Gotham Nights

Chapter 8 preview

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Ok people, only two more Static Shock crossover chapters left before Naruto leaves Dakota for awhile. I have noticed that he is getting kinder and that's not really cutting it for me. Naruto will get more evil in the next two chapters and I have to work hard on them, so for your pleasure, here's a preview of the first...


Naruto growled loudly as he stomped towards the warehouses where his target was at. That pasty faced clown freak had pissed him off for the last time, he could trick and use the breed all he wanted but the moment that he left Talon to die under that pile of ruble was the last mistake he'd ever make.

Glancing down at his hands he felt his rage grow at the sight of Talon's blood, she had been impaled by a piece of rebar and had lost a lot of blood while he was clearing a way to her. When he finally did, her feathers were bloody and he had to quickly use what little healing knowledge he had to keep her alive until the medics arrived.

Arriving at the warehouse, he was surprised to find a whole army of cops from both the city and Gotham loading up the bang babies along with the Joker into a large van.

Trembling with rage, he spotted a cop and walked over with a plan formulating in his mind.


Gordon watched silently as his men loaded up the Joker into a van that would drive the lunatic back to Arkham. He had gotten a call from the mayor that the Joker was in Dakota and was pissed that he had to go all the way to pick him up. At least the Batman and that kid Static had it taken care of when he got there.

"all right people, let's move out," he called as the Joker was thrown into the van by a cop, a little rougher than normal but seeing as they all had to drive down there he didn't pay it any mind.


Inside the moving van, the breed plus the Joker sat across from each other, each handcuffed to the wall.

"Well kids, another plan ruined by Bats," the Joker said with a large scowl before shrugging, "Oh well, there's always next time,"

"There won't be a next time for you Joker, not for awhile"

They all looked over to the officer standing by the door.

"Oh please," Joker laughed, "You know who I am,"

The officer walked forward, ripping the hat from his head and glaring at the clown with cold ruby red eyes.

"Y-You!" the Joker gasped, remembering the guy who nearly crushed his skull in Arkham.

Naruto smirked as the man started to fruitlessly try to escape his cuffs, "Yes Joker, remember me? Last time you tried to jump me in the bathroom in Arkham for letting the Batman live and being better than you," he said, not noticing the looks of shock and amazement from the three remaining breed members, "I left you unconscious last time, so what do you think will happen now that you nearly killed a friend of mine?"

At the silence, Naruto used his powers to freeze the axle to the van, making it skid to a stop, then ripped the cuffs from the bang babies wrists before throwing them all out of the van door and slamming it shut with both him and the joker still inside.

He melted the door shut and glared at the clown, "What's wrong Joker?" he asked harshly, "No jokes, no smiles, what's wrong?"

He pulled a kunai from his pocket and held it threatenly with a look of fury and insanity in his crimson eyes, "Why so serious?" he growled with a grin, "Let's put a smile on that face,"

Outside, the sound of blood curling screams echoed across the city.

Hours later, the police were able to cut the door open with a cutting torch, swinging the door open, they gasped and gagged at the sight of the Joker laying in a pool of his own blood with his cheeks cut and ripped apart.

"He's still breathing!" a cop yelled, "Get a medic!"


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