a short, nerdy little kid with thick glasses and other little stereotypes.

Much to their shock, he was not only smart as the rumors said but a fighter as well. Something that was proven when an upperclassmen tried to take his stuff and push him around. If it wasn't for the fact that it was in self defense, Naruto could've been arrested for assault or even attempted murder.

It only took a year for him to complete all the required work to get a masters in Botany, Chemical, and Mechanical Engineering, he was often accused of cheating and sleeping with teachers for a good grade which offended him, why would he cheat? His clones studied for him and sent the information to him once they dispelled. The teacher thing was also false, why would he need to sleep with his female teachers when he was already making straight A's, how the hell did that get out in the first place, it was a one time thing with his professor, Mrs.... it didn't matter anyway, he still graduated with all his degrees.

He had changed fro the dark and hateful person he once was and developed a kinder more gentle side, he even developed a sense of humor.

Walking down through the park with a newspaper in hand reading 'The Joker escapes' on the front, Naruto gave a small smile as the sun warmed the air around him. He had graduated a few weeks before and was enjoying his time off, letting the job offers pile up. He had been in the papers as the 'Genius kid' because of his scores and found it annoying that his mail was always full with letters from people who wanted to hire him.

His ears picked up the sound of crying and he looked over to see and old man sitting on a bench in the park crying. Feeling kind, Naruto walked up to him and asked "What's wrong?"

The old man replied "I am married to a sexy 21 year old woman who gives me two blow jobs a day and we have sex the minute I get home from work and right after dinner."

Naruto repressed the feeling to knock the old man over the head but settled for giving him a strange look, "What's so bad about that? It sounds to me like you have a great sex life."

The old man cried "I can't remember where I live!"

Twitching, Naruto spun on his heel and walked away, leaving the old man who chuckled.

"Works every time. Now time to go see my baby" the old man said before getting knocked in the head with a kickball. Blinking, he looked around, "Where am I?"

Naruto appeared in his apartment accompanied by a whirl of smoke. It was small but cozy, just right for him. Throwing himself on his couch, Naruto blindly groped the cushions and found the TV remote. He really didn't want to get a normal job, It was just so boring to lead a normal life. He needed a quick and easy way to make money. Suddenly the TV said something about millions of dollars, making him sit up.

To raise one million dollars again this year...

Naruto hummed, before unleashing a twisted smirk for the first time in what felt like ages...

Around 9:00 at night, Naruto casually walked towards the large building where the fundraiser was being held, his face and hair was back to it's normal way instead of being a paler shade of blond. Behind him, a pair of transformed clones followed him carrying automatic weapons stolen from street thugs. If one was to look carefully, the would notice a few figures leaping through from rooftop to rooftop behind him.

Naruto took a second to question his sanity for robbing a building full of police but shrugged the thoughts away. Arriving, he ordered his clones to hide as he walked in, quickly transforming his jeans and leather coat into suit and tie while no one was looking.


Naruto turned and saw a large officer looking at him with a raised brow. "Ahh..." Reaching into his pocket he smiled and punched him with his other fist, sending the guy to the floor where one of his clones hid him.

The party sucked. Full of rich snobs, lame music, and even lamer cops.

Walking up the stage, Naruto took a metal instrument case and slammed it over a musicians head, knocking him out and off the stage, bringing the party to a screeching halt.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen." He called into the microphone as the rest of the band fled. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki and I shall be robbing you today"

"Is this some sort of joke" Cried one of the cops, "Get out of here brat."

"Oh I assure you this is no joke" Naruto says snapping his fingers, signaling his clone/thugs to appear, pointing their guns and blades at them. "Now if you will be so kind as to hand over your money and other valuables I'll make this as quick as possible, besides I forgot my gun at home"

One of the officers who actually brought his gun reached for it only to have a bullet lodge itself in his shoulder. Dropping his piece, the closet clone took it and pulled it apart, throwing the parts in different directions.

"Not to bright are you," Naruto asked with a grin, "I said that I didn't have a gun on me, these wonderful henchmen do, dumb ass."

The clones split, one group running to the area holding the donations, and another smaller one taking all the valuables. Naruto started laughing until many cocking sounds reached his ears.

"Oh dear," he said finding almost every cop had in fact brought a backup gun just incase and was now aiming them at him and his crew.

Slowly holding his hands in the air Naruto laughed nervously, "Hehehe, ah well... what happened was..."

"Can it kid, your under arrest"

Naruto's nervous smile turned to a devious smirk, before he threw his hands out towards the police officers making them tense. Suddenly the ground cracked and roots and vines shot from the holes, ensnaring the shocked men and women.

"To tell the truth I really did expected you all to leave your guns at home" Naruto said with a shrug watching as ring, wallets, purses, and other valuable jewelry were taken from the struggling cowed.

One of the other clones dispelled and he learned that they had sealed all the money into a scroll and it would be waiting for him at his apartment. "Well, I had a blast with you all today and must be going. Let's do this again sometime" he called before walking away with his hands in his pocket.

Gotham Globe

Police Fundraiser Robbed!

Last night a group of armed assailants stormed the annual Police fundraiser and robed well over a million dollars in unmarked bills and jewelry. The group was led by a single male with powers similar to that of the notorious super villain know as Poison Ivy. One officer was shot in an attempt to pull his weapon but none were killed. Reports described him as a athletic blonde teenager with spiky hair and bright blue eyes who went by the name of Naruto Uzumaki. The police are still looking for the assailant and are offering a reward for any information leading to an arrest.

The name Naruto was on everyone's lips, talking about how he could pull off something so downright stupid as rob a bunch of police. A few even saw him as a second Joker.

In toxic acres, a sexy red head read over the paper with an bored expression while drinking beet juice, her eyes widened slightly at the amount of cash he had stolen then spat out her juice as she saw that he had powers like hers.

"Jeez Red," Harley said blinking as her friend's drink dripped from her face. "What's gotten into you?"

"Sorry Harley, but we have someone to hunt down" The redhead said holding up the paper.

"Wow, a kid with powers like yours." Harley murmured, "Family?"

"Not that I know of... get dressed, we have a bird to see about a fish"

(I find that ironic because Naruto means fish cake)

"So penguin... do we have a deal?"

The short birdlike man franticly nodded, "Yes, yes, we have a deal." he yelled flailing his arms around

The blonde grinned, "Good, because I'd hate to find out just how flightless you penguins really are" Naruto said with a smile.

He had arrived at the iceberg lounge and found the 'redeemed' criminal to sell all his stolen jewelry but the penguin wouldn't give him a good deal so Naruto took him by the shirt and teleported to the roof where he was dangled over the edge.

Setting him back down on the roof, Naruto once again teleport them both back to penguins office where the bird-;like man had his henchmen gather the correct amount of cash.

"You didn't have to take it that far Mr. Uzumaki" penguin said sitting at his desk and fixing his shirt.

Naruto cocked his head to the side and gave him a blank stare as if saying 'Bull...'

"I was quite surprised when I found you sitting at my desk, how you got passed my guards is a mystery. For a second I thought you were Batman."

Naruto snorted and crossed his arms, "Batman's got nothing on my skills" He said with a icy tone. "He's just some masked fool with access to some advance tech, I on the other hand could do everything he does with only the clothing on my back"

Penguin felt a shiver run down his back, he didn't know what was scarier, another Batman doing things without any gadgets or the fact that he believed him.

Naruto saw the look and grinned, showing off sharpened fangs while he forced his eyes to change into the the ones Kyuubi always had for just a moment. "What's the matter?" he asked with a raised brow and bored look.

Penguin blinked and rubbed his eyes. Was he seeing things? For a second, he could've sworn that his eyes had changed into silted red ones. Before he could utter a word, his 'workers' walked back in carrying a large metal briefcase which was sat on his desk.

"Here you go boss, fifty-five grand." the largest one spoke opening it.

The short pudgy man leafed threw the stacks and nodded, "That will be all" he murmured dismissing them before turning his attention back to Naruto, "Full price, fifty thousand dollars for all the jewels and gold you brought me, and five for my rudeness earlier."

Naruto looked at the cash and nodded, "No problem and sorry for dangling you off the roof. I've been having a lot of stress lately and sort of lost my cool"

Closing the case, Naruto took it and spun on his heel, disappearing in a whirl of leaves.

Penguin let out a long sigh. He had just met the newest addition of Gotham City's super criminals and nearly ended up a smear on the road for underestimating his intelligence. But he was surprised by Uzumaki's personality, he wasn't hateful, mean, sadistic, or anything, almost kind. He knew that he had gotten off easy compared to those cops from that fundraiser and they hadn't done a thing to Naruto and yet... he had tried to pay him a fraction of the value that all those jewels were worth.

"Ahh, Boss?" his head henchman said sticking his head through the door.

"Yes, yes, what is it?"

The man glanced behind him, "You got visitors, it's-"

The large man yells as he is sent through the door and rolls to a stop.

"Hiya Penguin!" an annoyingly bubbly voice yells making him pale in color.

"Harley, calm down," another seductive voice said.

Penguin cursed his luck as the 'Queens of Crime' walked in and smirked at him

"Hello Penguin," Ivy started with a smirk, "We need to talk."

Naruto sat across from his TV with his money stacked in a pile on the coffee table in front of him. The Tv played some nature documentary that he really wasn't paying attention to while he thought of how to spend his cash. Henchmen weren't really needed since shadow clones made it possible to create an army enough to start a small war... but they knew what he did so they really couldn't give him a second opinion.

A hideout was a possibility, since people would start snooping around when 'Alex' doesn't return and then find Naruto Uzumaki living in his place. So was buying out businesses, there was this nice bar out on the docks called 'Stacked Deck' that was for sell. A few upgrades to the decor and it would be a lot more popular. Lastly, stocks were an option better left for later down the road.

Flipping through one of the stacks, Naruto reached for his cellphone and dialed a number, he had a bar to acquire and modernize.

"Yeah, I'm calling about the ad you put in the papers about selling your bar... Yeah, full price, up front.... The catch is, I'll keep the place from sinking even further in debt, but you continue to work there for me since I'm too busy to do so myself."

After a few minutes Naruto smirked and snapped the phone shut.

"Rough night of crime fighting sir?"

Bruce Wayne stood in only a towel looking in his mirror as his friend and butler, Alfred walked in holding a robe. "Very... I've been trying to find out anything I could about this kid Naruto." he said with a frown, "I just don't get it, a kid just walks into the party with a group of thugs and robs them blind without anyone noticing until it was too late"

"Surely someone had noticed," The aged butler intoned folding the robe with practiced ease.

Bruce frowned, "Well the guy checking for invitations was found tied to the rafters. He said that a kid matching Uzumaki's description walked in and knocked him out when he asked for an invitation."

"Well sir, some the guests at that party were wearing custom jeweler."

Bruce looked up, "Yeah but... oh I get it, he wouldn't be able to just sell it off to some pawn shop or jeweler without it being checked so he'd have to sell it to someone who could get rid of it easier."

"Exactly, Master Wayne. From pervious encounters, I believe that the Penguin would be your best lead. Even though he has stopped dealing with the black market he still may know someone else."


Two large men winced at the volume of the voice and looked towards the source but only saw a pair of purple pants fly out the door. They both wore brown suits with bow ties. The first played cards with himself and the other was reading the paper.

"This place is going to blinking blue blazes" the voice said again before the door was kicked open.

From the room a very well known man walked out, his skin was snow white, his hair black with a green tint. His lips were red and twisted into a large grin sometimes showing off his large yellow teeth. He was dressed in a light blue tank top and purple boxers with yellow pokadots.

It was the Joker...

"Has anyone seen my socks?" he asked throwing his arms up in the air and walking towards them. "HARLEY!!!"

Walking past a pair of Hyenas, they jumped at him against their chains, snarling and snapping making him leap away with a look of disbelief, "They snapped at me" he said turning towards his henchmen. "What's going on Rock? The place is a mess, no ones fed the Hyenas, and I can't find my socks. Where's Harley?"

Rock cringed behind his paper, "Y-you canned her Boss, remember?"

The Joker shrugged, "So, she's always come back before" he stated with a frown

"Gee, I guess you haven't seen the papers then" Rock said closing said object.

The Joker frowned "Papers?" he said, snatching them away and making Rock flinch away, "What are you babbling about?"

He looked at the front page and saw a picture of Harley and Poison Ivy running away with pearl necklaces in hand with the words, "NEW QUEENS OF CRIME at the top and another picture below telling about the Police Fundraiser getting robbed (Which he ignored for the moment).

Outside the building, Joker's scream of disbelief echoed all down the city street and even caused the sign at the front of the building to fall.

A week passed without any word or news on Gotham's newest villain. It was like he had just disappeared. But on a sadder note, Gotham's brightest youth, a 16 year-old by the name of Alex, had supposedly died when his apartment exploded. Gotham University mourned the loss of their best student and many of the students and teachers cried openly at the news, strangely enough almost all of them were cute and sexy females.

Unknown to everyone else, Alex... or better yet, Naruto did not die in the explosion since he was across town when the timer went off. He needed his fake identity to disappear so the cops wouldn't start looking for him once he stopped transforming.

He had been quite the busy bee, buying supplies and other equipment for his soon to be hideout, a warehouse near an abandoned carnival. His clones had worked tirelessly cleaning and setting everything up, repairing walls and other little jobs to get the place running again. It seemed that the warehouse had been used to store the equipment including his personal favorite, a tennis ball launcher that his clones had fixed to look like a large gun.

Oh and he even started his first project, it was more of an expensive hobby but hey, he wasn't paying for it. He knew that it was stupid for him to try but he had gotten the Idea for a weapon or some kind of device that enhanced one's power by ten fold. Imagine, the power of ten Kyuubis all in one being. But their was one problem, he couldn't use the planets natural energy because he'd kill it, something that he wanted to avoid for now.

Too bad that was out of reach for now, he still needed to find a way to magnify seemingly endless amounts of power. So to pass the time, he worked with plant manipulation and fusing them with his other elemental powers.

The first was a... he didn't know if it counted as a success or not, but he infused a large venus flytrap with more earth chakra and ended up having to dodge a barge of small rocks that the plant had shot at him before realizing that it was attacking it's creator... or Father.

Out of the experience he figured that was why Poison Ivy talked to the plants and called herself their mother. The plant's could understand and looked to them as caregivers. Like a child would their parents. He did the same with a vine and felt it gently wrap around him, giving off the feeling of love and affection, they didn't talk to him but the feelings were there. He was, in essence their father... or to at least the ones he grew and manipulated, if left untouched he never felt anything from them.

The second was scary but nonetheless a failure. A vine with some added ice chakra caused it to turn into a jagged, razor sharp line but shattered if forced to grow or move. Fire chakra was a no-go for obvious reasons, Wind didn't do anything, and the other elements were useless

A small vine wrapped around his finger like a child would an adult making him smile as he sat on a wooden crate. The vines had a interesting ability to disappear back into the ground and wait for him here at the hideout as not to be harmed by any punks or hobos looking for a place to hangout or rob. The also would protect his home for him when the need arise.

"Such an amazing little plant aren't you?" He asked the vine as it squeezed lightly.

One of his clones walked up to him holding a small bag filled with white powder. "Boss are you sure it's a good idea to mess with this shit?"

Naruto glanced over "Ok now I'm crazy," he mumbled, "Not only am I literally talking to myself but questioning myself too."

With a small amount of his money, Naruto had bought a large amount of drugs to sell on the streets. At first he used clones but now had a small gang of wackjobs who somehow saw him messing around with his powers and for some strange reason, saw him as a god. As strange as it was, Naruto couldn't deny that having a small group of men and women worshipping him and doing whatever he said was fun. And not only did they do whatever he said without complaint, they were extremely loyal too. In only a week, they were already a high priority gang to the police.

Funny that a few fireballs, lightning strikes, earth spikes, and transformations could inspire such unstable human minds. Back at the elemental nations people would say that it was only impressive then walk away.

'Now that I thank about it, I have to meet them later,'

"This gang is becoming a nuisance commissioner! Only a week has past and they continue to cause nothing but trouble. Three people have been killed already."

Commissioner Gordon groaned, "Calm down detective, we've already got a lead on them and-" The radio on his desk buzzed,

"Sir, we're ready to breach at any moment, we're waiting on you for the ok" came the voice on the other end.

Gordon took the radio in his hand, "Do it, I'll be there soon."

Commissioner Gordon walked into a bar, even though it sounded like the start of a bad joke, he was greeted by a group of young men and women with there hands cuffed behind their backs. Walking up to them, he wasn't shocked to find Batman standing in the shadows while his officers congratulated each other.

"Their leader isn't here, I heard them saying that he was going to meet them" Batman said gruffly.

Gordon frowned, "Any ideas on who the leader is?"

One of the young women scoffed, "Wouldn't you like to know"

They ignored her, "Whoever it is will be here and well catch him off guard-"

This time a man laughed, "Yeah right, like you will catch him. No human will ever take down our Lord"

Batman frowned at the group, "Most of them are escapees from the Jokers last escape at Arkham. All were apart of a religious cult that tried to kill innocent people and use them to summon their demon 'god'"

"Really?" Echoed another voice from the doorway. "Summon a demon? Now that's interesting,"

The SWAT teams quickly trained their guns on the shadowed person while Gordon and Batman watched with narrowed eyes, ready to act at any moment.

Naruto had heard everything and was smirking at the irony of Batman's little speech. His little band of worshippers had tried to summon a demon as their god and now here he was, probably the strongest demon out there.

"Who are you?" Gordon called, hand on his pistol.

Naruto chuckled and walked deeper into the shadows, using his powers to transform into other people. "You know Commissioner." he started in a male voice before changing into a female voice that made Gordon freeze "- I never could fully understand you Jim"

The figure stepped to the side and into a flickering light, revealing a head of red nearly orange shoulder length hair and dull green eyes not only making Gordon shake, but every cop in the room. There stood Sarah Essen Gordon, Jim's ex-partner and dead wife.

"S-sarah?" Jim stuttered, "But... the Joker... he shot you. Your..."

"Dead? I know..." A stream of blood fell down from her hairline just as the light flickered off only to come back on to reveal an empty space.

"Where'd she go?" was the first thing that came from the gathered people.

Naruto stood back in his regular form up on the ceiling. He knew about Gordon's wife and how she died, he also knew of his affair and facts about many other crimes done around the city. They were the first thing he looked at during his free time at school.

"Someone get these lights back on" a SWAT ordered, having cut the power beforehand to surprise the gang who have yet to be moved.

After a few seconds, all the lights not connected to emergency power flickered on, illuminating the whole room. "Where'd she-"

The speaking SWAT never finished as a boot impacted with the side of his head, sending him rolling across the ground.

"YOU!" Gordon cried, pulling his police issue pistol and aiming it at the crimanal

Giving a mock bow Naruto smirked to the gathered cops, "Naruto Uzumaki at your service" he said before looking at Batman, "Hello Batman, nice to finally meet you"

"Uzumaki" Batman growled, "Your under arest, just come quitely,"

Naruto hummed, "Sorry Bats. I don't feel like going to Arkham just yet. But I've heard many stories about you, mostly for your fighting ablity and I'll make you a bet, If you can beat me, I'll come along without a fight. Deal?"

The masked hero narrowed his eyes, "Deal, but how do I know you aren't lieing"

Naruto grinned, "Bats, when I make a deal I always uphold my end. But we don't need you getting any back up from the police so..." Thick vines ripped through the wooden floor and wrapped around both the cops and gangmembers just like at the fundraiser.

Ignoring the cries of shock and pleads from his worshipers Naruto popped his neck and perpared to fight the Dark knight.

"Tell me," Batman said, "How did you gain power over those plants?"

Naruto shrugged, "I have power over the raw elements, combining thems not hard. Water and eath create wood. The trick is to be able to draw on and force them to expand when the only source of water is in the air" he stated not caring if Batman knew of his powers.

Batman was at a loss for words, 'power over the raw elements!' that ment that this Naruto kid was even more dangerious than Joker or any other villain in the city.

"So you can use more than one and what did you do before?" He asked trying to get more information.

"I love messing with people, It's my kitsune nature..." Naruto cleared his throat and got into a fighting stance, "But enough talk, have at you"