Victoire Gabrielle Weasley

Victoire, a.k.a. Vic, is the oldest child of Bill and Fleur Weasley. She has a younger sister Dominique and a younger brother Louis. She is also the oldest grandchild, if you don't count Teddy.

She was born on May 2nd, 2000.

Vic has beautiful silvery-blonde hair like her mother. Vic has Weasley skin. She has blue eyes. She is tall and perfectly built, with nice curves.

Vic is very protective of her family. She loves to play. She's a beater, but wouldn't want to play with anyone bedside's her family.

She is sweet and loving. She is super smart and was put in Ravenclaw.

Although she is 1/8 veela, she doesn't let that bother her, even when kids tease her for being a half-breed.