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"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" I groaned and opened my eyes just a teeny bit. The sunlight from the open window caused me to shut them again. I felt an arm tighten around my waist and I remembered where I was. Shit. Thank God the blankets were covering everything they should.

"Go throw yourself in front of a moving vehicle Jared," I said.

"That's not very nice," he answered. I opened my eyes fully this time and saw him standing over the bed, arms crossed, lips pursed. He looked like a mom that was going to punish us.

"Was there a partical reason you came in here?" I asked. I wasn't worried about whispering. A bomb could go off and Paul wouldn't even move.

"You and me are patrolling, darling," he said.


"Patrol. It's time you did one. Me and Embry are on until 8 tonight and I have decided you are coming with me." He seemed to think it was an excellent idea.

"I'm not going," I said, closing my eyes and snuggling into Paul's chest.

"It's only like four hours. Please? You're going to have to learn eventually and who better to teach you than myself?" He extended his arms as if to accentuate his point.

"What do you mean only four hours?" I said. It couldn't be four o'clock already.

"You were busy last night. I'm sure you needed a lot of rest. It's like 430." He was nodding his head in apparent approval. Ugh.

"Jaredddd," I whined.

"Nope, that only works when Kim does it. I'll be in the living room in 5." I groaned and he left me be. Damn him. Then I felt Paul's breathing change. I turned and saw that he was... he was laughing at me.

"Why didn't you save me?" I cried.

"Because all I would have heard today was 'whipped.'" he said.

"You are whipped," I said seductively. I kissed him hard and dragged my ass out of bed. "Can I borrow a shirt? I don't want to put all my clothes on just to take them off." He nodded and I opened the door to his closet. It was horrifying in there. I rounded on him. "When was the last time you cleaned in here?" He shrugged. I clicked my tongue but dug through the mountain of some clean, some dirty clothes. To my delight, I found a jersey from La Push high school's baseball team from before the phase. Meraz was on the back above the number 15.

"Looks good on you," he said. I buttoned it up and it came safely to my knees.

"15 is my lucky number you know," I told him.

"How come?"

"My favorite baseball player," I said with a smile.

"I know I am," he said, smirking.

"His name's Dustin Pedroia, baby," I answered cheekily. I kissed his lips quick and ran into the living room after Jared.

"Nice shirt," he commented. I smacked him. "Alright," he said rubbing the back of his now sore head, "Let's go." We ran into the woods and I made sure to tie my shirt securely to my ankle before phasing.

"Oh God Embry," I said, disgusted. He met quite the female last night. "Keep those thoughts to yourself."

"No imprint, no rules babe," he said. I could practically see him smirking.

"She looks like a slut,"
I informed him. I felt all those thoughts go quiet.

"That's my sister,"
Jared said in a deathly serious voice. Shit.

"What? Oh my God Jared, I'm sorry."
I tried to make it up to him but then heard the two of them snickering. "That's not funny Jared!"

"I can't believe you fell for that!" Embry said. I could hear the awkward sounds from his muzzle. It sounded like he was choking.

"If I had a sister, do you really think I'd let her go out with this goon? Let alone let him think shit like
that about her?" He did have a point there. "Of course I did." I growled at him. He snickered but ran the trails with my at his heels. We spent the entire time ripping into each other. I had never mentally laughed to hard in my life. Sam phased in and yelled at us so we had to really get down to business. The rest of the patrol finished like that. Jared led me through all the trails I was supposed to know, not going back until he was sure I remembered it. I was actually grateful for his help.

"We'll run the cliffs and then go home,"
Jared told me. Embry took off in the other direction and I chased after the wolf in front of me. There was about two miles between us and the cliffs. We ran along the treaty line, the Cullen's smell was all over it. I could smell Edward especially.

"Alright, we're done. Let's go home," Jared said. He was anxious to get back to Kim.

"You do, I'm going to stay out here for awhile." Jared nodded and high tailed it home. I phased back and put my new favorite shirt on. Paul's smell was comforting. The cliff face was in front of me and I remember the time I wanted to just throw myself off of it.

Looking back on it, I couldn't believe my behavior. Seriously, I was completely catatonic. Edward was such an asshole, literally brainwashing me. Love wasn't so possessive and one-sided. Love isn't by any means easy but it's compromises. If he loved me, he would have asked my opinion before he up and left. If he loved me, he would have let me go to La Push to see my best friend. If he loved me, he wouldn't have let me risk my life.

Love should be like breathing. It should be comfortable and free. It should be wanting to be with the other person despite all their flaws. You shouldn't have to change yourself to mold into something the other person wants. Nobody is perfect and to chase perfection is a fool's dream. Imperfections are what make people perfect. Paul wasn't perfect, I wasn't perfect but we were the other half of each other.

Sure, he ate like a pig and I think there's something growing in his closet. Then again, I'm an emotional wreck 90% of the time and have a knack for breaking hearts. He loves me, I love him. Imprinting aside, I hoped we would have found our way to each other anyway.

With a deep breath and a pull in my heart, I turned to make my way back to the arms that had become home to me. I was starting to pull my shirt off when the sunset caught my eye. It was gorgeous. Pinks and purples painted the sky, just out of a fairy tale.

Wait a minute... this looked familiar.

"Bella, wait!" I looked behind me and wanted to fucking kill someone, preferably him.

"What, Edward?" I demanded in a voice that would make Hades himself cower. He was lucky I was gracing him with speech before I ended his pathetic existence. He looked like shit too. I didn't think he had changed his clothes since the last time we had a little run in. His eyes were still blood red and he had a straight up deranged look on his face.

"I love you," he said. I laughed at him.

"Bite me," I said, unthinking, and his eyes lit up almost manically.

"Do you still want me to?"

My mouth fell open and I came back with an attitude I learned from the best, "Hell no. I want you to rip yourself apart and let me burn you're pathetic body." I could feel the tremors start to rock my spine. I wiggled my shoulds hoping to hold back the change for a couple seconds longer.

"How could you say that to me after all I did for you?" he hissed. What's got his panties in a freaking twist?

"Like what? Dump me in the woods and leave me for dead? Rip my heart out and spit on it? Kill my Dad!" I was going to phase, it was that simple. I took a deep breath through my nose. Paul's scent from his shirt calmed me down enough to continue. Edward needed to hear some things.

"I would never-"

"I'm not the same girl anymore Edward!" It hurt too much to stay in my frail human body, "I know it was you."

"You don't know anything," Obviously, he hadn't talked to his family.

"If you value your life, leave and don't come back." I didn't even know why I gave him the ultimatum. It was my job as a werewolf living on La Push, to end him. In the end I knew I could and I knew I would. He hissed at something behind me and I lost it.

My arms went out and I wasn't on the ground anymore. I wasn't phasing, I was doing... something else and it hurt. I screamed but a howl was ripped from my throat. Maybe I was phasing. My eyes flew open, my gaze to the sky. Thunder, lighting, and I was back on the ground.

I had blue eyes, white fur, and a vampire who was going to wish he was never born in the first place.

"Bella luna," he said in disbelief and fell to his knees. Damn fucking right.

I bared my teeth and stepped toward him. He cowered from his crouched state, refusing to look my in the eyes. I circled him like the predator I was, gnashing my jaws, itching for the kill. He seemed to realize this and went into a position of submission.

Normally, that means you shouldn't kill but I made my way toward him, calculating. He didn't move. I stood in front of him and waited for his gaze to look up. I wanted to see fear in those red eyes, I wanted to see pain. With no remorse, I bent down and ripped his head from his neck.

I think I heard a howl behind me but it didn't matter. Another bite, another tear, another missing body part. It was liberating really. I was freeing myself, avenging my dad, and saving the res all at once. If only I knew that I was also starting a war.

Edward was gone, torn into a thousand pieces and I was breathing hard. I registered the pack behind me - Paul, Jake, Sam, Jared, Embry, Paul, Seth, Collin, Brady, Leah. They had all phased back human and were looking at the scene in front of them in almost wonderment. Sam had the sense to bring a lighter but looked to me as if for confirmation. I nodded my head and purple smoke rose from the fire.

It was all pretty surreal. Edward was gone, he wasn't coming back. It hit me hard though. Edward was gone but so was Charlie. It wasn't as if I expected him to return from the dead or anything but it seemed almost anticlimatic. The pack was still in awe, looking at the flames. Nobody thought I was going to be able to do it.

I turned to walk away and saw Paul staring at me. He knew it wasn't going to be that easy. I walked into the woods, staying phased. He followed me. I wanted to phase back but I had ripped his shirt. My blue eyes started watering. I didn't know it was possible to cry as a wolf.

"Phase back baby," he said. I shook my head. I wasn't embarrassed to be naked in front of him but I dind't know how he was going to think about me after what he just saw. "Please Bella." The phase back wasn't nearly as painful.

Paul pulled out a new t-shirt, one he had surprisingly had tied to his ankle. He must have been in public somewhere when he got the alarm. I didn't even reach for it. I stood there pathetically so he came over and dressed me like a child.

It was all starting to click in my head, what I had just done. I was the Bella Luna. The world seemed different. Paul wasn't though. He was there, he was real, he loved me. After he successfully pulled the shirt over my head, he stepped back to look at me warily.

I reached my hand out tentatively, putting it over his warm skin, feeling his beating heart. He didn't tell me no. I felt wetness on my cheeks and folded myself into his arms. He held me back tightly, whispering in my ear that he loved me, everything was alright. I guess the shock of everything made me unstable for a few minutes.

"I'm sorry," I whispered into his chest.

"For what?" he pulled back enough to look my in the eyes. A piece of my hair was in my face, he tucked it behind my ear. I smiled slightly at the tenderness of the gesture.

"I ripped your shirt," I said. He sighed with a smile, glad that that was the only thing wrong.

"You get a free pass to my closet whenever you want babe," he said. I nodded and let him go. Then I heard everyone else coming from the fight. I was surprised when Leah came over and gave me a hug.

"You alright?" She asked. She knew a lot about a love lost, not that the circumstances were the same.

"Yeah," I said hugging her back.

"He's proud of you, you know," she said, low enough that even they wouldn't hear. I nodded into her shoulder. The rest of the guys were smiling and joking around.

"Bella! That was amazing!" Embry said, tactful as ever.

"I can't believe I just left you. I missed all the action!" Jared yelled, disappointed. I had to laugh at them. Quil joined in but everyone else was quiet.

"Can we go home?" Paul nodded and took my hand. I didn't want to phase and he knew it.

"Bella, we need to talk later," Sam called. I waved my other hand, indicating I heard him and walked back to the street. We decided to go to Billy's house. I needed my own bed, Paul was going to stayif it was okay with Billy. The red house looked like a beacon to a ship during a hurricane. I almost ran there. The shower was calling my name.

Billy had the door open for us as soon as we hit the yard. I gave him a hug on the way in. He knew something had happened but he didn't know what. Before taking a shower, I decided I would fill him in. I flopped down on the couch, taking my boyfriend with me.

"What happened?" Billy asked, confused by the looks on our faces I assumed.

"Edward's dead," I said as explanation. Billy looked shocked then sympathetic.

"Are you alright?" he asked, putting his hand on my arm for comfort.

"I should hope so. I'm the one who ripped him apart." I whispered that. Now, Billy looked absolutely astonished.

"You did what?" he asked.

"I turned into the Bella Luna and ripped him apart." This time I said it with conviction, coming to terms with the whole thing.

"Bella Luna," Billy whispered, awe in his voice, looking down. It was about a minute before his gaze turned back to me. "I'm so proud of you Bella." I smiled as best I could.

"Sam's coming over later," Paul said. I was glad he was talking.

"War was just declared," Billy said. I forgot all about that little detail. "About time," The elder finished with a huge smile.

After the meeting with Sam, I jumped into the shower. He wanted details on exactly what happened and I managed to give it to him. Granted, I said everything in the same tone of voice, monotone, boring. The scalding water was hardly even warm to my skin. That sucked.

My strawberry shampoo was running low and I would have to remember to get more at the store. The feeling of my hair being clean though was amazing. I scrubbed down my body, thanking god I healed quickly. If I hadn't, those hickey's would have been intense. As it was, there were still a few marks here and there. The thought of last night sent a shiver down my spine regardless of the present situation.

I toweled myself off and made my way to my bedroom. Paul was sitting on my bed, looking at the pictures on my nightstand. They were all of the night of the bonfire. There was one of the whole pack goofing off, there was another of Jake and Angela, and then there was the one I took in the kitchen when he posed like a goofball. The one he had in his hands though, was one of the two of us. He was whispering something in my ear with a smile and I was laughing. A true genuine smile on my face. It was my favorite.

He smiled gently when I came in and put the picture down. His arms opened wide and I crawled into them without even getting my clothes on first. The top came untucked and it was threatening to fall off. Paul rached his hand up and tucked it back in safely. He really was amazing. He kissed me quickly.

"Get your pajamas on and come to bed," he said. I untangled myself from him and went over to the dresser. I was tempted to put on the Victoria's Secret stuff but I didn't. Instead I threw on a pair or boy shorts, grabbed a pair of Jake's sweatpants that I stole, and pulled an oversized t-shirt over my head.

I crawled back into bed and I saw Paul eyeing my pants. I rolled my eyes.

"He's my brother now Paul," I said and kissed him for good measure. That seemed to make him feel better. He smiled and closed his eyes, snuggling into my pillow. I rested my head on his chest, waiting for sleep to wash over me.

Morning dawned bright and early. I turned over, ready to curl back into Paul but he wasn't there. I opened my ears and heard him and Billy in the living room talking. Assuming it was about what happened yesterday, I covered my ears and tried to go back to sleep. Surprisingly, I passed out again. Everything that happened wore my body out more than I realized.

The next time I woke up it was because someone was knocking on my door. I told whoever it was to come in and was surprised when I saw it was Leah.

"What's up?" I asked and she sat on my bed.

"Nothing, just checking in." If I was shocked by this, Jake's face in the doorway was ten times more surprised. "How are you doing?"

"Fine, thanks." I said. It came out more like a question. She laughed.

"I'm not going to bite you Bella. I know the boys probably told you that I was a bitter harpy, right?" She said the last word loud enough for Jacob to hear. He snorted from the living room and she sighed. I nodded.

"You know Bella, I don't hate you. I did, maybe, at one point but we have a lot in common." I held my breath, waiting for her to continue. She probably hadn't talked to anyone like this in awhile. She shook her head. "Anyway, just wanted to see if you were okay."

"Yeah, I am. Thanks," I said awkwardly. She nodded and got up to leave. She was at the door when she turned around, a smile on her face.

"Oh, thought you might want this back." She threw a piece of fabric at me and I wanted to cry. Paul's baseball shirt was in one piece. "The new thread is a different color but I thought it looked alright." I smiled at her. "See you later, Bella."