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I was alone as always. That is what I like. If I had my choice, I would be alone forever. But, sadly, I don't have a choice; no one in the Club does. We have to be together for "meetings".

I hate it. I hate what I am. If I could throw this curse away, I would; I can't, though. Everyone in the Club would disagree. They think of their powers as a gift, not a curse. Especially Conant.

I gritted my teeth. I detest him. Everyone thought so highly of him, but I, always an observer, saw right thorough his interior. He had everything and he took it all for granted! It was as if he thought he wasn't going to lose what he has, so why bother to worry.

One day he's going to want something, something that he can't have, and I'll sit there watching and laughing. I smiled, put out my cigarette, and went inside Salem High.