The ache in my heart seems to grow larger as I stare out into the blank dark sea. The water splashed at my toes and I just couldn't believe that I may never see Faro again. It was like this for two weeks; two long agonizing weeks. I sat out on the rocks, went and searched in the shallow parts of Ingo and even called out at nights to see if he would return……He never did though. After two weeks I got tired of waiting and decided it was best to get all the memories of Faro out; I cut my hair to the center of my back, switched to an exciting arts school, got myself a group of friends, and Alex. Alex is my boyfriend and we've been going out together from the moment I walked out of my first class at School of the Arts. THAT was after Faro left me two years ago…..This is now.

It's been exactly four weeks since Connor left me to go to the University out in London and now the house seemed empty and I feel more alone then ever. Rodger finally picked up the nerve to ask mum to get married. That meant Rodger was taking Con's place at home, or so I thought. He and Mum went to Australia again for the honeymoon. Mum thought I was responsible enough to stay with Sadie for three months while they stayed in Australia. Oh yeah that's okay with me. NOT! Being alone ripped the hole in my heart that Faro had left two years ago. I am not going to think about that right now, not when I'm alone….

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