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WARNINGS: Language, Sex, Love/Hate



Sam Winchester laughed loudly and shook his shaggy brown hair as his brother struck out once again at the bar. Normally Dean was on his game, but ever since the day before, he really couldn't seem to get back into the swing of things. Sam was pretty certain it had everything to do with Brooke Davis—Brooke Davis, the only girl Dean couldn't seem to even interest.

"Tree Hill? This place has the weirdest name." Dean told Sam, shaking his head and laughing. "The selection isn't half bad though—and the music is all right."

Sam glanced over towards the stage and smiled. "I think the music is perfect."

"Oh, yeah?" Dean asked, smirking as he caught the look Sam was giving Haley, Brooke sitting with Peyton at the bar. "I'm going to check out the bartending skills."

Sam rolled his eyes and picked out a table, ordering something to drink as Dean stood next to Brooke at the bar and she rolled her eyes. She knew his type, and as attractive as she thought Dean was, she wasn't looking for a one-night stand or some "fun time"—she just wanted to support Haley, and hang out with Peyton. Still, she was up for some banter if this guy could honestly keep up with her.

"So…what's a girl like you doing at the bar without a throng of men around you?" Dean asked Brooke, wiggling his eyebrows.

Brooke laughed a little as Peyton giggled to herself. "Looks to me like you're from out of town."

"Yeah, I'm just passing through." Dean explained, shaking his head. "My line of work gets incredibly lonely."

"So you're looking for a warm body? A night on the town? A good time? Something to remember this place by?" Brooke asked him, laughing as Dean nodded.

Dean smirked at her and leaned in. "It's like you're reading mind."

"Yes, well…maybe you should read mine." Brooke replied.

Before Dean could react, Peyton and Brooke had gotten up and headed to a table, quickly being surrounded by other people that they knew. Dean stood there for a moment with his mouth gaped open, and then headed over to Sam, completely miffed. Sam really couldn't hold his laugh in, and he snuck a few more looks up on the stage, completely enthralled by Haley's performance.

"I was certain that would work." Dean said, shaking it off and sitting with his brother.

Sam smiled at him. "I think you need to deal with the problem head on."

"What problem?" Dean asked, trying to deny that he was having issues at all.

"Two words, Dean: Brooke Davis." Sam told him with a shrug, taking a gulp of beer. "Ever since you met her you couldn't get a single girl to cave to your tricks."

Dean's eyes widened. "Do you think she planned this?! Turned everyone against me here?!"

Sam laughed again and rolled his eyes, Dean giving him a look—Dean did not find this funny. Dean was actually quite aware that his problems all started with Brooke Davis…that ever since he met her, he couldn't get her out of his mind. There was just something about her, and he didn't know how much more rejection he could take from everyone else.

"I'm gonna go see the bitch." Dean said suddenly, getting up from the table in the bar.

Sam stood up too. "Oh, no—Dean, leave the poor girl alone!"

"Oh, there is nothing 'poor' about her!" Dean called back, heading straight to the Impala, ready to go straight to Brooke's store.

Note: This story is meant to be pretty comedic, with a little angst, some romance, and just plain fun Brooke and Dean. Feedback is always appreciated!