Title: German Chocolate

Rating: M

Disclaimer: Code Geass is not mine…it belongs to Sunrise and CLAMP. I claim no ownership.

Pairing: Suzaku x Lelouch

Third Code Geass fanfic…first one I've put up. I've done lemons for these two before…but, never published it. Soon, I'll get around to it. Please enjoy!


"Aaah, Suzaku, what are you—" he questioned as the tanned teenager unbuttoned his white dress shirt and pushed it to the side. Suzaku didn't answer him and went back to kissing him, sucking on his bottom lip. Lelouch made a muffled cry and tried to squirm away from him. "Wait, Suzaku, we're going to get caught!" he screamed. Kururugi didn't care and smiled down at him, his face looking like one belonging to one of those angels they painted in cathedrals. Lelouch blushed and turned his head, seeing that he wasn't going to get anywhere but just arguing. "Just…try and be quick," he slowly said, trying to choose his words carefully. Suzaku didn't seem to hear him and began gliding his tongue over his best friend's smooth neck. Lelouch gasped as the hot sensation rang throughout all his senses. "What…are you doing…?"

"Showing you…" he answered simply. "Showing you just how much I intend to keep my promise to you." Lelouch's purple eyes widened. "You…really care about me…" the prince trailed off, his face softening. Suzaku ruffled his hair, laughing. "Yeah," he chuckled. "I love you."

Lelouch would have crossed his arms if they weren't pinned down. He did, however, pout. "Well, I don't believe you."

"Shall I show you just how much I love you?" he asked, his voice deepening. Lelouch smirked, although he was extremely red in the cheeks. "I guess you will." The two boys took a few moments to stare into each other's eyes, then their lips connected again, small trails of saliva dripping from the corners of their mouths. "Oh…" Lelouch moaned into the kiss, grabbing Suzaku by the shoulders and trying to pull him closer until the only thing stopping their bodies from combining was the skin. Suzaku understood the prince's order and tugged at the band on his pants, pulling them off. Lelouch mimicked the gesture and did the same with Suzaku's clothes. Eventually, the pale moon was their only light and each star twinkled down upon them, the inside of the room pitch black. Suzaku heard Lelouch shivering and lifted him into his lap, running him lips along his collar in consolation. "Ah!"

"I'll be careful with you, Lelouch…" Lelouch nodded, knowing that he had to trust Suzaku if he was to make it through their night together, and put himself in his friend's hands by letting his muscles relax and lounging on him. "O…kay…" he sighed deeply, almost as if he was preparing himself. Suzaku wrapped his arms around the teen's neck and started entering him slowly, letting Lamperouge relish in the moment. He laughed as whispered. "You're always so uptight…I didn't realize you were so easily pleasured," he taunted. Lelouch clenched his teeth and wanted to argue back, but he was cut off by a sudden sensation on pain that ran up his spine. "Ah…ah!" he cried, appreciate in the pleasure. Suzaku kissed the back of his neck and Lelouch's back arched and every nerve in his body felt like it was on fire. He began panting. "Oh, god…" he pleaded. "Suzaku…what are you…?" He pulled himself out and turned Lelouch over in his lap. "Oh…I'm not letting you go that easily…"


Lelouch just watched him for a moment, trying to predict his opponent's next move. "What…are you doing…?" he asked after thirty seconds of silence, a dazed Suzaku looking back at him with glossy emerald eyes. "Oh, sorry…"

"Jeez, don't scare me like that…" Lelouch remarked, nervously laughing in hopes of lightening the mood. "It's just…"


Suzaku suddenly turned crimson and tried to mask his embarrassment with a grin, which actually suited him rather nicely. "It's just…looking at you is like a dream," he said modestly, watching the blush on Lulu's face expand. The prince was at a loss for words. "Oh…well…Suzaku, I—"

"Don't speak, not now," he ordered, kissing him again. Lelouch silently agreed and unconsciously kissed back. "You know, we could make this more interesting…" Suzaku started, humming in thought. Lamperouge blinked, not trying to hide his curiosity. "How?" Suzaku got up and approached Nina's desk, careful not to bump into anything in the dark. Lelouch shivered and cold hands threw themselves over his bare shoulders. He heard Kururugi open and drawer and, when he came back, he saw a small bottle of lube in his hands. "What--where in hell did you get that?!" Suzaku squirted a small white dollop into his hand and ran it up and down two of his fingers, eyes closed and lips pulled downward into an adult-looking frown. Lelouch felt his heart skip a beat and had to bite down on his lip to control himself. The pain gradually calmed him as Suzaku replied in a deepened voice, "I hid it in Nina's desk earlier…"

He anticipated this!

He slid one finger inside of Lelouch's erect member, his only reaction a faint whimper. "Suzaku…wait…" he said, slumping back on the floor again. "Aw, so unstable…you've been waiting for something like this for such a long time…" Lelouch bit down on his lip again when the second finger slid inside of him, chewing into his lip so far that his mouth filled with a bitter, metallic taste. He groaned and slammed the side of his head on to the floor. "You little…that hurts!"

"It's going to at least a little…" Suzaku said bluntly, lifting a brow at the teen's obliviousness. Lelouch felt insulted by the idiotic comment and was prepared to fight back. Suzaku, with some difficulty caused by Lelouch's tightness, slid a third finger in and, not caring if anyone heard him, he screamed like a wolf howls into the night. "Oh my god, Suzaku!" he screamed, throwing his arms around his neck and trying to hold back tears. "Does…being loved this much…hurt you?"

He paused, the stinging sensation still echoing through his body.

"Your mother was killed, your father abandoned you and Nunnally, turning you both into bargaining tools…" he said in a whisper, scissoring inside of Lelouch. Through breathless gasp, Lelouch gazed at him through the large tears that lingered in his eyes. "You've never known love…" he pressed, his fingers intruding further inside of the Black Knight. "Suzaku…I don't…"

"I know you need me," he said, kissing him again and tasting the blood in Lelouch's mouth. Lelouch explored his friend's mouth and ran a hand through his soft curls. "Lelouch…I love you."

"Haaa….haa…" Lelouch couldn't breathe. He was sure he probably looked like a total idiotic, but he had to give up his pride. If he didn't surrender now, things would only go downhill from there. If he could just show Suzaku how much he loved him, at least there was a chance of things improving. "I…love you too…" the prince mumbled meekly and pathetically. Suzaku removed himself slowly and hoisted his lover up, holding him so those beautiful, amethyst eyes could be admired. "I love…" he began again, unable to stop himself. "I…Lelouch vi Britannia, love Warrant Officer Kururugi." Suzaku blushed and let his arms go lax, his beautiful prince falling into his embrace. Lelouch buried his face into Suzaku's shoulder and mutter, "I love you…I love you…I love you…" over and over again. "Lelouch?"

"I'll say it…for all the days I didn't know you…and all the days I spent ignoring you…all the days we spent separated." Suzaku swallowed nervously. He couldn't think. All that was on his mind was the pale teen into front of him. "I want…I want to be with you, Suzaku. To never be separated from you again…"

"…I'm okay with that." Suzaku laughed and ruffled Lelouch's silky, black hair. "You look so adorable when your hair is mussed up!" Lelouch smacked his hands away and combed it hurriedly. "I-idiot! Just shut up already, and don't ignore the subject!" he remarked, seeing right through Suzaku's plan. Green eyes blinked. "Huh?"

"Starting tomorrow…I want you and me to…" He gripped his fists in his lap and looked off outside the tall window, searching for something to stare at. "Be…an official couple." Kururugi was elated. "Really?"


The next day, in secret, Lelouch stopped the rebellion. He cut off ties from the others in the Black Knights and continued on with school. C.C. lived with him as a friend, helping Sayoko take care of Nunnally, also realizing her whole plan was futile. He recognized that his goal to rid the world of violence for Nunnally wasn't possible at this point. It wasn't his destiny to sacrifice his life for a nation…no, he knew that the best thing he could do…was to be with Suzaku. Change Britannia from within, just like Suzaku wanted. Support him and stand by him. That was the destiny of Lelouch Lamperouge.

Ding, dong!

The large chapel bells ran loudly throughout the nationas a black haired teen and a brown haired solider stood before an enormous crowd of people. Even though neither the bride nor groom had a family, every seat was filled. Everyone on the student council was there, even Kallen, and Lloyd and Cecile also stood by, the blue haired woman sniffling into a tissue. "Suzaku…I'm so happy." Lloyd crossed his arms and smirked. "We're the closest thing he has to family…I'm sure he's just as happy as we are…" Sayoko wheeled Nunnally, the flower girl, down the aisle and, after the blood red rose petals were tossed throughout the hall, the girl was placed in a front row seat, tears rolling down her face. "Thank god…I've waited for this for so long," she secretly said, holding the thought close to her heart. Milly stood between the couple, giving Suzaku the ring to put on Lelouch's finger. "Suzaku," she asked in her usual, girly voice. "Do you swear to stand by Lelouch in sickness, health and…" she paused, forgetting her lines. "Milly…" Lelouch sighed to himself, smiling. She cleared her throat. "Well, whatever. Do you?" she asked eagerly, blue eyes sparkling with longing. She watched him pick up the ring and slide it on his finger. "I do."

"What about you, Lulu?" she asked, now completely out of character. The prince scoffed and removed the veil from his face, purple eyes misty and lips curved into a smile. "Of course I do."

"Then…you may kiss your husband!" Ashford yelled a little too happily, almost knocking over the podium. Suzaku grabbed Lamperouge and swung him around, connecting their lips together and sealing their eternal pact. Shirley clapped joyfully, trying to hold the video camera straight in her hand. "Don't worry, Nunna-chan," Shirley said. "I'm filming the whole thing so that, when you can see again, we can watch it over and over!" The fair haired girl nodded, tears dripping on to her lap. "Onii-sama…finally found happiness…"

Then, her eyes fluttered open, large purple orbs staring at the sight in front of her.

Fenette was so shocked that she nearly dropped Rivalz's expensive camera. "Nunna-chan, your eyes!" Nina and Kallen perked up and hurried over utterly amazed. "N-Nunnally…how come you can…" Kallen began to ask, still having a difficult time wrapping her head around the idea. Her cheeks glowed red and, using her white dress to pat them away, she replied shakily, "Because…I guess…I don't care about my past anymore as long as Onii-sama is happy…"

Milly noticed and her mouth dropped open. "What?"

"I deserve…to see the happiest moment of my Onii-sama's life. I want to see…the happiness he created for me. I'm tired of not being able to fully appreciate it…" Kallen blinked. "Happiness…" she questioned, looking back at the kissing couple and smirking. "I see…and he didn't even mean to...what a guy." She planted a face in her palm and exhaled. Rivalz stood and shouted loudly, "Way to go, Lelouch!" Lelouch pulled himself away and blushed. "Huh?" He then looked down at Nunnally, eyes widening. Both teens completely abandoned each other's loving embrace and threw themselves to the floor in front of Nunnally. "Nunnally…your eyes…" he gasped. She giggled and looked down on him. She reached out and rubbed the top of her brother's head. "So pretty…Onii-sama, you look so pretty."

"Nunnally…" Suzaku stammered, stepping all over Lelouch's dress to get a closer look. "How…?"

"I wanted to see you both, so I just opened them," she said sweetly, laughing. "Well, we need to get you home. This is—"

"No! I want to go to Onii-sama reception and watch you two dance," she said defiantly. "But…" Lelouch was about to argue, but a finger was placed atop his lips.

"I also want to see you two kiss and hug. I also want to dance with you, Onii-sama…please?" Lelouch couldn't bear turn down one of his sister's requests and, backing off, he exhaled in defeated. "Okay Nunnally…we can do that…"

C.C. smiled from the back of the church. "Well done, Lelouch." Nunnally continued on, not caring that the church was now completely silent. "And I'll help you make food and I'll even help with sorting laundry… okay?" Lamperouge nodded, smiling the happiest smile since thirty seconds ago. "Nunnally…" Suzaku nudged his bride and picked him up, the clean dress still touching the floor. "Everyone, especially you Nunnally…" She waved back at him, Sayoko cleaning her tear stained face with a tissue. "Thank you, so much."

The church bells rang once again and the wedding ended. They were now bound, not just by rings…but by fate.


Nunnally opening her eyes in this fanfic scares me a tad…but it was a nice effect. If you don't know about Nunnally's eyes, I won't say anything but that it's complicated. Nice touch, though. ;D

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