Soft Token


Mori- Short, skinny, long black hair, brown eyes, lots of freckles, tan skin, 13, main character

Mike- Spiky blonde hair, tan skin, blue eyes, tall, skinny, 13, main character

Tracey- brown hair, brown eyes, tall, skinny, tan skin, 14, main character

Skylar- short blonde hair, short, skinny, freckles, blue eyes, pale skin, 13, main character

James- short, chubby, brown hair, green eyes, little bit of freckles, pale skin, 14, main character

Angela- blonde long hair, blue eyes, 14, pale skin, main character

Joshi- oldest brother to Mori, dark brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin, tall, skinny, 17

Suri- Oldest sister to Mori, tall, skinny, blonde hair, blue eyes, 16, pale skin

Chapter 1:

My name's Mori Kara, I am in the middle of the semester of junior high school. This is my 2nd year. I skipped a grade when I was young, that's why I'm one of the youngest. You see, I just turned 13, so, I'm pretty young. I'm having a pretty hard time at school because my brother, Joshi, is looking for a college, Suri is stressing me out by her grades, and last but not least, my mom's pregnant. You see, I hate babies! I have to share my room with him/her. My mom has put so many baby things in it. I complained to my mom that why can't Joshi share a room or Suri, but my mom says that I'm the youngest and it seems better. We live in a small apartment that has 3 rooms, a kitchen and a small living room. So, that's why I can't have my own room.

I found myself drawing on a sheet of white paper. I looked up at Mrs. Zae and sure enough, she was talking about pioneers. Mrs. Zae is a Math teacher, but she teaches history instead. "They traveled along the plains, they were very worthy people." Mrs. Zae said. Mike raised his hand. "Yes Mike?" Mrs. Zae pointed to him. "We only have about 10 more minutes left… should we start on math?" Mike asked. Mrs. Zae looked up at the clock. "I will just give you homework tonight. It's just a review anyways." Mrs. Zae sounded annoyed. Mrs. Zae started passing our homework out. The bell rang shortly. I picked up my papers and rushed out. "Groan." I said. I peeled off some tape. The tape had a not attached to it. It read:

Mori, I know you're hiding something. Tell me… or else!


Corina and Gracie

I opened up my locker and threw everything inside. I walked as fast as I could to lunch.