Title: German Chocolate

Pairing: Suzaku x Lelouch

Rating: T

Disclaimer: All ownership of Code Geass goes to Sunrise and CLAMP.

Author's Notes: Second Suzalulu fic, second lemon. Maybe I'll write just a soft yaoi for these two…eventually. ;D

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It was just a simple, lazy Sunday at Ashford Acadamy. There were no classes, no studying, and best of all, no stress. Lelouch decided, as a result, to do something he had almost always enjoyed; cooking. He went into a spare kitchen that, normally, the Home Ec. students would use and tied a white, frilly apron around his waist. He had just begun to remove pots and pans from the cabinets when he took out his phone and called Sayoko. She answered their home phone, cocking her head when she heard Lelouch's voice on the other line. "Huh? Lelouch-sama?" she asked.

"Hi there, Sayoko-san. If you don't mind, could you put Nunnally on the line?" Sayoko agreed and put the phone down to wheel Nunnally over. She pressed the speaker phone button and Nunally began talking to her best friend. "Hi, Onii-sama!"

Lelouch chuckled at his sister's excitement. "Hello, Nunnally. Listen, I have some spare time at school…so I thought I'd bake something. Is there anything you would like," Lamperouge asked his sister. He heard her hum over the line. "Hmm….can you make cupcakes, Onii-sama? I haven't had those in such a long time…"

"Cupcakes? Sure thing," he said, nodding. "Thank you, Onii-sama!"

"Goodbye, Nunally." He hung up the phone and rolled up his sleeves. "Alright, then." He started searching the cupboards when he came across a clear container filled with giant chunks of chocolate. He blinked and turned it over to see if there was a label. There was a sticky note and written on it in permanent marker were the words German Chocolate.

The black haired prince smiled to himself. "I've got it."

Minutes later he was mixing together a thick chocolate concoction in a huge metal mixing bowl with a whisk. He began pouring the batter into small molds decorated with silly, yellow paper cups. Afterwards, he slid them into the oven and turned up the temperature until the fluffy brown tops began to rise. "There we go…" he said happily, watching them through the tiny oven window. He hugged his knees to his chest and recalled a bittersweet memory from his childhood. He closed his eyes and drifted off into his mind…

"Lelouch, hurry up already!" the little boy called out, his tobacco colored ringlets hanging in his eyes. The scrawny prince scurried along after him as fast as he could, swerving through the trees and trying to avoid stepping in the copious piles of mud along the nonexistent trail. "Hurry!" Suzaku said again, running back and grabbing the prince's tiny hand, their fists fitting together perfectly. "You said you wanted to see the creek right? We gotta be back before the sun sets!" Lelouch followed him clumsily, making an honest effort not to trip over any rocks. "I never said I wanted to see…I said it might be nice if we went!"

"So? We're going, right?" Suzaku interrogated. "We could go tomorrow!"

"No way, it looks really pretty at this time of day…you have to see it!" There was a parting in the trees ahead. Lelouch covered his eyes with a tiny arm as they jumped through the brush and to a wide open setting that rested right before the orange sun, the rainbow colored flowers and picturesque stream glittering under the sun's rays. "Isn't it great…?"

Lelouch only smiled at him, almost as if he was waiting for him to say something. "I mean, it's the best—what?" he finished, looking over to the edge of the creek to see a small tea table with two chocolate cupcakes on top of it. There were ripped and tattered streamers wrapped around tree branches and a white banner had the letters printed on it in bright red ink, "Happy Birthday Suzaku." Kururugi glanced around, amazed, then turned to his best friend. "What…?"

"You know…I heard that it was your birthday from some other kids. I decided, because I am your best friend and all…to throw you a party." He walked over to the junky table and lifted up one of the sweet pastries, holding it to his friend's lips and urging him to take a bite. "You…led me here…? You…did this all by yourself?" Suzaku asked, green eyes wide and soulful. Lamperouge laughed.

Suzaku could almost cry because he felt so touched. As the tears welled up in his eyes, he grabbed his friend's hand and squeezed it passionately. "Lelouch…thank you. I promise…when your birthday comes again…I'll give you the best gift ever! I promise!" The raven haired boy wiped away the younger boy's tears with the back of his hand. "Fine…I'll hold you to that…Kururugi Suzaku."

It was only months later that they were separated, their perfect world ripped apart.


Lelouch's amethyst eyes snapped open to the sound of the buzzer on the oven. He raced to open the door and pulled on a tacky oven-mitt, pulling the baking tray out and setting it on the counter. He wiped the sweat from his brow and washed his hands with a washcloth. "That's right…we never made it…to my birthday…but I didn't care…I was with him that last time…and that was all that mattered." He suddenly heard the smooth, sliding sound of one of the school's automatic doors opening, and turned to see a handsome, tanned teen framed in the doorway. "Suzaku," Lelouch asked. "What in the world are you doing here?"

Suzaku walked in and stood before the sink, and you could tell by the look in his eyes that he was thinking the same thing.

"…Shouldn't you be doing your…medical engineering stuff?" he commented, feeling slightly idiotic that he really didn't know what Suzaku's job was. Suzaku put his school bag down on the floor and grabbed the nearest chair, turning it around so he could rest his chin and arms on the back. "Normally, yeah…but I was given the day off, you know, for Prince Clovis and everything." Lelouch nodded, doing a fine job pretending he felt sorry for the unfortunate man. "Yeah…" Suzaku peered behind his best friend. "Cupcakes?" he asked. "I haven't seen you make those in forever!"

The prince untied his apron and hung it up, stretching his arms over his head. "Yeah…I had some free time…you want one?" Suzaku nodded and outstretched his hand. "Well you can't," he joked, playfully smacking Suzaku's hand away. "They're too hot. They'll burn your tongue and crumble all over your uniform!" Suzaku pouted and rubbed his sore hand mockingly. "Alright…I'll wait."

"Good." Lamperouge said, tossing all the dirty cookware into the silver sink. He ran the cold water and began to wash them. Meanwhile, Suzaku noticed an empty container resting on the counter. He examined it and found a smile gracing his cheeks. "German chocolate, Lelouch? You're still such a gourmet…" he half laughed, tossing the bottle in the trash. "I remember…the last time you made these…"

"So do I…" Lelouch replied, once again reminded of his nostalgic memory. "You did love it…you inhaled it, actually." Suzaku blushed and pivoted his head away from Lelouch. "Well…yeah. You've always been good at those things, Lelouch." The purple-eyed teen bowed his head in thanks and went back to washing dishes. When silence returned to the two, Suzaku began striking up another conversation. "You…remember my promise…right, Lelouch?" The dishes suddenly clanked together. "Yes," he said, turning and gazing at him over his shoulder. Suzaku turned red again. Those soulful eyes, that precious face…it was so much for him to take in. His white skin, pink lips, and stealth-jet colored hair were his best features. He looked so womanly, but Suzaku knew if he dared say how cute Lelouch looked, there would be a handprint on his cheek for days. "You said…you would return the favor."

Suzaku sighed. He never had the chance. "Sorry…Lelouch."

"Don't worry about it," Lelouch said, drying his hands with a washcloth. Suzaku watched him a little more, his emerald eyes tracing each slight movement he made. "Lelouch…I can still make it up to you…" he began, slightly shaky. "You idiot," Lelouch replied. "How are you doing to do that?" Kururugi seemed to ponder that for a few seconds, but instead of shrugging his shoulders (something Lelouch was used to seeing), he snapped his fingers. "Like this—"

The door to the Home Ec. room opened to reveal Milly, Shirley, Rivalz, Nina, and Kallen behind a large cart and their charcoal gray cat Arthur holding a small piece of parchment in his mouth. The feline leaped from the cart and pranced over to Lelouch, dropping the small piece of paper on the floor and mewing softly, almost as if he was asking him to open it. The prince blinked and picked it up, opening it slowly. His bright purple eyes widened as he read the message scribbled on it.

Happy Birthday, Lelouch!

"But…Suzaku," Lelouch stuttered, trying his best not to blush in front of everyone on the student council. Regardless of what he thought he could do, it was obvious he was red as a stawberry judging my Milly's cat-like grin and Shirley's squealing. "You always forget your birthday…"

He approached his best friend and ran a hand through his hair, caressing his marshmellow-like cheek. "After all these years…I've payed you back. Just like I promised."

He gasped. "Suzaku…you asked for this day off, right? You remebered your promise…before I did…you fool." He snickered and turned to his friends. "Thank you all so much…I really appreciate it." Everyone applauded, wheeling the cart in and setting Lelouch's cake on the counter. "Alright, let's celebrate already!" Milly cheered, clapping her hands together.

It took everyone else hours to vacate the student council room (which they migrated to after they stuffed themselves with cake) and, by the time the sun was setting, Lelouch and Suzaku were the only ones left to clean up. "Sorry about having to clean up a mess on your birthday…" Suzaku said, chuckling and turning to see Lelouch tossing a huge trash bag out into the hall. "It's fine. It's not like you planned it out this way, right?"

Just as Lelouch was about to put more bags of trash in the hallway, there was a firm hand planted on his shoulder. "Hold on—I have to give you your present before we go home." Lamperouge gave him a puzzled look, blinking his eyes. "No, you don't have to—" Suzaku grabbed Lelouch by the shoulders and pulled him into a loving embrace, hugging him like a child hugs their favorite doll. "Suza—suzaku!? What the hell are you doing?" he screamed, trying to push himself away. Suzaku held on to him tightly, sighing into his collarbone. "Lelouch…" he hissed, sending a chill down his spine. "Oh…"

Suzaku grabbed Lelouch's jaw, holding it in place with his thumb while he drove in for a kiss, tilting his head slightly. Lamperouge's eyes shot wide open in response and, although his mind was screaming for him to fight back, he couldn't. Not only was his body confined by Suzaku's arms, but he felt as if his whole body was numb. Whenever it did move, like when it suddenly wrapped its arms around Kururugi's neck, it was completely unintentional. Despite his thoughts that perhaps he should push himself away and run home, keep on commanding the Black Knights, and forget this ever happened, he couldn't.

There was something burning inside of him…something that wouldn't let him let go. Finally, as Suzaku pushed him over a table and pinned both of his hands on either side of his head, Lelouch mumbled those three forbidden words. "I….love you…"


"I love you so much…" he whispered, still trying to catch his breath. "Suzaku…Kururugi…" Suzaku smiled down at him, his face filled with joy. "Lelouch…" He bent over and began undoing the buttons to Lelouch's uniform hastily. He whipped the jacket from his shoulders and tossed it away. "Thank you…so much." He kissed him again, more gently this time, his hand fondling with the buttons on Lelouch's white dress shirt.



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