I remember those days. When we were all together. Kakashi-sensei, Sakura, and Sasuke.

A figure stood in the distance surrounded by flames and dead, charred bodies. Her blonde hair now black covered in ash and soot. A lone tear slipped from her blue eyes.

Why did it happen? It was my fault. I brought him back. He destroyed everything. He tricked me. He told me lies. HE BETRAYED ME.

Her bloodied hands, clenched into fists, began to loosen as the mighty warrior known as Uzumaki Naruto collapsed and fell to the ground.

Are you happy now, teme? This is what you wanted right? The destruction of Konoha . . . and my death.

"Well lookie here. So you're the one whose reitsu levels are off the chart."

Who is this guy? He has no right to be here looking down at me. How can he see me? My dead bodies over there.

"By the looks of it I'd say you died a few minutes ago. That's some amazing spiritual power you got there. I'll send you to your afterlife. Ciao." The man started to take out his cane revealing a sword, shocking Naruto.

Wait! No! What are you doing?! I refuse to die again!

That was the last time I saw him after he sent me to the Soul Society. That was the last time I saw the man with the bucket hat.

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