"Who are you?"

The first time he saw her, was when his life had been changed; When Kuchiki Rukia's sword pierced his chest transferring her powers to him. In his world that had been eternal night, waiting for acknowledgement, there was a flash of white. She was that flash of white, for an instant she lingered there in his world, eyes wide in stunned silence. Horror painted upon her pale yet elegant features, as if she could not believe what her shinigami had just done.

He stared at her, never had he seen anything like her, hair that was an icy blue, her piercing eyes the same shade. A kimono that was white against her ivory skin with some soft green and pink, everything about her was pure and untouched. She was absolutely the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen in his entire existence. Her name lingered on his lips, the connection created unknowingly had bound them together as well.

He couldn't help himself. He stared. Openly. After all, what should he have done? He'd just been stabbed in the chest, left in this dark place with someone he both knew and did not know, and now, now, now he found himself wanting to say a name he hadn't even known until less than five seconds ago.


He spoke it but once, and she paused, her ice blue eyes falling upon him with something akin to surprise and horror. He froze, like the ice that she so resembled. With barely an effort, she glided across the blackness, and appeared before him.

"You spoke my name."

It wasn't a question, it was a statement. He nodded blinked slowly, confused, trying to comprehend as she tenderly touched a pale hand to his cheek. He shivered, not just from the cold of her palm but perhaps from something....else?

"Please, speak it again." It was a kind, gentle request, yet he somehow felt obligated to do so now, unable to think of anything else as she stared pleadingly, longingly into his chestnut brown eyes. "Please say it again so that I may hear it properly."

"Sode no Shirayuki." Just like that, her name burst from his lips. He knew the name meant something, for right away, her eyes widened, and a look of pure, childish delight flashed across the woman's face.

"Yes. That is my name."

From the blackness, a sword of pure white appeared in the boy's hands. It was a long blade, perfectly crafted, and chilling to the touch, just as the woman was. He grasped it firmly, and felt a tinge of warmth in the hilt. He already knew what this was, but still...he just had to ask.

"This is....you?"

She nodded serenely, and reached out to clasp the long hilt with him. "This is me, this is my sword." He was amazed at how well her hands fit in his own, how soothing her prescence felt, turning the black sky a pure azure blue, and filling it with whispy clouds. He was terribly saddened when she pulled away.

"Now then, its time for you to return and save your sisters. But fear not. I am now your zanpakutou. And you, Kurosaki Ichigo, are my wielder."


As the hollow roared towards him in fury, Ichigo Kurosaki breathed silently, inhaling, exhaling as the skies clouded over and snow began to fall from the clouds. Kuchiki Rukia looked on in awe, unable to comprehend what was happening, how this boy, this human turned soul reaper, was able to so easily utilize shinigami powers.

'This is...

But for what happened next, she could not believe her eyes, nor her ears.

"Mae. (Dance)" Ichigo breathed as the massive katana in his hands shrank and became a long, pure white blade, the most beautiful zanpakutou in all of the Soul Society. His gaze snapped up as the Hollow lashed out at him, his blade already raised to counter.

"Sode no Shirayuki!"

And the entire street froze over.

Phew! Well, I just got this idea awhile back. How different would Ichigo's life be if Sode no Shirayuki became his zanpakutou, instead of Zangetsu? Don't worry about poor lil' Rukia though. I got plans for her, plans that do NOT involve dying or becoming a second rate character. Read and review!