Dedicated to Danielle.

WARNINGS: Language, Sex, Love/Hate



"So…you wanna come clean with me, Brooke?" Haley asked Brooke when Nathan had left the store and told Haley he'd pick her up later that night.

Brooke shook her head. "No, I…I just got flustered today, and that's it. I'm fine."

"I don't think you are, Brooke. Lucas' death was hard on you, and its making you push away the prospect of ever loving again…why?" Haley asked her with a shrug, not understanding how Brooke could cut herself off like this.

"First of all, Hales, I am not in any way attracted because of love to that man I don't even know so stop being mushy. Second of all…" Brooke trailed off and sighed loudly. "Second of all, Lucas didn't want me when it mattered so why should anyone else?"

Haley sighed when Brooke went into the back room by herself, and Haley sighed and shook her head, heading to her apartment and rummaging through things as Nathan stood next to the River Court and took a couple of deep breaths. It wasn't that Haley wasn't desirable—she sure as Hell was—but why was it that he finally had her back and she was kind of making eyes at someone else? What did he have to do to get her back completely?

He knew that part of her was still upset deep down that he hadn't been supportive of her wants as far as music was concerned, but that was because of Chris. Nathan hadn't wanted Haley to spend time with Chris because he knew that Chris wanted Haley and Haley was Nathan's. He felt very protective of her and he really didn't want this new guy to have anything to do with her…but how could he do that?

"Nate?" Haley asked him.

Nathan smiled and turned to her. "Hey, Hales."

She smiled at him awkwardly and then she sat down next to him on the bench, taking a deep breath. Without Lucas, the two of them seemed to always come to the River Court to think things over and right now they had different things on their minds. Haley was too busy trying to figure out a way to bring Brooke out of her shell, and she wasn't sure how to go about that. Brooke was stubborn, but she really needed to open up to another man—even if it had nothing to do with love.

"We have to figure out what kind of deal he made, Dean." Sam told Dean, who had been convinced to stay already.

At first Sam was pretty confused as to why Dean suddenly wanted to stay, but he knew that Brooke was on his mind and let it go. They didn't have to start with Brooke, questioning her, but they did have to question someone. Sam was actually pretty sure that Haley was the first one they needed to talk to and that made a lump rise in his throat…why did he have to question Haley? It was bad enough that he kept thinking about her when he shouldn't!

"I'm going to talk to Brooke about it." Dean said with a sigh.

Sam looked at his brother and raised his eyebrows. "What?"

"She's his ex-girlfriend…she probably knows." Dean replied with a sigh, and he tried to shrug like it was nothing even though he just wanted to talk to her again—whether he should wait until tomorrow like she asked him or not.

"Peyton's his ex-girlfriend too so maybe we should start with her." Sam offered slowly.

Dean just shook his head and went out of the door, out of it before Sam could figure out what to do with himself. Sam just sighed again and decided to try and find Haley, really wanting to see if maybe he could talk to her without wanting to flirt with her. This was a hunt and the sooner they got this figured out, the better.

Brooke groaned when she saw Dean walk back in through the doors of her store but when he held his hands up like he was surrendering, she nodded at him. If he really had to say something then she might as well let him speak. But if he hit on her even once, she was kicking him out again and that was that—she couldn't deal with this right now when all she could think about was that Lucas had been ripped to shreds only a few months ago.

Dean took a deep breath and ran his hand down his face, trying to figure out what the words were that he wanted to say. He needed to talk to her about the hunt, but those words weren't falling into place and he knew he had to give up and say what he wanted to say. He wasn't certain how to do this because he hated to care and share, but he had to get what he was thinking off of his chest or it was going to keep bothering him.

"I didn't just hit on you because you were hot, Brooke." Dean told him.

Brooke interrupted him. "You know, you know me…but I still don't know you."

"Dean Winchester—Sam is my younger brother." Dean explained and then when she nodded and motioned for him to continue he took a breath. "You're in my head and it's seriously annoying me."

"It would prolly be easier for you if we just went at it right here." Brooke said with a shrug.

Dean nodded and then he stopped and his eyes snapped up, both of them looking at each other. Was she serious, or was she just trying to get a rise out of him? She was obviously trying to get a rise out of him because she started to laugh and walked up to him and Dean knew that laugh. It annoyed him because he hated teases but she wasn't being a tease—she had just stated the truth that Dean was seeing in his head out loud and that was disconcerting to him.

"Look, I'm flattered, I am, but—" Brooke tried.

"—but you loved Lucas." Dean replied, cutting her off.

Brooke paused and then opened her mouth to say something and then shut it again because she didn't know what to say. She had loved Lucas, with all of her heart, but he hadn't loved her back…he hadn't picked her. Brooke had to deal with that and it hurt her so badly that she really just wanted to forget it. And how dare Dean come in here and think that he can just throw Lucas' name around when he knew nothing about him?!

"Lucas and I were not in love." Brooke admitted and then she threw her hands up in the air. "If I kiss you, will you leave and not come back until tomorrow?"

Dean was taken back by the question but nodded. "Yeah…yeah, I think that can be arranged."

"Fine." Brooke said and threw her hands up in submission.

She stepped up closer to him and looked up swallowing because the green flecks in his eyes were kind of mesmerizing and Dean liked her hazel irises peering back at him. Then she closed her eyes to try and shut the image out of her brain, trying to ignore the feeling in her chest when she felt his chapped lips press against her moisturized ones, rough, and yet caring. Caring? He didn't know her…why was he handling her gently?

It was just supposed to be a kiss…so then why was he slipping his fingers into her hair? Why was he nipping at her bottom lip with his teeth? Why was she nipping back and letting him push his tongue in? And why did she feel like they were being watched?

Note: Okay, so I think you guys MIGHT know where this is going, but you never know and I PROMISE it will stay pretty comedic, it just needed this out of its system. Sorry for the cliffy—don't you wanna know why Lucas made a CROSSROADS DEAL?! Feedback is always appreciated!